What are the 9 steps of the chain of custody?

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What is the chain of custody, what are its stages in Criminalistics, and its relevance in judicial processes.

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What are the stages of the chain of custody?

Chain of Custody Stages

Preservation and packaging of the test. Transport or transfer of the test. Transfer of the same, either to the laboratories for its analysis, or to the different prosecutor’s offices for its custody. Custody and final preservation until the debate takes place.

What are the basic elements that make up the chain of custody?

material evidence (EMP) and physical evidence (EF), the chain of custody will be applied taking into account the following factors: identity, original state, collection, preservation, packaging and shipping conditions; places and dates of permanence and the changes that each custodian has made.

How does the chain of custody start?

In the registration and monitoring process of the chain of custody, it begins from the complaint and at the time of the investigation, and those who additionally intervene are the prosecutor, police and experts (in fact, this is how the investigative trilogy is composed) and It has to be coordinated in a very clear way to…

How does the chain of custody work?

The chain of custody is the set of processes that occur from the time the police seize the evidence of a crime. Until they are analyzed or exposed in the investigation phase or in the trial. The security measures are intended to guarantee the preservation of material or documentary assets.

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What is the chain of custody?

Chain of Custody Registry. Document in which the evidence or material elements of evidence and the persons involved are recorded from their location, discovery or contribution at the place of intervention until the authority orders their conclusion (Annex 3 Chain of Custody Registry).

Who performs the chain of custody?

Who is responsible for the chain of custody? According to article 228 of the CNPP, the application of the chain of custody is the responsibility of any authority or auxiliary that, according to the law, has contact with the indications, traces, evidence, objects, instruments or products of the criminal act.

What are the material elements of evidence?

Material evidence or physical evidence will then be any thing or object that directly or indirectly can provide information about one or more structural aspects of the crime or the identity of the accused, that is, the thing or object that by itself has the demonstrative quality or proof of the…

When does the chain of custody start and end?

The chain of custody starts from the location, discovery or contribution of the evidence at the place of intervention and ends until the competent authority orders its conclusion.

What are the material elements of evidence?

It is a type of physical or tangible evidence such as traces, vestiges, located or linked to the scene of the events and/or the place of discovery.

How are EMPs and EFs classified?

They can be classified as latent, impression or stamped prints. For the study of the prints, the form of production (by rubbing, dragging, support, etc.), origin (tools, machines, hands, organic fluids, etc.), and morphology are taken into account. (instrument tracks, footprint) and analyzed and compared …

What is evidence in criminal matters?

 By Element of Evidence, it is understood: “Any objective data that is legally incorporated into the process, capable of producing certain or probable knowledge about the extremes of the criminal imputation” (extreme facts).

What happens if the chain of custody is broken?

According to academic Raymundo Gama, the chain of custody is broken when there is an indication that could question the authenticity of the preserved evidence.

What is Agreement A 009 15?

AGREEMENT A/009/15 establishing the guidelines to be followed by public servants involved in chain of custody matters.

What are the three elements of the test?

In the test we find three elements: The object of the test. The organ of the test. The middle of the test.

What is physical evidence?

Physical evidence is an element of a material nature directly related to the fact under investigation and is sometimes referred to as forensic or scientific evidence, which implies that it must be scientifically analyzed and the results interpreted in order to be useful.

What is physical evidence in criminalistics?

Physical evidence is anything of a physical nature or character, it can associate a criminal with the crime scene, if the person has touched something from the scene of the crime or if he has left something forgotten, or has taken something from the crime scene. said crime.

What is trace evidence?

Trace evidence is that EMP or EF that due to its quantity, size or nature are not visible to the naked eye and require technical or technological means for its observation, collection and identification.

What are the material elements?

A material is an element that can be transformed and grouped into the groups of a set. The elements of the set can have a real nature, a virtual nature or be totally abstract. For example, the set made up of a notebook, temperas, plasticine, etc.

What is the difference between evidence and material evidence?

Legally speaking, we understand by evidence any fact that is true and virtually proven to prove another fact to which it is related. The evidences, on the other hand, are the means that allow the acceptance or rejection of a fact.

What gives legality to material evidence or physical evidence?

“The legality of the evidentiary material element and physical evidence depends on the fact that in the diligence in which it is obtained, what is prescribed in the Political Constitution, in the international treaties on human rights in force in Colombia and in the laws have been observed.

When does the chain of custody end?

Technically, the duration of any chain of custody goes from the moment the authorities arrive at the scene investigating an alleged criminal act, until the investigation concludes (at the trial).

When does the chain of custody end?

In case of flagrante delicto or imminent danger of the perpetration of a punishable act, the Police will proceed to secure, immobilize or seize the material elements or evidence. The chain of custody ends with the Judge of the case.

Where does the chain of custody procedure start and on whose behalf does it end?

The chain of custody is a methodological procedure that will begin at the place where the material evidence (EMP) and physical evidence (EF) are discovered, collected or found and ends by order of the competent authority.

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