What are research techniques and instruments according to authors?

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Research techniques or methods and instruments are the means or forms of collecting information used by the researcher to measure the behavior or attributes of the variables.

What are research instruments according to Sampieri?

The measurement instrument is the resource used by the researcher to record information or data on the variables he has in mind. The reliability of the instrument refers to the degree to which its repeated application to the same subject or object produces the same results.

What are the research techniques and instruments?

    COMMUNICATION. Delphi method. ECONOMICS. Analysis of documents. VISUALS. Observation no. ADMINISTRATION. Non-participant observation.

What are techniques according to authors?

According to authors

According to Gutiérrez F. (2002) he defines it as “the ability to make use of procedures and resources. It means how to do something. It is the procedure adopted by the teacher and the students during the teaching and learning process.

What is a technique according to Ezequiel Ander Egg?

The concept of techniques, in the field of scientific research, refers to the procedures and means that make the methods operational (Ander-Egg, 1995: 42). They are, therefore, elements of the scientific method.

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What is technique according to Tamayo?

Tamayo (1999), defines research techniques as “the operational expression of the research design and that specifically specifies how the research was done.” (p.126).

What are social research techniques?

Social research techniques are the vehicle through which the social sciences study the phenomena observed in a given population and that need to be described.

What are the techniques?

Technique (from the Greek τέχνη téchnē ‘art’) is the set of procedures, rules, norms, actions and protocols that aims to obtain a determined and effective result, whether in the field of computing, science, art, sport, education or in any other activity.

What are Redalyc techniques?


The scientific research technique is a typical procedure, validated by practice, generally oriented —although not exclusively— to obtain and transform useful information for the solution of knowledge problems in scientific disciplines.

What is a Redalyc technique?

The technique is a means that is implemented with a view to an end, but that threatens to escape the control of man. The fact that technology is presented as an instrument imprisons the human being in the will to dominate and control.

What are the research instruments?

Research instruments are the resources that the researcher can use to address problems and phenomena and extract information from them: paper forms, mechanical and electronic devices that are used to collect data or information about a given problem or phenomenon.

What are the types of research instruments?

Various instruments are used in research to collect information:

    Interviews.Observations.File documents and government sources.Laboratory experiments.Paper questionnaire or online questionnaires.Face-to-face focus groups or online focus groups.Online communities.

What is the reliability of an instrument according to Sampieri?

The reliability of a measurement instrument refers to the degree to which its repeated application to the same individual or object produces the same results (Hernández-Sampieri et al., 2013; Kellstedt and Whitten, 2013; and Ward and Street, 2009).

What is Scielo technique?

It is a technique that stimulates creativity as well as a method of study and learning. It can be used both individually and in a group.

What are Scielo research techniques?

It is divided into three techniques: observation, interview and focus groups, with a summary of their advantages and limitations according to the criteria of different authors. Additionally, some considerations about the validation of qualitative data are presented.

What is a research technique?

Research techniques are a set of methodological and systematic procedures whose objective is to guarantee the operability of the investigative process. That is, to obtain a lot of information and knowledge to solve our questions.

What is the technique and what are its characteristics?

The techniques are characterized by relying on practice and continuous exercise. They require certain kinds of skills and abilities, be they intellectual, physical, or otherwise; as well as the use of specialized tools.

What does techniques mean in technology?

Technique is an intangible concept, it is the “knowhow”, knowledge, it refers to the know-how to get the most out of technology in all areas. Technology is the set of equipment that allows the production and distribution in cold, hot or mixed line applying the “techniques-knowhow”.

What are the 3 elements of technique?

Components of the Technical System and their concepts

    Material components. … Intentional components or agents. … The structure of the system. … The results. … Component analysis.

What are Wikipedia social research techniques?

Synchronous: seeks to know what a social phenomenon is like at a given time. Diachronic: looks for the evolution of a phenomenon over time. Retrospective: aims to know the evolution of a phenomenon from the past. Prospective: seeks to know the possible evolution of a phenomenon in the future.

What is social research and examples?

Examples of social research

They isolated a variable such as illiteracy and provided information on the details of the variable and what should be studied. Others were correlational. They analyzed the relationships between illiteracy and other indicators, such as age, race, income, among others.

What is the reliability of an instrument according to authors?

Reliability in qualitative research, according to Guillermo Briones, refers to the degree of confidence or security with which the results obtained by a researcher can be accepted based on the procedures used to carry out his study.[1].

What is instrument reliability?

The degree to which an instrument produces consistent and coherent results. That is, its repeated application to the same subject or object produces the same results.

What is validity according to Hernández?

For their part, Hernández et al. (2003) define validity as the degree to which an instrument really intends to measure validity. This allows us to conclude that the validity of an instrument is directly related to the objective of the instrument.

What are the characteristics of research instruments?

What are the characteristics of a more effective data collection instrument?

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