How To Remove Powered by Shopify? 2 Best Ways To Remove Shopify Credits

If you are embarking on your own e-commerce with Shopify. You have probably encountered a small problem. That little problem is “Powered by Shopify” or “developed by Shopify” in the footer of your store. You can Remove Powered by Shopify Credit easily.

It is also very likely that you want to remove it due to the aesthetics of your eCommerce or you just want your footer to be clean of any link. I understand you totally. Deleting this text will give your store a feeling of authenticity. It is very common for people to read “Powered by Shopify” to think that it is a dropshipping business and that they can find better deals in another eCommerce.

how to remove powered by shopify

Also, removing this text will allow you to create a much stronger image of your brand. We have shown the step-by-step process to remove Powered by Shopify & even we have shown the complete process to delete your Shopify account. Let’s check the below methods to do it.

Best Ways to Remove Powered by Shopify Link

Whatever your reason for deleting this text, it doesn’t matter … We have the solution for you! With these two simple methods, you can achieve it in less than you imagine. Stay with us. As we said there are methods to delete it. Let’s discuss those two methods one by one now to remove Powered by Shopify.

Remove Powered by Shopify With Edit Languages

  • Go to your Shopify control panel and in the left sidebar click on Online Store and then on Themes.

powered by shopify delete

  • Right where you see the topic you currently have active, you will see a button that says “Action”. Click on it and then enter the “Edit languages” section.

how to remove shopify credits from website

  • In the box that says Filter Translations, look where it says “Powered.”

how to remove powered by shopify icon

  • In the box that says “Powered by Shopify” add a single space (Yes, you will only have to press your spacebar once). This will delete the text.

how to delete powered by shopify

  • Finally, click on Save. Powered by Shopify text will no longer be a problem for your eCommerce.

This first method is the easiest to carry out, in addition to that it works for almost all the topics that Shopify offers. However, and assuming it didn’t work for you, you can use the following method to finish getting rid of the “Powered by Shopify” text.

Remove Powered by Shopify With Edit Code

  • Visit your Shopify control panel again and click on the Online Store section. Once there, click on Topics.

powered by shopify delete

  • Again you will see that right where your subject is currently active, there is an “Action” button. Click on it and then where it says “Edit Code”.

removing powered by shopify from shopify themes

  • Select the folder called “Sections” that will appear on the left sidebar and open the “Footer.Liquid” file.

how do i remove copyright from shopify

  • If you are using a common PC, press Ctrl + F. If you are from a Mac, press Command + C. A search bar will appear where you must enter the following: “{{powered_by_link}}“. Without the quotes, of course.

how to remove powered by shopify on password page

  • Wherever the text appears, delete it.

how to remove shopify pay from footer

  • To finish, click on “Save” … Done!

With either of these two methods, you can remove the Powered by Shopify text from your eCommerce.

Do not worry about the theme you have chosen, you can always get rid of it and make your eCommerce look flawless. You just have to try which of the two works for your theme, good luck!


Hence, we hope you have cleared with how to delete or remove Powered by Shopify from the store you create. We have clearly explained both ways to remove it easily. Just follow according to it and remove the footer credits of Shopify. We hope you like the guide on how to remove Shopify credits in the footer. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to Techly Fire for more awesome tutorials and guides.

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