What are the good wishes for Christmas?

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⏩ May your life be filled with magic and enlighten you this Christmas. ⏩ May this Christmas bring out of you all the goodness of your heart, all the dreams and your hope and all the desires of your soul. ⏩ I hope that this Christmas brings you a little closer to the best version of you. To be a little better than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow.

How to wish Merry Christmas by message?

God bless you and Merry Christmas. May love, peace and happiness reign in your home this Christmas. They are the sincere wishes of a friend who truly loves you. May this holiday season, magic be your best suit, your smile the best gift, and your happiness my best wish.

How to make a wish for Christmas?

Also, ornaments of various figures are usually placed on the Christmas tree. These represent the good deeds and sacrifices, the “gifts” that we will give to Jesus at Christmas. A perfect space to take a picture, close your eyes and make a Christmas wish come true.

What is the Christmas message?

The reason for this festival focuses on the birth of the Child Jesus, son of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph; for this reason it encompasses a message of hope, union, peace and love.

When is the Christmas wish made?

A symbol of prosperity, tradition indicates eating twelve grapes or raisins – blonde or purple is the same – at midnight on December 31. At the same time, twelve wishes are made, one for each month of the year that is beginning.

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What should be done on December 21?

On December 21, the arrival of the Spirit of Christmas is celebrated, a tradition that comes from the Nordic countries.

How to say Merry Christmas to your Crush?

A kiss! I hope that this Christmas you receive everything you are waiting for and all your wishes come true. Merry Christmas to you and your whole family, enjoy this date sharing love and peace with each other. My best wishes are for you, a hug.

How to say Merry Christmas without saying it?

Great phrases to wish happy holidays

Neither myrrh nor gold nor incense, this Christmas I want an intense hug. … Even if other things are lost over the years, let’s keep Christmas bright.

How to congratulate a friend on Christmas?

Merry Christmas! ⏩ May this Christmas be full of blessings, good times and also that you spend it surrounded by those you love the most! ⏩ Your friendship has been one of the most beautiful gifts that this life has given me. Merry Christmas! ⏩ I celebrate our friendship this Christmas!

How to declare yourself at Christmas?

“This Christmas the only gift I want is to be by your side, to give you my love, to start a relationship with you because I love you, I want to see you and talk to you every day, to always be able to tell you how much I love you, is it mutual?”

How to congratulate my girlfriend on WhatsApp?

Phrases of love to send by WhatsApp

I am only writing to tell you one thing that I hope you will always keep in your mind: I love you. I am happy to have found a person who understands me and who wants to be with me. From the moment you entered my life, I know that you are The only one I will love until the end.

What do you do with the Spirit of Christmas card?

You can eat tangerine while you write them. The letter of petitions can begin as follows: To my dear and powerful Spirit of Christmas, after greeting you, I receive you in my house with love and with open arms so that you may bless and sanctify every corner of my home.

How to clean the house to receive the Christmas Spirit?

It is important to take advantage of that day to clean our home and prepare it for the celebration. Pine and tangerine incense are recommended to attract good energies and prosperity and create an environment conducive to receiving the spirit of Christmas.

How to welcome the Spirit of Christmas?

“We welcome the Holy Spirit of Christmas, who comes down to this planet with a mission of giving. We greet you, we acknowledge you and we bless you. We thank you for the wonderful work of love, joy and peace that you do.

What to do on December 21 Christmas Spirit Day?

The spirit of Christmas is traditionally received with a ritual carried out on December 21 or 22, between 10:00 and 12:00 at night, when it descends to accompany us in the Christmas festivities. family and friends hold a home gathering with hearty food and drinks.

When is the Spirit of Christmas card burned?

Ritual to celebrate the Spirit of Christmas this December 21.

How to celebrate Nativitas?


For this party it is suggested that each of the attendees bring something, since this increases generosity and magnifies the Spirit of Nativitas. The attire can be formal or informal, depending on the touch you want to give it.

How many wishes are made in the Spirit of Christmas?

21 wish ritual

The rituals in each family may vary. However, one of the most common is the ritual of the 21 wishes, in which you usually write the requests for the following year. The first step for this day is to clean the house, because the spirit must be received without bad energies.

How to make my girlfriend happy by chat?

Phrases of love to dedicate to my girlfriend

I don’t need a thousand reasons to smile, with you is enough. Do you mind if I look at you for a while longer? … Thanks to you I have beautiful dreams to dream, thanks to you my life is full of love. Stay by my side so that I do not lack love.

How to greet the love of your life on WhatsApp?

Good morning phrases for someone special

I hope you dawned well. For my part, I cannot contain the desire I have to see you. There is nothing like dreaming about you because when I wake up I discover that my dreams have come true. May your day be as special as what you make me feel.

How to wish my girlfriend a good day?

Good morning phrases for my girlfriend

Hello, love! … Today I wake up happy, as always, because I have the best girlfriend, beautiful and brave. … Good morning my love! … I have as a girlfriend the most loving, most beautiful, and most affectionate person. … Good day is always that.

How to greet my girlfriend in the morning?

Song phrases

1. “Every day I wake up next to an angel more beautiful than words could say” – Bruno Mars, “Rest of my life”2. “You are what I love most, what I dreamed of. … 3. “ I wake up grateful. … 4. “ There is no one else, only you. … 5. “ I fly between your wings. … 6. “ … 7. “ … 8. “

How to surprise your partner with messages?

“I want you to be my star so that you accompany me on my lonely nights, that you illuminate the path of my life and arrive with you at the door of the altar.” 14. “I don’t need to tell you that I love you because I know you feel it, but one of my greatest pleasures is to let you know and make you feel it.”

How to greet the person you love?

Practice greeting people.

Go step by step. Start with a simple “hello”. Once you feel more confident, ask people how they are. … You don’t have to say “hello” necessarily. You can use another greeting that is more natural to you, such as “how are you?” or “how are you doing?”

How to say something nice to your partner?

Love you. Advertising. … You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. One of the things you should tell your partner every day is that you are happy to be with him and that he is the best thing that has ever happened to you. … I’m proud of you. … How you feel? … How handsome you are! … Thank you! … I admire you a lot. … You’re the love of my life.
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