What are the 5 components of the Armed Forces?

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    Bolivarian Army.Bolivarian Navy.Bolivarian Military Aviation.Bolivarian National Guard.Bolivarian Militia.

What are the 5 components of the Bolivarian National Armed Force?

The Bolivarian National Armed Force is made up of four Military Components: The Bolivarian National Army, the Bolivarian National Navy, the Bolivarian National Military Aviation and the Bolivarian National Guard.

What are the components that make up the Armed Forces?

How are the Armed Forces composed? – The Armed Forces of the nation are organically constituted by the Commander-in-Chief, Army, Air Force, Naval Force, whose numbers will be set by the Legislative Power, at the proposal of the Executive.

What are the components of the FANB for the protection of biodiversity?

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) is made up of five components: the National Army, the National Navy, the Military Aviation, the National Guard and the Bolivarian Militia.

What is the Bolivarian National Armed Force and its functions?

The National Armed Forces constitute an essentially professional institution, without political militancy, organized by the State to guarantee the independence and sovereignty of the Nation and ensure the integrity of the geographical space, through military defense, cooperation in the maintenance of internal order and. ..

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What are the ADIs in Venezuela?

Integral Defense Area (ADI)

Currently, the Venezuelan Territorial Defense System is made up of ninety-nine Comprehensive Defense Areas.

What are the plans of the FANB for the comprehensive defense of the nation?

He stressed that for the FANB there are three fundamental tasks:

    Military defense, constitutional task. Cooperation and maintenance of internal order. Active participation in national development.

What are the Redi?

REDI is a private and independent Association that brings together non-profit organizations from Spain and Latin American countries that work for human and social development in their respective countries.

How many Redi are there in Venezuela 2021?

In total there are eight REDI: Occidental; Andes; The plains; Central; Oriental; Guiana; Maritime and Insular and the Capital. These in turn, have under their command the ZODI. All these units are part of the Territorial Defensive System under the operation of the Strategic Operational Command of the FANB (CEOFANB).

What is the fundamental role of the FANB within comprehensive defense?

Its main objective is to protect the airspace of Venezuela, in coordination with the other components of the National Armed Forces, and actively participate in the comprehensive development of the nation.

What are the functions of the Armed Forces in wartime?

Its main mission is to participate in foreign security and military defense of the country, for which it carries out actions in times of peace and in times of war. The main roles of the Armed Forces are the defense of the sovereignty of the national territory, airspace, insular.

What is the objective of the Armed Forces?

they are a military organization of a State whose fundamental mission is to defend sovereignty and territorial integrity. They are usually divided into branches, separate armed services that group the military resources used by said state on land (land army), sea (naval) and air (air force).

What is the importance of the FANB in ​​terms of safeguarding Venezuelan sovereignty?

The main roles fulfilled by the Armed Forces are the defense of the sovereignty of the national territory, air space, insular, the fight against drug trafficking, search and rescue and civil protection in cases of disaster.

What are the problems facing the FANB in ​​terms of biodiversity?

Seriously threatened vulnerable species, illegal hunting, destruction of habitats, overexploitation of resources, deforestation, pollution, lack of control in natural areas and lack of funds for scientific research are some of the problems that threaten the environment in Venezuela.

What is the agency in charge of safeguarding biodiversity in Venezuela?

– The Ministry of the Environment, by law, constitutes the National Environmental Authority, and consequently is the governing body, coordinator and regulator of the management of biodiversity in the national territory.

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