Mailchimp Alternatives to Crush Email Marketing {Latest List}

Are you searching for Mailchimp alternatives? Mailchimp is an email marketing service that serves a lot of emails. Mailchimp is so popular and also users search for sites like Mailchimp to send emails. This email service provider offers some charges to send mails so the alternatives to Mailchimp have arisen. As a result, there are many companies like Mailchimp that provide or act as an alternative to Mailchimp.

Some of the companies provide free email services. Mailchimp prices 20$ for 100 subscribers per month. It has some deadlines too that is 75$ and more as charging prices. According to the service of this provider, it is a good but charging amount but it is not favorable for people. For each mail after a limit costs more.


So free email services like Mailchimp alternatives that do not cost any amount are listed here and they act as the free alternative to Mailchimp. Hence check some of the companies and the best Mailchimp alternatives that are providing free email services.

Free Mailchimp Alternatives {Better & Cheaper}

Need some of the free alternatives to Mailchimp that can send free mails? This Mailchimp requires joining the subscribers and it tends to reduce the money for that. Like if you have 40000 subscribers and monthly increment for additional 1000 subscribers will be still 5$ per month. Therefore, issues like this have made the users search for Mailchimp similar sites.

  1. GetResponse
  2. Constant Contact
  3. Emma
  4. AWeber
  5. iContact
  6. Mad Mimi
  7. SendInBlue
  8. ActiveCampaign
  9. Freshmail

So these are the 9 best alternatives to Mailchimp mail service. You can use any of the mail services listed above as a Mailchimp alternative.


GetResponse is suited for small to mid companies and it has almost 15$ charging per month. But this is far better than Mailchimp and it has tons of features that will make to choose this email service. The users say this is the best alternative for Mailchimp.


  • $15/month for 1,000 subscribers
  • Landing page creator
  • A specialized tool to create marketing tracks
  • In final it has come with the best drag-and-drop editor
  • Also Creates the five split tests

Constant Contact

This is one of the most popular Mailchimp alternatives free in the market. This is a great email marketing platform for businesses. It has flexible pricing and discount offers too.  Finally, they offer many ways for small businesses to learn about email marketing and how to utilize them, meanwhile have a look at the ones that are most popular.


  • Email and social media campaign
  • 400+ templates
  • Hoot suite integration
  • $20/month for 500 subscribers
  • Hence more competitive pricing


This is a modern email marketing system that has pre-built features in it. It is easy to use and read the reports with perfect integration. It is considered as one of the great Mailchimp alternatives and there are so many factors that have made Emma more popular.


  • 200+ templates
  • Light form integration
  • Great reporting
  • Also Dynamic content abilities.
  • As a result $49/month for 2,500 subscribers


This is another service similar to Mailchimp. AWeber provides the best campaigns for the users who don’t have time to spend their time on email marketing campaigns. Therefore this is a huge library of templates that are pretty to use and have too much customization.


  • Easy importation
  • 700+ templates
  • $19/month for 500 subscribers
  • Split test operations
  • Competitive pricing


iContact is head of business with a smaller email database size, it has some expensive plans to deliver and if you pay per annual there is some price reduction in this. It is used for new people and this service has the message coder tool that allows you to customize the email templates.


  • Prepay discount of 15%
  • Message coder tool
  • Template customization
  • Also good support documentation
  • $14/month for 500 subscribers

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is another one of the top Mailchimp alternatives. Mad Mimi is the famous and most affordable email marketing solution available these days. Moreover, it has come with a free plan providing storage for up to 100 subscribers. As a result not only this, the app is willing to customize the total plan in a perfect way.


  • Best customer service
  • Emails that you send will ultimately be 100% customizable
  • And therefore no HTML language is required at the learning stage
  • In final, the solution is very simple and in turn, makes it ideal especially for email marketers


SendInBlue has an outstanding super flexible pricing plan and comes with eight hetero plans including a free trial. This sends 9000 emails per month and runs the business size. Therefore the most significant aspect of the current app is nowhere limits are provided on the contacts.

best mailchimp alternatives websites

  • It is a bit of a dark horse
  • Fairly customizable for your business size
  • Easy Emails Uploader
  • Also, upload the contact lists in a more easy way

Active Campaign

Well, Active Campaign is one of the wonderful options applicable to any of the business sizes. This Mailchimp alternatives platform is open-source and offers the best flexible pricing plan to any of the business ranges from small to the enterprise.


  • It makes it more simple towards uploading contacts
  • The ActiveCampaign email management abilities will be made available to all-around solid
  • In the final, it constitutes a phenomenal drag-and-drop interface
  • Therefore, well lovable and preferable towards remarketing abilities


Freshmail is the best workable solution for the most experienced email marketers who will always stay connected with marketing automation action. This has come with an extremely lightweight marketing automation solution. Moreover, it has an extraordinarily good price structure. Hence Freshmail is completely flexible and gets unlimited emails to the 500 contacts. This gets sweeter as we divide into the complete details.


  • It can import numerous contacts from any of the services
  • Also, it can automate various email tracks, and use dynamic content
  • Therefore, you can import your own templates or export Freshmail to customize the programs you prefer to use
  • As a result, it creates the barcodes in order to send the emails, making it perfect for retailers and in the final, ultimately sending out discounts well.


I hope you have got the Mailchimp alternatives free here that are like Mailchimp and you can use those email marketing services for free. If you have any other MailChimp alternatives, then you can share them with us. Stay connected with the current write-up and get more information about Mailchimp alternatives. Hence visit Techly Fire for more informative posts.

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