What animals are there in the Sierra de Arteaga?

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Within its fauna we will find coyote, skunk, badger, rabbit, hare, squirrel, opossum, squirrel, deer, fox, mole, bear, lion, wild cat, lizard, chameleon, scorpion, viper and a great variety of birds such as eagle, owl, quail and hawk, among others.

What is the fauna of Coahuila?

In grasslands: bighorn sheep, red deer, cougar, and armadillo. In the forest: bat, black bear, shrew and skunk. In the rivers: mojarra and otter. Endangered animals: pronghorn, American bison, mole, carp, porcupine, quail and coyote.

What is the fauna of the Sierra de Zapalimé?

The Sierra de Zapalinamé with its dry and steep slopes, is ideal for reptiles, for this reason a total of 37 species have been registered, of which 15 are lizards, 21 snakes and a turtle; although the latter is likely to have been released, being outside its natural distribution area.

How is the climate, fauna and flora?

The climate is a factor that determines the type of fauna that will be found in a certain place. The fauna of an area is adapted to climatic conditions, so in an arid climate, for example, we find animals that tolerate high temperatures and water scarcity.

What are the characteristics of Arteaga Coahuila?

Magical Town of Coahuila that due to its beautiful wooded landscapes and snowy peaks in winter, is considered “The Switzerland of Mexico”.


    It was incorporated into the Pueblos Mágicos program in 2012. Arteaga owes its name to the liberal hero José María Arteaga, governor of the state of Querétaro (circa 1857).

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What is done in Arteaga?

Practice skiing on the Monterreal slope in Arteaga, Coahuila.

    Camping. Alameda Venustiano Carranza. Monterreal golf course. San Isidro Canyon. Carbonera, los Lirios. Casa Carranza. Cola de Caballo Waterfall. El Salto Waterfall.

When was Arteaga Coahuila founded?

On October 31, 1591, Captain Francisco de Urdiñola officially founded said place, preserving its name and granting these Tlaxcalans land for sowing wheat; Later, the Spaniards built water-powered mills, which led to strong Roman-style aqueducts, the ruins of which are still preserved.

How is the climate, flora and fauna in Mexico?

Mexico has a very varied flora and fauna. In this country you will find a rich and differentiated ecosystem: forests on plateaus, jungles, volcanoes, deserts, lakes, and Biosphere Reserves, as well as coastal regions. In total, there are more than 25,000 different species of flowers in Mexico.

How was the flora?

The term flora refers to the set of plants, native or introduced, of a geographic region, of a given geological period, or of a given ecosystem. The term comes from Latin in allusion to the Roman goddess of flowers, Flora.

What are the types of climate?

These are the types of weather. Basically three types of climate are distinguished: warm, temperate and polar. That is, in more colloquial terms: hot, balanced and cold. However, the Russian-German geographer, meteorologist, and climatologist, Wladimir Köppen, arranged climates into specific categories.

How important is the Sierra de Zapalinamé for Saltillo?

The Sierra de Zapalinamé is a foothill of the Sierra Madre Oriental that provides an important environmental service to the City of Saltillo, since it supplies around 70% of the drinking water used by this city, for which it was decreed on October 15 by the Government of the State of Coahuila, with the character of…

How is the vegetation in Coahuila?

In the flora of the State of Coahuila, thickets predominate, occupying more than 80% of the surface of the state. In the northeast region, where the landscape is filled with extensive plains and hills, the vegetation is of the steppe type, with low shrubby plants such as Governora, huizache, ocotillo and mesquite.

What is the fauna of Saltillo?

Towards the mountainous parts, pine-oak and fir forests predominate, mixed with semi-desert bushes of the osethophilic type and natural grasslands. In the intermountain regions and the plains there is a semi-desert scrub vegetation and induced and natural grasslands.

How is the flora and fauna in Saltillo?

In addition to the extensive variety of birds, its fauna is limited to semi-desert species such as quail, wildcat, opossum, badgers, black bear, white-tailed rabbit, hare and triquera dove, and among the larger species deer, coyote and the lion cub

What is the fauna of Piedras Negras Coahuila?

There are wild animals such as the coyote, hare, rabbit, deer, wild cat, rat, armadillo, badger and viper. It does not have natural resources that can be considered as wealth.

What is flora and its examples?

Flora is the native plant population of a given area. A geographic region is often characterized by describing its relief, its climate, watercourses, and its flora and fauna. For example: flora of the Patagonian steppe, Antarctic flora, flora of Peru.

How is the wildlife?

Fauna is the set of animal species that inhabit a geographical region, which are typical of a geological period. This depends on both abiotic and biotic factors. Among these, the possible relationships of competition or predation between species stand out.

What are the characteristics of the flora?

Flora can be defined as the set of plant species that can be found in a given geographical region, and that is typical of the characteristics of said ecosystem, or implanted there artificially.

How is the fauna of Mexico?

The fauna of Mexico stands out for its surprising variety, both of invertebrates that flood the jungles with life, and of large terrestrial and aquatic vertebrates, many of them endemic to the country, such as the vaquita marina.

What is the flora of Mexico?

The types of vegetation in the State of Mexico consist of pine, oak, and fir forests, mesophyllous mountain forests, xerophytic scrub, low deciduous forest, natural grasslands, high mountain grasslands, and aquatic vegetation.

What is the fauna of Mexico?

In the mountain forests: kangaroo rat, wild cat, gray fox, skunk, coyote, raccoon and scorpion. In bodies of water and wetlands: axolotl, charal and wader rail birds; Invasive species have been detected, among which the gecko, cane toad, carp and rainbow trout stand out.

How many inhabitants are there in Arteaga?

The total population of Arteaga in 2020 was 29,578 inhabitants, being 49.4% women and 50.6% men.

How many ejidos does Arteaga Coahuila have?

Arteaga is divided into a total of 366 localities, among which 26 ejido communities, 8 congregations, 13 popular neighborhoods and a large number of country subdivisions and small properties can be located.

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