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Do you want to know what is Place:sort=8&maxresults=10/? Smart Bookmarks is one of the latest additions to the Firefox browser. If you are a Firefox user, then you might have seen that the latest update of Firefox has removed the recent bookmarks. After updating the browser, the recent bookmarks that the users have added will be erased.

Mozilla Firefox, simply called Firefox web browser is one of the safest browsers. Most people use this browser due to its faster web results, safe browsing, and wide range of features. One of the benefits given to the users on Firefox is the “Bookmarks”. Based on your web searches, the browser adds bookmarks to your home page.


But, with the latest update, the recently visited sites and bookmarks are getting deleted. However, a new and smart feature is added to the update called “Smart Bookmarks”. Know how to use the “Place:sort=8&maxresults=10/” line for adding smart bookmarks here.


What Is Place:sort=8&maxresults=10/

Mozilla Firefox browser offers a “Smart Bookmarks” feature for the users. If you have a particular website or page that you visit quite often, you can add it to bookmarks. This way, you don’t have to type the URL or search for the page every time you open your browser. Just a click on the respective bookmark will be enough to open the page or site.

 what is mozilla firefox

The most visited, recently visited, and recently tagged sites can be added to bookmarks with this feature. Every command for the Smart Bookmarks starts with the word “Place”. It consists of several other parameters like querytype, sort, maxresults, etc, that are useful in giving the desired results. There are some fixed codes and parameters for the Smart Bookmarks that you can use to add bookmarks. Using Smart Bookmarks, you can create the following three types of bookmarks.

  • Most Visited Bookmarks
  • Recently Visited Bookmarks
  • Recent Tags

Uses Of Place:sort=8&maxresults=10/

The specific command that we are talking about in this article is “Place:sort=8&maxresults=10/”. This URL is used for adding the most visited bookmarks. Once you enter this command and add a bookmark, the bookmark will keep adding the most visited sites in this folder. Whenever you want to open the most visited site, you can just click on this bookmark to open. You can also add a “Query Type” in this command to make it more customizable.

uses of place:sort=8&maxresults=10/

Smart Bookmarks Parameters

You have to enter a URL when adding a smart bookmark for your browser. A single line of command for adding a bookmark depends on several parameters like Sort, Querytype, domain, maxresults, etc. Using this set of parameters, you can make changes to the bookmarks according to your needs. Here are some of the most used parameters with their values that you can use for adding a smart bookmark on Firefox. If you want to view the full list, visit the official website of Firefox.


Sort determines the sort type or the order in which the bookmarks have to be set or placed. In alphabetical order, most visited to least visited, ascending to descending count, etc can be set in the Sort. The values of the Sort parameter start from 0. Each value is assigned with a specific type of task. While most people use the value “8” for Sort, you can also use any one from the following. Even in the most visited command “Place:sort=8&maxresults=10/”, we give sort=8.

  • 0 – Natural bookmark order
  • 1 – Sort by title, A-Z
  • 2 – Sort by Title, Z-A
  • 3 – Sort by visit date, most recent last
  • 4 – Sort by visit date, most recent first
  • 5 – Sort by URI, A-Z
  • 6 – Sort by URI, Z-A
  • 7 – Sort by visit count, ascending
  • 8 – Sort by visit count, descending
  • 9 – Sort by keyword, A-Z
  • 10 – Sort by keyword, Z-A
  • 11 – Sort by date added, most recent last
  • 12 – Sort by date added, most recent first
  • 13 – Sort by last modified date, most recent last
  • 14 – Sort by last modified date, most recent first
  • 17 – Sort by tags, ascending
  • 18 – Sort by tags, descending
  • 19 – Sort by annotation, ascending
  • 20 – Sort by annotation, descending


queryType refers to the type of search you want. Using queryType, you can specify if you want to search the whole history, bookmarks, or both options. You can use the assigned values for each type to specify the queryType. For instance, if you use querytype=0, then it means, you want to search the most visited sites from your search history and them to smart bookmarks. If you do not select any queryType, then it will be set to 0 by default.

  • 0 – Searches only the Browsing History
  • 1 – Searches only the Bookmarks
  • 2 – Searches both History and Bookmarks


maxResults refers to the number of results you want to return. You may want to view only one most visited bookmark or the most two, etc. So, you can use the maxResults term for that.

  • 0 – Return all results
  • 1 to N – N indicates the number of results you want to be returned


You can use the term “domain” to add a specific website to the smart bookmarks. Add domain=”site URL” to add the specified website.

  • For example place:queryType=0&sort=8&maxResults=5&


Terms refer to a specific word or term that you want to search for on a website. If you have added a term in the smart bookmark field, then you will see the most visited websites with the specified term in your list.

  • For example: place:queryType=0&sort=8&maxResults=10&terms=techlyfire

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How To Add Most Visited Bookmark On Firefox

There are various methods available to create a smart bookmark on Firefox. Here is the easiest and straightforward method to add the most visited bookmark on Firefox using the Place:sort=8&maxresults=10/ command.

  • Go to the Bookmarks menu and click on “Organize Bookmarks” in Firefox.

what is place:sort=8&maxresults=10/

  • Now, in the Organize menu, open the “New Bookmark” option.


  • Here, type the Name of the bookmark that you want to keep.

how to create most visited bookmark

  • Next, enter the command starting with “place” and other parameters.
  • If you want to add 10 most visited bookmarks, enter “place:quertyType=1&sort=8&maxResults=10” in the Location field.
  • Then, click on the “Add” button to add the bookmark for most visited sites on Firefox.

smart bookmarks in firefox

  • Now, when you open the Bookmarks Organizer, here you can see your smart bookmark.


What is a smart bookmark in Firefox?
A Smart Bookmark feature on Firefox is available on the Beta version of Firefox 3 update. Using this feature, you can create smart bookmarks that let you access most visited, least visited, recently visited sites.
What is the use of Place:sort=8&maxresults=10/?
Place:sort=8&maxresults=10/ is a command used for creating a Smart Bookmark of Firefox. This command specifically refers to the 10 most visited websites.
How to create a smart bookmark on Firefox?
To create a smart bookmark in Firefox, follow these steps.

  • Go to Bookmarks menu -> Organize Bookmarks -> Organize menu -> New Bookmark.
  • Enter the name and the location field, and click on “Add” to create a smart bookmark.
How to create a smart bookmark for 10 recently visited sites on Firefox?
  • Go to Bookmarks menu -> Organize Bookmarks -> Organize menu -> New Bookmark.
  • Enter the name and in the location field, type “Place:sort=4&maxresults=10/”.
  • Click on “Add” to create a smart bookmark for the 10 most recently visited sites.


That was all about the Firefox Smart Bookmarks. Just changing the value of the sort, maxResults, queryType, etc, you can create and customize your bookmarks on your own. The command “Place:sort=8&maxresults=10/” is used when you want to create a bookmark for the 10 most visited pages. We hope you found this information helpful. Keep visiting TechlyFire for more useful guides.

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