What are the main colonial sculptures of Venezuela?

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Venezuelan statues

    Statues in Apartaderos. Crazy Light Statue of Caraballo. … Statues in Caracas. Mausoleum of Dr. … Statues in Maracay. Redoma El Toro. … Statues in Caracas. Avila Cross. … Statues in Caracas. Burlesque statue.

What are the most important sculptures in Venezuela?

    Monument Mantle of Maria Divina Pastora. 136. … Federation Arch. Monuments and statues. Plaza and Church of Santo Domingo. Civic Centers • Monuments and statues. Monument to the Rising Sun. … Monument of the Cacique Guaicaipuro. … The Caracas Sphere. … Monument to the Virgin of Peace. … Plaza Bolivar.

What was colonial sculpture in Venezuela?

The sculpture of Venezuelan colonial art shows the public many of the renowned pieces, mostly religious, which today continue to remain in the country’s main temples or are kept in public and private institutions.

What are the Venezuelan sculptures of the nineteenth century?

Among the outstanding sculptors of this century are: Jesús Soto, who developed several kinetic works, such as “La Esfera de Caracas”. Francisco Narváez, who created “Las Toninas”, which adorn Plaza O’Leary in Caracas.

What are the colonial arts of Venezuela?

THE VENEZUELAN COLONIAL ART They are all the artistic expressions, promoted under the influence of Spain. Venezuelan Colonial Art was determined in its beginnings by European influence. During this period our society tried to adopt the characteristics and forms of the Baroque (brought from Spain).

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What are the types of art in Venezuela?

Painting, dance, theater, sculpture, drawing, music, literature, architecture, among others, are part of the artistic manifestations of the human being. Popular art in Venezuela has been influenced by various cultures.

What are the main works of art in Venezuela?


    Armando Barrios mural, melody in the UCV stadium. … «The athlete» that Francisco Narváez eternalized at the UCV. … Mural by Wilfredo Lam in the Botanical Institute of the UCV. … Monument to Benito Pérez Galdós, by Juan Jaén. … Monument to the dog Nevado, the martyr mascot of El Libertador.

Who were the most important artists of Venezuelan sculpture of the 19th century?

XIX century

    Juan Lovera (1776–1841)José de la Cruz Limardo (1787–1851)Carmelo Fernández (1809–1897)Manuel Zenón Romero (1816–1840)Antonio José Carranza (1817–1893)Celestino Martínez Sánchez (1820–1885)Gerónimo Martínez (1826–1898)Martin Tovar y Tovar (1827–1902)

What is the art of Venezuela in the nineteenth century?

Painting in Venezuela in the 19th century had a very close relationship with the European artistic styles of the time: neoclassicism, romanticism, naturalism and realism, influenced by academic training where what mattered was the faithful representation of the object.

What were the artistic manifestations of Venezuela in the nineteenth century?

INTRODUCTION The emergence and development of artistic movements is constantly evolving since the nineteenth century, painting has had significant techniques seeking new more elaborate forms, among them we have impressionism, post-impressionism, modernism, realism and romanticism.

What is colonial art in Venezuela Wikipedia?

Colonial art is the art of a colonial situation. In the different colonizations, the introduction of the artistic forms of the colonizer occurs in the space previously occupied (generally exclusively, if there were no influences prior to colonization) by indigenous art.

When did colonial art begin in Venezuela?

Venezuelan Colonial Architecture: It was built from the 16th century when Venezuela began to be a colony of the Spanish Empire, until 1810 when it began its independence. The architecture of this time is characterized by its discreet modesty.

What are the main characteristics of colonial art?

Colonial art had the purpose of showing their way of thinking, their culture, their own identity; but in addition, colonial art seeks to represent some experiences and way of life of the indigenous people. The indigenous elements that influenced colonial art were: Architecture. beliefs and traditions.

What is the statue of Venezuela?

The Monument to Peace (also popularly called Virgen de la Paz) is a colossal commemorative sculpture of the Virgin Mary, made of concrete, located 11 km southwest of the city of Trujillo, in Venezuela.

What is the Indigenous sculpture of Venezuela?

The Venezuelan indigenous people made anthropomorphic and zoomorphic sculptures, they sculpted men, women and fauna of the region. In the case of the male figures, they were made mainly standing or sitting, the female figures were sculpted standing with their knees back.

What predominates in the art of the nineteenth century?

Post-impressionism, pointillism, pictorial symbolism, expressionism, cubism, fauvism, surrealism, futurism would account for a society that lives in revolution for revolution, the avant-garde for the avant-garde, universality for universality.

What is the native art of Venezuela?

Art originating in Venezuela was characterized by having a mainly mythical function, endowed with an artist sensibility, in which their social practices are valued. Cave manifestations elaborated by the native peoples in stones, cave walls and shelters.

What is Venezuelan popular art?

In Venezuela, popular art is one of the most genuine expressions of the vision that communities have of the beauty that surrounds them. By definition, this type of art is often anonymous.

Who were the Venezuelan painters and sculptors of the 20th century?

Pages in category “20th-century Venezuelan painters”

    Mario Abreu.Julio Aguilera.Luis Álvarez de Lugo.Ana Rosa Angarita Trujillo.Antonio Angulo (painter)Enrico Armas.Pablo Artal.Fernando Asián.

What artists stood out republican art?

Among the various artists whose work can be placed at the same time as that of Espinosa and Torres Méndez, it is worth mentioning José Manuel Groot (1800-1878), José Gabriel Tatis (1813-1880 c.) and Manuel Dositeo Carvajal (1818-1872).

What are the main works of art?

The 10 most famous paintings in the world

1. ‘ Mona Lisa’ … ‘The Last Supper’ Visitors take photos of ‘The Last Supper’ (‘Il Cenacolo or L’Ultima Cena’) at the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. ( … ‘The Starry Night’ … ‘The Scream’ … ‘Guernica’ … ‘The Kiss’ … ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ … ‘The Birth of Venus’

Where are the main works of art?

These are some of the most important works in history and where you could visit them.

    Paris.Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci.Madrid.Guernica – Pablo Picasso.Las meninas – Diego Velázquez.Oslo.The scream – Edvard Munch.MoMA, New York:

Who is the most famous painter in Venezuela?

Francisco Arturo Michelena Castillo, known simply as Arturo Michelena (Valencia, June 16, 1863-Caracas, July 29, 1898), was a Venezuelan painter and draftsman. He is considered the most important Venezuelan artist of the 19th century.

What are the different types of artistic expressions?

What are the manifestations of art? Art can be manifested in different ways reflecting values ​​of its culture, among them we find: music, dance, photography, painting, sculpture, engraving, literature, theater, cinema, architecture among others.

Who are the Venezuelan representatives of popular art?

These are 12 Venezuelan painters that every art lover should know.

    Cristóbal Rojas (1858-1890) Arturo Michelena (1863-1898) Armando Reverón (1889-1954) Elisa Elvira Zuloaga (1900 – 1980) Aimée Battistini (1916-1989) Alejandro Otero (1921-1990) Mercedes Pardo (1921-2005) Jesus Rafael Soto (1923-2005)

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