What are the Health Supplies?

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The following are considered Health Supplies: medicines, psychotropic substances, narcotics, raw materials and additives that intervene for their elaboration; as well as medical equipment, prostheses, orthoses, functional aids, diagnostic agents, supplies for dental use, surgical material, …

How are health supplies classified?

Medical Devices include supplies for health in the following categories: medical equipment, prostheses, orthoses, functional aids, diagnostic agents, supplies for dental use, surgical and healing materials, and hygienic products.

What are medical materials?

Medical supplies are everything we know such as needles, catheters, probes, gauze, cotton, among others, whose usefulness is important for any case.

What is the Basic Table of supplies of the Health Sector?

The Basic Table and Catalog of Supplies of the Health Sector (CBCISS) is the document in which all medicines, healing material, instruments, medical equipment and diagnostic aids used by public institutions are grouped, characterized and codified of the National Health System for …

What are the supplies that must have a sanitary registration?

    Tongue depressor.Saliva absorber.Adapter/tube holder for blood collection (Holder), automatic or not, with or without luer lock connector, sterile or non-sterile, with or without integrated needle.Platelet agitator and incubator.Cotton roll .Cotton swabs.Cotton sheets.Cotton pads.

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What does article 171 of the Health Supplies Regulation say are supplies that must have a health registration?

The members of the National Health System must give preferential and immediate care to minors and the elderly subjected to any form of mistreatment that endangers their physical and mental health.

What products do not require health registration?

It is important to highlight that the personal protection elements that are not on the list do not require a sanitary registration or any type of approval by Invima, for example, safety boots, vests, caps or anti-fluid uniforms and, in general, all the clothes used by the professionals of …

What is a basic frame?

The Basic Tables are lists of health supplies selected for their efficacy and safety, necessary to provide medical care, where each supply has a code and generic name, and in the case of medications, the recommended dose, indications for use, contraindications and precautions for use.

What is the base frame now called?

The replacement of the Basic Table and Catalog of Sector Supplies by the National Compendium of Supplies for Health is based on the reform of articles 17, section V, art. 28, art.

What is the Interinstitutional Commission of the Basic Table and Catalog of supplies of the Health Sector?

The purpose of the Commission is to prepare, update and disseminate the Basic Table and the Catalog, through a process based on criteria of transparency, efficiency, and incorporating evidence of advances in science and technology in medicine to promote quality and rational use of inputs in the …

What is a medical device examples?

An instrument, tool, machine, test device, or implant used to prevent, diagnose, or treat disease or other conditions. Medical devices range from depressants to heart pacemakers and imaging equipment.

How are medical devices classified?

For registration purposes, medical devices are classified according to the degree of risk they represent, which is evaluated according to the time of contact with the human body, the degree of invasiveness, if it releases medication for the patient, if it is used in combination with another medication or device.

What is the medical team?

Medical equipment is any device used to diagnose, cure, or treat disease or to prevent disease. They range from small and simple, like a blood glucose meter, to large and complex, like a mechanical ventilator.

What are the most used hospital supplies?

Medical supplies are everything we know such as needles, catheters, probes, gauze, cotton, among others, whose usefulness is important for any of the cases.

Where can you get the basic list of medications in the Mexican health system?

Interinstitutional Commission of the Basic Table and Catalog of Supplies of the Health Sector. Homero #213, 14th floor. Col. Chapultepec Morales.

What is the supply catalog?

It is a unique database that allows classifying the inputs that the different Entities and Organizations of the Public Sector can demand and acquire. It allows unifying the characteristics and denominations of the same, by specifying them under the same conditions and determining minimum quality requirements.

What is a first level medication?

They define these medications as follows: “It is a new line of high-quality medications, developed for Mexican health and economy.

What is the basic drug chart and why is it important?

The Basic Table of Essential Medicines (CBME) seeks to expand access to medicines with proven safety and therapeutic efficacy, at reasonable costs. The seventh edition revised in 2018 contains 797 medicines and 465 active ingredients.

Why is the basic list of medicines important?

Its main use is to promote a good supply, since in no system is it possible to have the enormous totality of medicines offered by the market (with imperfect regulation).

What are the key medicines 5000 IMSS?

4.19 key medicine 5000: Highly specialized medicines included within the supply groups 010 Medicines or 040 Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, with a specific greater than equal to 5000.

What happens if I sell a product without health registration?

Fines: According to the nature and classification of the offense, the competent health authority, through a reasoned resolution, may impose fines up to an amount equivalent to ten thousand (10,000) daily legal minimum wages in force at the time the respective resolution is issued.

When is the health registration necessary?

Any change in the food activity of the company must be communicated to the Sanitary Registry. Thus, for example, a company that markets food supplements must be registered in the Sanitary Registry as a distributor (with or without a warehouse) in code 26.

How to know if a product is endorsed by Invima?

Likewise, it makes a call to verify the sanitary registration number of the products and corroborate its authenticity, through the website www.invima.gov.co, under the menu Consultations and online services, link Consult sanitary registrations.

What does article 171 say?

Imprisonment of six months to one year, a fine of up to two hundred pesos and suspension or loss of the right to use the driver’s license will be imposed.

What elements must have an invoice for medicines and health supplies in a pharmacy?

The name, address, professional license number, specialty, if any, and autograph signature of the doctor; III. The number of days of prescription of the treatment, presentation and dosage of the medication; IV.

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