What are the field events?

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Field events are those in which athletes jump, jump or throw an object. Some events, like the decathlon and heptathlon, are made up of many other events. Common track and field events include dashes, relays, hurdles, long jump, and high jump, among others.

What are the field events?

Field events in Olympic Athletics

    Long jump or long jump Triple jump High jump or high jump Pole or pole vault Shot put Discus throw Hammer throw Javelin throw

What are the field events in athletics?

Athletics is a sport that combines disciplines such as races, jumps, throws, combined events and walking; It consists of the art of surpassing the performance of opponents in speed or resistance, in distance or in height.

What are track and field events?

    Sprinting.Distance running.Road racing.Cross country.Hurdling.Relay racing.Pole vault.Long jump.

How are field tests classified?

Field competitions are classified into 2 main categories and correspond to jumps and throws. The jumping ones, on the other hand, are divided into vertical and horizontal, in the first ones are the high jump and the pole vault.

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What are field tests?

Field tests in athletics are those that take place in the central area of ​​the track and not on the track itself, such as: High jump. It consists of running to jump a horizontal bar, which is usually more than 2 meters high, and landing on a large mat.

What are the names of track events?


    What are athletics track events?How many and which are athletics track events.Sprint track events.Track events and the middle-distance race.Track events and long-distance races.Relay race in track events. Race walking track events.

What are the two types of athletics events?


    The shortest are the speed ones, which are run on indoor tracks over distances of 50 and 60 m. … They are those that cover between 600 and 3000 m. … Races above 3,000 m. … The steeplechase is normally on a 3,000m track.

How many are the athletics events?

Athletics is one of the traditional disciplines of the modern Olympic Games, held since the inaugural edition in 1896. It currently consists of sprinting, walking, jumping, throwing and combined events, completing 24 events for men and 23 for women.

What are the 4 disciplines of athletics?

The main disciplines of athletics are divided as follows: running, walking, throwing and jumping.

What are the types of athletics?

Within athletics there are various types of tests. Thus, there are the foot races (speed, middle distance, long distance, hurdling, cross country, relays…), long or high jumps, throws (weight, javelin, hammer…), race walking, and the combined tests.

How are running events in athletics classified?

· Sprint races: 100, 200 and 400 meters. · Middle distance races: 800 and 1,500 meters. · Long distance races: 5,000 and 10,000 meters. · Hurdles races: 100, 110 and 400 meters.

What are the 13 track events?

    Tests or speed races. … Fences. … Long-distance and middle-distance races. … Relay races. …Obstacle Races. … March. … High jump. … Pole vault.

What are the 7 tests of athletics?

The events follow this order: 100m dash, length, weight, high jump, 400m dash, 110m hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin and 1,500m dash. The athletes’ performances in the various tests are measured against an ideal score of 10,000 points.

What is athletics and what are its disciplines?

It is a sport that contains a set of disciplines grouped into races, jumps, throws, combined tests and walking. It is the art of outperforming opponents in speed or endurance, in distance or in height.

What athletics?

Athletics is a competitive sport, which is practiced as a team or individually. It consists of surpassing the performance of the opponent, whether in speed, distance, height or resistance.

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