What are the cycles of the washing machine?

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Washing machines, by default, have short, medium and long wash cycles. Tip: do not load the washing machine to the brim! Except when you program a long wash cycle. Long wash cycles require extra detergent, more water and more time to rinse and therefore spin.

How are the wash cycles?

Washing cycle: it is the most important washing cycle since it is where the laundry soap is released and mixes with the water, generating foam that gets into the fibers of the clothes to eliminate stains and bad odors. Rinse cycle: this is when more water is released to remove all the soap from the clothes.

How long is the washing machine cycle?

A wash cycle, in these cases, takes about an hour and a half and can be extended to more than two hours if options such as pre-wash and multiple rinses are added.

What is the gentlest cycle of the washing machine?

Delicate washing machine cycles shed more microfibers according to new research from the University of Newcastle. The delicate washing cycle of the washing machine may seem gentler, cheaper and much more respectful of our clothes and the environment.

What is the best cycle for washing clothes?

1. White cotton clothes: normal washing, maximum temperature of 90º and normal spin. 2. Embroidered or delicate white cotton clothes: program for delicate garments, maximum temperature of 90º and reduced spin.

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How to wash delicate clothes in the washing machine?

Steps to wash your delicate clothes in the washing machine

Do not fill the drum of the washing machine, use only 1/3 of its capacity. Select the delicate program in the washing machine, it is special for washing delicate garments: with short cycles and at low temperature. Always avoid intense spins and prolonged soaking.

What colors cannot be mixed in the washing machine?

The key point is to classify the clothes by separating them by color, white or light colored garments from dark black garments. Experts recommend not washing white and colored clothes together, especially if they are strong colors and especially to ensure proper cleaning.

What does it mean to wash at 30 degrees?

Washing your clothes at 30°C is not only energy saving and good for the environment, it’s better for your clothes. The great cleaning power of Skip detergents allows for very clean clothes, even when washing at low temperatures!

What clothes are washed at 30 degrees?

You can add our washing machine bleach. 40ºC: Light and dirty clothes. 30ºC: Clothes not very dirty and colored or black. <30ºC: Delicate fabrics and practically clean clothes.

How long does a washing machine take at 30 degrees?

For the most delicate garments, the most recommended program is Delicate / Silk 30ºC, which with a load of 2 kg lasts 45 minutes*.

What happens if you wash clothes at 40 degrees?

Sheets and towels: More than 40 degrees

These garments require washing at least at 40 degrees. Only this level of temperatures will kill the bacteria that can build up on your sheets and the mold that can be on your damp towels.

What colors can be mixed in the washing machine?

Brightly colored garments like purple, red, orange and yellow can be washed together. Vivid blues and greens can also be washed together. If you have a garment that doesn’t match any other, consider washing it by hand.

What clothes not to mix when washing?

In the first washes, of course, it is better not to mix the new clothes. You have to be very careful with red garments, black garments and garments made of natural fibers with artisan dyes. Other softer colors, or already heavily washed garments, can be mixed, washing at low temperatures.

How to separate the colors in the washing machine?

Whites (from 40º to 60º): use a detergent with bleaching ingredients. Pastels or light colors (30º to 40º): colored laundry detergent. Dark colors: red, green, blue, black, etc. (0º to 20º): detergent for colored clothes or detergent for dark clothes.

How to wash a very delicate sweater?

– Use a special detergent or soap for delicate garments. – Always use cold water. – Submerge your sweater in a large container with the detergent and leave it there for about 10 minutes. – After this time you can start washing carefully and without rubbing it too hard (focus on the dirty areas).

How to dry delicate clothes?

After washing the sweater by hand, with liquid soap for delicate clothes, remove excess water being careful not to squeeze. Put the sweater on a towel. Roll the towel over the wet sweater pressing down. Don’t squeeze the towel.

What can be washed at 40 degrees?

Light and dirty clothes can be washed at 40ºC. Colored or black clothing: If it is not very dirty, wash at 30ºC. Sheets and towels: Due to their dirt, they should be washed at a minimum of 40ºC to remove dirt, odors and bacteria, however, we must take into account their color.

What temperature of water supports the washing machine?

In general, most washing machines have water washing temperatures from 20 and 35 to 60 degrees of temperature.

What happens if I wash clothes at 60?

To disinfect, you have to go up to at least 60 ºC. From this temperature, the washes eliminate viruses or bacteria that can live in the fabrics and even manage to deactivate the coronavirus. From what is known so far, SARS-CoV-2 survives up to 56 ºC, according to this WHO report.

How long does a wash last at 40 degrees?

Cotton 40ºC: 3 hours. Cotton 60ºC: 2:45 hours. Cotton 90ºC: 2:45 hours. Synthetics 40ºC: 2 hours.

Which spin speed is better?

For example: wool, underwear or blouses require a slower spin speed (about 600-800 RPM), synthetic fabrics need about 800-1000 RPM, while a high speed (900-800 RPM) is recommended for cotton. 1400RPM).

What is better 1200rpm or 1400rpm?

For cotton clothes, a spin at 1,400 rpm is good and the clothes will come out about 60% dry. For wool, the speed should be no higher than 1,200 rpm. In the case of denim, the spin speed should be around 900 rpm and for silk or delicate garments, the convenient levels are 600 and 400 rpm.

What is spin level?

Spinning in the washing machine is an operation that reduces 50% of the moisture in the clothes. The speed that a washing machine takes is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm), that is, the maximum number of revolutions that the motor can make per minute.

How long does a washing machine spin?

Fast: 15-30 minutes. Depending on the spin and dirtiness of the clothes. Cotton: approximately two hours, although it depends on the brand of washing machine. You must take into account in this case the load and the degrees of water.

What clothes shrink at 60 degrees?

Does washing at 60 degrees shrink clothes? It’s possible. It is still considered a high temperature, so again it is recommended to be careful with the garments that are introduced, generally cotton: underwear, white clothes, bedding…

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