How to Enable Night Mode in Snapchat? Step-by-Step Guide {Android & iOS}

Snapchat dark mode is one of the most searched features by Snapchat users. Using mobile at night time is a common thing nowadays. Since most Snapchat users are late-night users, therefore using this app in dark mode can be quite helpful for their health.

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app where you can send text, voice, video messages, GIFs, emojis, and can have fun with your friends. You can also share images and videos with your followers as posts. This app has more than 240 million daily active users worldwide and is greatly loved by young adults and teenagers.

Snapchat Dark Mode

But, can you use Snapchat in dark mode? Here, we will tell you how to use Snapchat dark mode for Android and iOS devices. Get the step-by-step guide to enable Snapchat dark mode on various devices.

Snapchat Dark Mode

The dark mode is nothing but making your screen darker in colors such as black, gray, dark blue, etc. The dark mode not only gives a cool look to your app but is also quite helpful for your health.

The usual blue light that we have on our smartphones is quite risky and harmful to our health. Using smartphones for a long time in the dark can affect your eyes the most.

The blue light on your smartphones can affect your physical health such as causing headaches, far-sightedness, redness in the eyes, insomnia, and even migraine in some cases.

But, using the mobile in dark mode can reduce these effects. The dark background while using smartphones is necessary to ensure the safety of your eyes.

Does Snapchat Have A Dark Mode

Unfortunately, no. Snapchat does not provide a dark screen mode feature on its platform. Even though there were many requests sent to the Snapchat Inc. company to introduce a dark mode feature, it is still under development and maybe will be released soon.

does snapchat have a dark mode

But, don’t worry as you can try other ways to get dark mode on your Snapchat. Since the app doesn’t give the dark mode, we can take help from the external applications to make your Snapchat in dark mode. Read further to know how to enable Snapchat dark mode.

How To Make Snapchat Dark Mode For Android

In most Android smartphones, there is already a “Night mode” feature available. You can use enable this option to make your background dark. But, this doesn’t work out for Snapchat.

Hence, follow the process given below to make dark mode Snapchat on your mobile.

  • Firstly, open Google Play Store and install the app “Substratum Theme Engine”.

how to make snapchat dark mode on android

  • This app works for most Android devices. But, if your device is an older version, root your phone.
  • Now, open the “Settings” on your device and select “Security”.
  • Next, choose the option “Lock screen and Security”.

dark mode snapchat

  • Now, go down and turn on the “Unknown sources” option.
  • Go back to the Substratum Theme Engine and open the app.

how to get snapchat dark mode for android

  • Navigate to the Themes and select “Dark Mode”.
  • Then, select your mobile and app as “Snapchat” for which you want to apply the dark mode.

enable dark mode for android

  • At last, enable dark mode for Snapchat.
  • Now launch the Snapchat app. You will get your app in dark mode. This dark background tool is really helpful and worth using. You can use two dark colors with the app. Swift Black and Swift Dark. Try whatever color you want to use on your Snapchat and have fun.

How To Make Snapchat Dark Mode For iOS

Like Android smartphones, iOS 13 mobile also has a built-in night mode option. But, Snapchat doesn’t work with this app. You need to use some other possible ways to get dark mode on your iOS device.

snapchat in dark mode

You must Jailbreak your phone to use dark mode on it. But, this can be risky and can harm your device. So, we recommend not to go for this process to be on the safe side.

The process is given below to make Snapchat dark mode. You can follow this procedure only with a Jailbroken iPhone.

  • On your iPhone, launch the App Store.
  • Search for “Cydia” and install it.¬†Also, install the “iFile” application.

how to get snapchat dark mode for iphone

  • Now, you have to download the “Nightmare” app.
  • This will not be available on the App Store. So, use this link to get it from the browser.
  • Once Nightmare is downloaded, open the app. Select “Open in…” and tap on ” Open in iFile”

how to make snapchat dark mode for ios

  • Now, select the ” Installer”. Wait for the package to load.

iphone snapchat dark mode

  • Once the package is installed, restart your iPhone’s home screen.

dark mode on snapchat

  • Your device background will turn dark now.
  • Open the Snapchat app and use it in the dark mode.

And it’s done. You can use dark mode Snapchat on your iPhone now. But, as we mentioned earlier, this can be done only on Jailbroken phones. So, think twice before Jailbreaking your iPhone.


Snapchat is an entertaining social messaging app with a lot of features. But, there is no Snapchat dark mode feature available. You can still apply dark mode Snapchat on your mobile with the useful methods that we have given here. Enjoy Snapchat in a darker background and make your app look cool and also less harmful to your eyes. For more related articles, visit our website Techly Fire.

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