What are Julio Jaramillo’s children?

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Julio Alfredo Jaramillo Laurido was an Ecuadorian singer and musician nicknamed “The Nightingale of America”. He achieved great fame in many countries of that continent for his interpretations of boleros, waltzes, corridors, tangos and rancheras.


How many children did Julio Jaramillo have in total?

The musician left 46 children of various nationalities, of which 27 are legally recognized. Only one grandson follows in his footsteps as a singer. His descendant Christian Julio Jaramillo Sánchez is the only one who sings professionally and continues with the Jaramillo dynasty. “I grew up with my grandfather’s music.

How many songs did Julio Jaramillo record?

He had a privileged voice, very noble, very big voice. Of course there have been excellent singers but Julio Jaramillo is incomparable”. It is estimated that in his artistic life, at just 23 years old, he recorded more than 5,000 songs.

What songs did Julio Jaramillo compose?

He is recognized as an outstanding performer of Pasillo, Bolero, Vals and Tango; among his most popular works are “The empty bed”, “Fatalidad” and “True faith” by Olimpo Cárdenas and “Cinco centavitos” by Héctor Ulloa, “Reminiscencias”, “Ódiame”, “Deny everything”, “I will wait for you” , among others.

What was Julio Jaramillo’s first song?

The first song recorded was the corridor En las lejanías, with music by Carlos Aurelio Rubira Infante and lyrics by Wenceslao Pareja.

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Who killed Julio Jaramillo?

On February 9, 1978, Julio Jaramillo died; if in life he was the idol of a people, his death turned him into a legend. Julio Jaramillo died on February 9, 1978, after undergoing gallbladder surgery. According to the medical report, he died of cardiac arrest.

What disease killed Julio Jaramillo?

The cause of his death was not cirrhosis, as many say. The death certificate signed by Dr. Bristol Domínguez says that JJ died of cardiac arrest, hepato-renal failure or of a cholestomy or high blood pressure. “What a foolish carnival that of life, what a harsh consolation that of death…”.

Who is Julio Jaramillo Arroyo?

Julio Jaramillo Arroyo, the last son of Julio Jaramillo Laurido, an icon of Ecuadorian popular music, known as the Nightingale of America or JJ, shows sadness and anger. Yesterday the 30th anniversary of the death of his father was remembered and he would have liked to pay him a special tribute.

Who was Julio Jaramillo?

Ecuadorian singer, born in Guayaquil on October 1, 1935 and died there in 1978. Known by the nicknames of El Ruiseñor de América and Mister Juramento, he is considered the greatest singer of his country at all times.

Who composed Julio Jaramillo’s music?

The name of the Ecuadorian singer Julio Jaramillo is associated with the song Nuestro juramento. When citing his lyrics, one evokes the figure of this artist, despite the fact that the author of the lyrics was not him, but the Puerto Rican Benito de Jesús. But JJ popularized it and turned it into a kind of anthem for Ecuadorians.

What are the 10 most famous songs of Julio Jaramillo?

The songs of Julio Jaramillo that you like the most

    ‘The soul on the lips’ Augusto Enríquez. … ‘The avocado’ Maria Teresa Guerrero. … ‘Our Oath’ Jorge Jaén. … ‘Grudge’ Julio Arevalo. … ‘Fatality’ Luis Padilla.

What kind of music did Julio Jaramillo sing?

Jaramillo, with a world of corridors, waltzes, bambucos and songs, inscribed these genres alongside the bolero, the ranchera and the guaracha.

Who is the author of the song Hate me?

“Ódiame” is a song by the Peruvian composer Rafael Otero López, who was based in turn on the poem by Federico Barreto entitled “Último entrego”. The original poem goes like this: Hate me for pity, I ask you… Hate me without measure or mercy!

Who was Olympus Cardenas?

Olimpo León Cárdenas Moreira, 68 years old, was known throughout America. He lived in Colombia, a country that he, as he said, he loved as his own. Cali was the city that launched him to international fame, and where he made bolero his reason for being as a singer and spite of love the object of his sensitivity.

What happened to the first wife of Julio Jaramillo?

Nancy Arroyo Henao, on February 9, 1978 became the widow of Julio Jaramillo Laurido. She died, but she’s still alive and singing for his people, for his widow who talks about him as if at any moment he was going to come back from a tour that was too long, but that’s not the case. Although she has been awarded several nationalities.

How many wives did Julio Jaramillo have?

Julio Jaramillo married 5 times legally, and it is not known how many more illegally.

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