What are the elements of curriculum evaluation?

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Curriculum elements:

    – Objectives.- Contents.- methodology.-Educational media.-Materials.-Infrastructure.-Evaluation of teaching.-Learning.

What are the types of curricular evaluation?

Curriculum evaluation is structured in four types or phases: a) Internal evaluation or self-evaluation. b) External evaluation. c) Impact evaluation.

What are the characteristics of the curricular evaluation?

The curricular evaluation tries to relate to all the parts that make up the study plan. This implies the need to permanently adapt the curricular plan and determine its achievements. For this, it is necessary to continuously evaluate the internal and external aspects of the curriculum.

How is the curriculum evaluation carried out?

The Curriculum Evaluation Process constitutes the fourth stage of the Curriculum Design Methodological Proposal. This is implemented at the beginning of a curricular design, during its development and when the first generation of students from the plan graduates, with the intention of verifying if the proposal is pertinent.

What are the objectives of curriculum evaluation?

The purpose of the curricular evaluation is to verify if a study plan, including programs and study plans of various specialties such as Family Medicine, complies with what is programmed and responds to the needs detected; its results can guide decision-making and the realization of …

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What is the importance of curriculum evaluation?

The curricular evaluation allows us to know the degree of relevance of a career to respond to the health problems of the population. The importance is to keep the curriculum updated so that it responds to the health problems of the population.

What is curriculum evaluation?

Curriculum evaluation is a fundamental pillar that supports an adequate and relevant curriculum in the different academic programs offered by the University, both Postgraduate and Undergraduate.

Who performs the curriculum evaluation?

The National Institute for the Evaluation of Education makes available the databases related to the Evaluation of Curriculum Implementation (EIC).

What elements does the institutional and curricular evaluation include?

establishes that the curricular evaluation must account for 7 elements, namely: Focus of the program. Accumulated knowledge in a field of knowledge, teaching medium, organization of material, teaching strategies, management of classroom work and the role of the teacher.

What are the dimensions of curricular evaluation?

According to Scriven (2007) there are five dimensions of evaluation or aspects that can be evaluated: the process, the results, the costs, comparisons and generalizations, to which it is convenient to add the logic of intervention.

What are the evaluations of the basic education curriculum?

Curriculum assessment establishes: Specific strengths and weaknesses of a curriculum and its implementation; Essential information for strategic changes and political decisions; Inputs needed for improved teaching and learning; and.

What is internal and external curricular evaluation?

The internal and external evaluation is a supervision that is carried out from time to time, generally in educational centers, in order to verify that the rules that govern the academic training process at different levels are being met.

What is curricular evaluation according to authors?

According to Díaz Barriga, the curricular evaluation tries to relate to all the parts that make up the study plan. This implies the need to permanently adapt the curricular plan and determine its achievements. This requires continuous evaluation of the internal and external aspects of the curriculum.

What is the impact of curriculum evaluation?

The results of the curricular evaluation allow decisions to be made regarding the Study Plan; therefore, in the analysis and evaluation process, all the actors directly involved in its design and operation must be considered. Curriculum evaluation considers two aspects: the process and the product.

What is curriculum design and evaluation?

The evaluation of the curricular design and development constitutes a process through which the validity of the design as a whole is corroborated or verified, through which it is determined to what extent its projection, practical implementation and results satisfy the demands that society poses to the institutions…

What is internal curriculum evaluation?

The internal evaluation of the curriculum will focus on the curricular process. It will allow to control the way of operating the curricular project and will offer information about the study plan and its application procedures.

What is evaluated in the 4 dimensions?

The evaluation of the development of the four dimensions of the students, is the process of analysis and evaluation of the integral and holistic formation allows teachers to identify the achievements, limitations and difficulties that the students have in the educational processes in every two months to…

What are the dimensions of pedagogical evaluation?

The dimension of the pedagogical model will be evaluated based on four factors: inclusion, formative evaluation, continuous evaluation and effective learning.

What is the evaluative dimension?

It is an evaluation process that students carry out among themselves on their own performance and that of the group, for which the criteria and norms must be established previously, in such a way that it allows them to improve their responsibility.

What are the dimensions of the teaching profession?

These dimensions of being a teacher are the professional ontological, the psychological, the cognitive, the epistemological-curricular, the didactic, the organizational, the sociopolitical-cultural and the ethical dimension.

What are the dimensions to be evaluated in competencies?

The evaluation of competences requires obtaining information on all the aspects that make them up, that is, it must contain an evaluation of the cognitive (knowing), technical (knowing how to do) and metacognitive (knowing why you do it) aspects.

What should be evaluated in being?

In conclusion, the assessment of knowing how to be and knowing how to live together must cover how the student is acting and how he relates to his classmates and teachers to achieve the learning that is proposed to him, which implies going beyond subjective and episodic assessments. by the teacher, to…

What is the curriculum design?

What is curriculum design

The idea of ​​curriculum design, therefore, refers to a process that allows organizing and developing an educational plan. Through this structuring, the aim is to satisfy the training needs of the students.

What is curriculum design in education?

The Curriculum Design for Primary School establishes the curricular foundations and is a reference framework for educators at the level. It includes the Curricular Design of the First cycle and the Second cycle, divided into two volumes, the Curriculum Design of Foreign Languages.

What is the task of curriculum design?


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