How To Fix Vizio SmartCast TV Not Working Or Not Available

Smartcast TV Not Available: Do you have a Vizio Smartcast TV? Did you notice that many people like or love to cast their gadgets with Smartcast TV for watching all their favorite content like movies and many more? All thanks to the Chromecast technology, once the casting is successful you can watch your favorite content anytime. But many people started complaining that they are facing an issue saying Vizio Smartcast tv not available.

How to fix it? Due to this issue, many people failed to cast and watch their favorite content. If you are standing among them, here is the good news. Below if you take a look, there are certain fixes that help you to fix the Smartcast tv not available issue successfully. Before we go, let us learn the cause behind the issue. Why do we see the “Vizio TV Smartcast not working” message? Let me explain it to you.


The reason behind this might be a technical bug. Or there might be a bug encountered over the network configurations which absolutely affects the signal. Or else the reason behind the cause might be due to a software glitch. Anyway, whatever the reason behind this issue is, let us go and learn fixes that help us to resolve the error Smartcast TV Not Available.

Smartcast TV Not Available – How to fix It?

Well, do you face a struggle to fix the bug so-called Vizio Smartcast won’t connect? Then it’s time to go through the below information and fix it now so that you can cast your device with Smartcast TV and enjoy watching your favorite content like movies and others. Let’s go through the fixes now and get rid of the “Smartcast TV not available” error.

Check The Internet Connection

The very first thing you need to make sure of is that the connection you established is private but not public Wi-Fi. Even though if you face the issue, then try to test or measure the internet speed. If your internet speed is less than 3 Mbps then you are going to face problems in casting your favorite content. If you see the speed of the internet is lying less than 3 Mbps, try to improve the network configuration now.


If in case the internet speed is higher the 3 Mbps and still facing trouble to cast, unplug the router. Wait for at least 30 seconds and then connect it back. Do check whether it is connected or failed to connect. If it is connected and the cast is running successfully, congrats!! Because the issue has been solved. But if it is still not fixed, try the below fixes because the problem is not due to the internet speed or connectivity.

Connect Smartcast TV using a Different Network


Well, if you have a doubt that the issue is not with the current network signal, then this is the time to check the connection using a different network like a mobile hotspot or any. If it is working properly, try to contact the ISP Internet Service Provider, to help in resolving the issue.

Perform a Power Cycle

In case if the above fixes do not work, it’s time to apply the power cycle. What exactly does the power cycle do? All it does is refresh the entire device successfully. Hence to apply the power cycle, go through the below points, and apply the same.


  • Turn off the Smartcast TV, router, and modem too.
  • Unplug the devices and wait for a while at least 3-5 minutes.
  • Now initially plug in the modem and wait till it connects or establishes the whole connection.
  • Once done, try to establish the connection of your router by switching it ON.
  • Wait till it gets connected successfully. Once done, plug in the Smartcast TV in the next minute.

Check whether the Smartcast TV not available error is in existence or resolved. If it is in existence, then it’s time to try the below fixes without making any second thought.

Change the DHCP Settings

If none of the above methods work to fix the “Smartcast TV not available” message, try to change the DHCP setting so that a different IP address is going to be addressed and overcome such error very easily. To change the DHCP setting, follow the below steps shared in the form of bullet points.

  • Initially, turn off the Smartcast TV.
  • Open your PC/ Laptop/ Smartphone/ any and open the web browser.
  • Type the router’s URL directly in the in-built search bar.
  • Provide the credentials like username and password to log in successfully.
  • Go to Settings-> move to the advanced or network settings and locate the option called DHCP.
  • You need to check whether it is enabled or disabled. If it is enabled, no problem. But if it is disabled, you need to make it enabled.
  • Tap on Save and close the current settings page.
  • Now finally turn on the TV and check whether the error has been resolved successfully.

Perform a Factory Reset to Fix Smartcast TV Not Available

Last but not least is performing the Factory Reset. Follow the below instructions on how to perform a factory reset so that you will no more face any difficulty.


  • Firstly, take the TV remote and click on the menu -> select the System.
  • Now go to the option called reset and admin. Select the button called Reset TV to implement the factory settings.
  • Press the input and volume down button at a time for at least 5 seconds and release only when you see the window appearing on the screen.
  • Press the input button again till your Smartcast tv gets turned off.
  • Turn on the TV now and reset the entire settings.

The above are the common fixes that can be tried or implemented while you see the error called Smartcast tv not available.


Hopefully, the above fixes will help you to fix the “Smartcast TV not available” message. If you have any doubts, provide them in the comment section. As soon as we see it, we will update the correct or valid answers all the time. Keep connected with Techly Fire for learning more amazing or useful tutorials that are going to be uploaded here.

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