What are the 4 docks of San Juan?

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Tour through the ravines and dams of San Juan

    Los Caracoles reservoir. Punta Negra reservoir. Ullum reservoir, in San Juan. Punta Negra dam dam. Views of the Ullum dam. Panoramic view of the San Juan dams. Road to the San Juan dams.

How many levees does San Juan have?

”This is the first water season in the history of the province that can be used to store water in four dams, and in large volumes.

What are the San Juan dikes called?

Ullum Dam and Punta Negra Dam.

What is the largest dam in San Juan?

Ullum, the first large dam on the San Juan River, has a water reservoir that covers an area of ​​32 km² and a volume of 440 hm³.

Where are the San Juan dams located?

The San Juan Dam is located near the town of San Juan in the state of Nueva Esparta, Venezuela. Its deepest level reaches 16.5 m. It has a capacity of 1.05 hm³ of water. Its main tributary is the San Juan River.

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What hydroelectric dams are there in San Juan and where are they located?

hydraulic energy

    Punta Negra Hydroelectric Power Plant. … Cuesta del Viento Hydroelectric Power Plant. … Hydroelectric Power Plant at the foot of the Quebrada de Ullum Dam. … Los Caracoles Hydroelectric Plant.

Where is Ullum Dam located?

The Ullum Dam is located 20 km from the City of San Juan, on the homonymous river, in the extreme southeast of the Ullum Department and extreme northeast of the Zonda department, in the south center of the Province of San Juan.

How deep is the Punta Negra dam?

And the test was more than successful, because after 32 minutes of immersion and reaching a depth of 15 meters, they determined that the place is ideal for the discipline, with visibility of 6 to 10 meters.

What to do in the Ullum dam?

Things to do near Ullum Dam

Merced del Estero Winery. #1 of 67 things to do in San Juan. … Posta Inca Active Tourism & Expeditions. … Campo de Olivos SRL … Birthplace of Sarmiento. … Museum of Urban Memory or Earthquake. … Bicentennial Theatre. … St. John’s Cathedral. … Carrovelismo.

What can be done in the Ullum Dam?

The Ullum dam has a series of attractions: fishing, terrain for downhill mountain biking, complexes where you can practice water sports, etc. It should be noted that the movie Highlander II was filmed in this place.

What lakes are there in San Juan?

San Juan La Laguna and San Pedro La Laguna are located 200 km from Guatemala City, both very close to each other and located on the shores of one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala, Lake Atitlán. The charm of both lies in the beauty of the landscape in harmony with the urban layout.

What is the name of the Jachal dam?

The Los Cauquenes dam, when projected and built, was designed with the intention of damming rainwater from the basin of the Paslean, Huerta de Huachi, Pampa and Pampa del Chañar mountains. In the first years, the waters of the Jáchal River never overflowed.

What function does the Punta Negra dam fulfill?

It houses the turbines and generators that convert the potential energy of the hydraulic jump materialized by the dam first into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy.

What dams have been built on the Jachal River?

The systematization of the river is represented by the following works:

    Cuesta del Viento Reservoir, 40 km from San José Jáchal, with a maximum volume of 136 million m³. … The Pachimoco Dam, is a work diverting flow from a network of canals, for agricultural use in the Jáchal Valley.

What bus passes through the Ullum San Juan Dam?

Through line 162 of the RedTulum you can connect the Ullum Dam with Punta Negra. It departs from Plaza Laprida at different times: from Monday to Friday at 8:45 am and 4:00 pm, while on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:00 am, 1:00 pm and 5:30 pm.

What function do the dams have?

What is a dam? It is an engineering work that is used for the accumulation of water resulting from the construction of a dam in the course of one and several rivers.

What to do in San Juan at night?

    The Little Square of Santurce. 705. Neighborhoods • Bars and clubs. … The factory. 160. Bars and bowling alleys. …Old San Juan Clue Murder Mystery. Escape games • City tours. Casa Melaza Rum Boutique. 111. Bars and bowling alleys. … Nuyorican Cafe. 192. Bars and bowling alleys. … The Batey. 103. … The Bar Bero. Bars and bowling alleys. … Here You Can. Bars and bowling alleys.

What does Black Point mean?

‘Punta Negra’, full name Punta Negra de Portezuelo, is a peninsula and seaside resort in the Maldonado Department of Uruguay. It is part of the Municipality of Piriápolis.

What energy does the Ullum Dam generate?

In August and after 18 months of work, the Ullum Dam will once again generate hydroelectric power, once the plant’s modernization work is completed, which includes, in its last stage, the assembly of the parts of the generating unit.

What hydroelectric dams provide energy to San Juan de Lurigancho?

The Moyopampa hydroelectric power plant, located at kilometer 40 east of Lima, in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho, is the only plant located in an urban area. Although it was built in the 50’s, its design and technology have been able to cover the great demand for energy that exists today.

What are the main sources of energy in San Juan?

The main source of electricity generation in the province of San Juan is hydraulic, obtained from the course of our main San Juan and Jáchal rivers.

What type of turbines are used by the hydroelectric plants located in San Juan?

It is where the Turbines that will allow the energy to be produced are housed. It will be designed to house 2 vertical axis Francis type turbines with their generators and all the complementary auxiliary equipment for its operation, all for an installed power of 70 megawatts (70 MW).

How big is Punta Negra?

GEOGRAPHY. The district has an area of ​​130.5 KM2 and an estimated population of over 8,000 inhabitants, a number that rises to 11,000 during the summer season.

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