How To Uninstall Apps On Mac? Latest Methods 2021

Do you want to know how to uninstall apps on Mac in an easy way? Well simply removing or eliminating all the temp files from Mac is very much easy and simple enough. Most of the time the user simply drags the respective application into the trash with no second thought.

Keeping this aside there are some files existing in another location and finding them might become a difficult task for a single user. Few were said to be visible and few were invisible. In order to delete such apps or uninstall apps on Mac, it is necessary to consider an uninstaller called either a Finder or some other like a launchpad.


This is all for washing out associated data completely. By doing so, you can greatly secure the Mac OS and free up the storage in a more successful way. Here we go with fewer methods that were greatly used for how to uninstall apps on mac to a greater extent. Let us look forward to all the steps to uninstall apps on Mac in more detail and implement them accordingly.

How To Uninstall Apps On Mac

The following are the different methods involved to uninstall apps on Mac in a successful way.

  • How to Delete an App using Launchpad
  • Uninstall apps on Mac through Finder
  • Eliminating App Library files, Caches, and Preferences
  • Use AppCleaner to clean all files.

These are the methods that we use to uninstall apps on Mac. If you completely messed with your mac and don’t know anything to clear then you can simply factory reset Mac.

Here we go with all the methods to uninstall apps on Mac provided one by one in a clear and better understandable format. Now let’s jump into the methods.

How To Delete An App Using Launchpad

Before stepping into the process, let me tell you what exactly the Launchpad is? It is an application launcher supported by the macOS that starts by performing with a single click. If you see, it is the most convenient way to uninstall apps on Mac that were exactly downloaded through the Appstore comparatively. Here we go with the simple steps provided in a clear and better understandable format to uninstall apps on Mac using Launchpad.


Open the Launchpad available in the taskbar. Or in another way, open the Launchpad using the gesture either by placing a thumb or three fingers together in order to display the Launchpad respectively.

  • Pick the app you like to uninstall from your Mac operating system and perform a long click on it. {Let’s uninstall Google Chrome as an example}
  • Once it is done, it shows a black color icon appearing at the top of the icon which indicates a delete or uninstalling the particular app from the device.
  • Therefore, when you press on it, it prompts by displaying do you want to delete the application “Google Chrome”. If yes, click on it.
  • That’s all, As simple as that!

Make a note as deleting the app will not cancel any kind of subscription you have done before. So make sure to cancel any subscriptions if you want to cancel.

Uninstall Apps on Mac Through Finder

Below are the certain steps provided one by one. Follow all the instructions accordingly to implement it right now without facing any kind of trouble.


  • First and foremost, locate the app available in the finder. All the apps were available in the respective application folder. This is all can be seen at the sidebar of the respective uninstaller called the Finder.
  • Now, simply drag the respective application into the trash. Or else, can try by picking an app and then File-> move to trash respectively.
  • If in case, it asks to provide both username and password, we need not get worried about it. Provide the credentials and then uninstall/ delete the program very well.
  • At last, if you like to delete the app, select the finder and move it into the trash.
  • As simple as that!

Eliminating App Library files, Cache, and Preferences

Well, these files are specially created at the time of installing certain apps. Need not worry about them. This is because locating such files and removing them is not a big deal. All the library files or preferences created associated with apps can be cleaned using a particular utility called Appcleaner. This app helps in washing out all the unused files created at the time of installation of certain programs on your device.

Keeping this aside, if you like to clean all of those files manually, the following are the paths you find such things to be cleaned on time. Remember, these might not harm your device but consume a little space available on your device very well.

 Uninstall Mac Apps

So it is mandatory to eliminate such files whenever you install certain apps/ programs associated with them. The locations where the user can find were given below. Have a look and proceed further.

  • The application support files can be found at ~/Library/Application Support/(App Name)
  • And preferences at: ~/Library/Preferences/(App Name)
  • Caches at: ~/Library/Caches/(App Name).

At times, one has to look forward by providing the app developer’s name rather than the application name. Therefore, in order to save all our storage space from the unused files, clean up or wash out completely up to date in order to avoid storage issues accordingly.

Use AppCleaner to Clean All Files

Till now we have seen how to delete or uninstall apps on Mac for associated files manually. Now it is time to learn how to clean all the files using AppCleaner step by step. Follow all the steps accordingly and implement to eliminate all the temp folders without any fail.

 Delete Mac Apps

  • Firstly, download and install the respective AppCleaner into the device with no second thought.
  • Once the whole installation process gets completed, open the AppCleaner for deleting unused files.
  • Simply drag the app or a program into the Appcleaner window. So that it completely scans all the files associated with it and displays them accordingly.
  • Confirm once again and then click on the Remove button available right there.
  • That’s all!! Remember one specific point as one should definitely log in with an administrator account by providing respective credentials in order to authenticate.
  • Once done, the Appcleaner helps in eliminating all the associated files or the programs in a more successful way.
  • Keeping this aside, it also has come with a smart delete option available in the preferences menu. this helps to remove all the temp files a bit faster.


The above methods are very clear to delete programs or uninstall apps on mac. If any doubts or like to get more and more information about them, ask us at any time. So that we help you in a short period of time. If you are interested to share, go ahead through any of the social networking sites and help them with how to uninstall apps in less time. Stay tuned to Techly Fire for more information and Tech guides.

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