PayPal Alternatives: The Best Online Payment Apps 2021

Are you Checking for the best PayPal alternatives for online payment services? PayPal has been a renowned name when you think of monetary transactions over such a region where the exchange of cheques is not possible. In that case, PayPal can be the best possible alternative. People have been using PayPal for a long time that now it has become a brand on which people rely.

Now you must be thinking that why do we need to know about PayPal alternatives if PayPal is so good enough. So let me tell you PayPal has also some drawbacks which we will list now. You know that PayPal doesn’t support many countries like Iraq, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Now if you are dealing with clients of these regions, won’t you need a platform where you can get the money with ease?


The next reason is that some clients already had a very bad experience with PayPal so they don’t feel secure enough doing transactions over it. If PayPal has blocked you due to any reason you won’t be able to access your own funds. Isn’t that frustrating? PayPal is always considered good for small transactions only as for large transactions PayPal adds a very large fee which is not feasible to be paid.

PayPal Alternatives

Here we will see the list of best PayPal alternatives that you check and start using right away. Use them and share your experience in the comment box below.

If you are doing international transactions you need to pay a very high premium which is like putting a hole in anyone’s pocket. Due to these reasons, we must have a second very good alternative to PayPal. So we shall now look at some good PayPal alternatives.


Stripe has a very user-friendly interface and performs full operations from taking the money into your account and transferring it into your bank account. The time it takes to transfer is very small which is commendable. It is very easy to use and anyone can understand in just a few seconds. It has a very large no of options by which it can accept money. It can be accepted by debit, credit card, Bitcoin, and Android Pay.


Also if you are doing international transactions PayPal charges you an extra premium which Stripe doesn’t charge you. This is one of the amazing points of this platform. It just charges 2.9 for every transaction which is quite reasonable. Isn’t it? One should try this site. You will love this site.


Transferwise is made just for international transactions and to ease them. It is one of the best PayPal alternatives that you can choose from. With the help of this Transferwise, you will be able to accept the payment from the client and it doesn’t depend on which location the client is. When a client pays you money through transfers you will get into your bank account within 2-3 days from the day it is being paid.


It is very easy to understand and it has an interface that is user-friendly. It charges very fewer fees as compared to other competitors that’s why people prefer transfers a lot. It also provides you with good exchange rates which you will seldom find with PayPal. This proves that if you ever want to do international transactions please prefer Transferwise.

Google Wallet

In this big world of the internet, Google also has its own wallet and most secure payment solution. It is very simple to use and you can accept the payment without paying any fee. You just don’t need to make another account for transactions as your Gmail account will world. You just need to provide your phone number or email address.


You will hence receive the money. When you will receive the money Google wallet will directly transfer the money to the bank account which is associated with your wallet without any hassle. You can even use the Google wallet website or app for transactions. The best thing is that Google Wallet doesn’t charge any fee. Why pay any fee if you can receive the money without any fee. Just go for this app. You will love its service. This service is surely among the best PayPal alternatives.

Shopify Payments

This is also one of the good platforms for transactions over the internet. It also works extremely well with Shopify’s e-commerce site and lets you do the payments without any hassle and has also integration with other platforms like Pinterest and Facebook. It will let you accept payment from any part of the world without any restrictions which was a big problem with PayPal.


This charges its customers monthly and also it has different plans for its customers. The basic plan is there with the 2.9 per transaction while the Pro and Unlimited plan charge a much less fee. So you should go to this site when you don’t want any kind of restriction. Shopify Payments is also among the best PayPal alternatives.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is not just for doing payments on Amazon while it can be used for receiving money from any client. Due to its good name in the market people can rely on Amazon payments. Also, customers can use this for buying stuff on Amazon where you can just pay your amount without any hassle. If you want to do a domestic payment then Amazon Payment charges you 2.9 for every transaction.


While if you are doing some international transaction you have to pay a fee of 3.9 on every transaction. The fee is less as compared to other online payment solutions. This is also one of the best PayPal alternatives. Just go for it. All the best!!


2Checkout is one of the best PayPal alternatives and has certain limitations and outstanding features. Well, one can understand its benefits by looking at these features. In general, it supports around 211 countries, 87 currencies, and also eight payment types in different ways. Also, the user can receive various funds through EFT, wire transfer, or Payoneer in the form of currency of the user’s choice.


There is no transfer of money among all the individuals. Moreover, the transaction rate will be maintained high especially for the users living outside of  3.9+$0.45 for each transaction compared to others. So you can say this is one of the effective transaction processes.


So now we have looked at 6 amazing online payment solutions which will solve your problem of doing transactions over the internet without any hassle. You can easily receive the money without any hassle with these PayPal alternatives. You just need to reach these sites and perform some basic procedures and start doing the transactions.

We don’t say Payment websites like PayPal are bad. It depends on individual choice. Just try these Paypal alternatives and if you liked any of them you can just be happy and give your feedback to other people. Stay tuned to Techly Fire for more amazing tutorials & guides.

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