What are ejido lands?

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The ejido is a type of land demarcation of Mexican legislation, associated mainly with the revolutionary agrarian reform, which projected the agrarian law of 1915 as a collective land, undivided and without the possibility of being sold or inherited.

What are ejido lands?

They are ejido or communal lands that constitute the economic sustenance of life in the community of the nuclei and by exclusion, they are made up of those lands that have not been reserved by the assembly for human settlement, nor destined and assigned as parcels.

What is an ejido and how does it work?

According to this definition, the ejido is a community tenure and a community of peasants, who collectively own land rights.

What is an ejido in Mexico?

An ejido is a land distribution and possession system that was institutionalized after the Mexican Revolution. Its main objective is the exploitation and use of farmland, common use and the legal estate.

What was an ejido in colonial times?

During the viceroyalty, the Indian towns were recognized a minimum amount of land for settlement and subsistence, which was called in different ways until it was known in the 18th century as ejido land and legal land.

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What is the ejido and legal funds?

The legal estate is a portion of the ejido destined for human settlement, that is, for the construction of the houses of the ejidatarios. However, it is a legal figure that has changed its meaning since the colony, whose appearance implied the first land grant for the indigenous people by the Crown.

How is an ejido formed in Mexico?

For the constitution of an ejido it will suffice: That a group of twenty or more individuals participate in its constitution; That each individual contributes an area of ​​land; That the nucleus has an internal regulation project that conforms to the provisions of this law; Y.

What is the difference between an ejido and a community?

The ejidos are a form of rural property founded by the Mexican State and unique in the world, while the agrarian communities have antecedents since the colony (with the name of Indian or native towns) to which the government granted legal recognition. , although only to a very…

What happens if I buy an ejido land?

Since an ejido land belongs to the government, the sale of these properties is illegal. For that same reason, the only way to access an ejido land is through the transfer of rights that the ejidatario can make.

What is needed to deed an ejidal land?

How to write an ejido land?

Verify that the land is indeed an ejido. Plase in writing together with the ejidatarios the details of the sale. Ratify the agreement before the ejido commissioner. Gather all the legal documentation. Go with the counterparty before the notary public.

How do you work in El ejido?

The ejido is the portion of land for public use that is not farmed and that allows the establishment of threshing floors or the herding of cattle. The ejido can be owned by a municipality or by a State. The establishment of an ejido varies according to the country or geographic region.

How are ejidal lands classified?

For the purposes of this law, ejidal lands, due to their destination, are divided into: Lands for human settlement; Common use lands; Y. Parceled lands.

How does an ejido land become private property?

Do you want to change your ejidal property to private property? Request the change by registering the authorization assembly agreement for the adoption of full ownership before the National Agrarian Registry (RAN).

How to know who is the owner of an ejido land?

If you are thinking of acquiring an investment land or to build, it is important that you know something: there are lands that are privately owned and others, ejido. The former have a single owner who has a deed in his name. The second, the ejido land, is that which belongs to the Federal Government.

What to know before buying an ejido land?

The most important requirement that you have to review is that the owner of the land has his “Plot Certificate” which already allows him to dispose of his plot in a very similar way to a private property.

What is the community in agrarian law?

The community implies the individual status of community member and, where appropriate, allows its owner the use and enjoyment of his plot and the transfer of his rights over it in favor of his relatives and residents, as well as the use and benefit of common use goods in the terms established by the statute …

What is an agrarian community?

More about the Meaning of Agrarian Community

In a broad sense, it also means or encompasses the entire rural population, whether or not all its components are ejidatarios.

What is the difference between a property and an ejido?

Private property is acquired through a deed process, in the case of the ejido, the owner only has the right to assign the land to other ejidatarios but cannot sell it.

What is the legal foundation of the Agrarian Law?

Political Constitution of the United Mexican States. Section XIX of Article 27 of the Constitution. Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration. Agrarian Law.

What law regulates ejido land?

Article 63. The lands intended for human settlement make up the area necessary for the development of community life in the ejido, which is made up of the land on which the urbanization zone and its legal estate are located.

What would be the legal basis to seize ejido land?

Article 64. The ejido lands designated by the assembly for human settlement make up the irreducible area of ​​the ejido and are inalienable, imprescriptible and unattachable, except as provided in the last paragraph of this article.

How are ejidal lands inherited?

The ejidatario is free to decide who will be the successor of his agrarian rights.

How is the ejido parcel inherited?

To the spouse. To the concubine or concubinary. To one of the children of the ejidatario. To one of his ascendants. To any other person who depends economically on him.

How is the ejido organized?

The ejido as a moral person is made up of three bodies: a) The Assembly of Ejidatarios, b) The Ejidal Commissariat and c) The Surveillance Council (art. 21 agrarian law). It is the supreme body of the ejido and is made up of the ejidatarios (art. 22 agrarian law).

How much does a notary public charge for deeding a piece of land?

Usually, the cost of the deed of a house ranges between 4% and 7% of the total value of a property. That is, if your property is 500 thousand pesos, the cost of the deeds of the house will be from 20 thousand to 35 thousand pesos.

What is the process for deeding a plot of land?

To be able to deed your property, the first thing you must do is go to a notary, who will request a certificate and review the purchase record; The notary also checks the use of the land and that there are no debts in the payment of taxes, especially property and water.

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