What are the most demanded races in Mexico 2021?

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    Business Administration. Law. Marketing. Systems Engineering. Psychology. Accounting. Architecture. Industrial Engineering.

What are the 5 careers with the highest labor demand?

Learn about the 5 careers with the highest demand for this 2022

    Director of Occupational Health and Safety. At present, especially in the industrial field, it is of vital importance to maintain safety and quality in production processes. … Digital Marketing Specialist. …Digital Manager. … Developers. … Male nurse.

What careers are good to study in 2021?

These are the races of the future.

Software Engineering. The world is increasingly digital and more hands are required to build it. … Business administration and finance. … Trade and marketing. … Industrial engineering. … Law and auditing. … Nursing. … Telecommunications engineering. … Labor relations and human resources.

What careers have more job opportunities?

What are the short careers with wide job opportunities

    Business Administration. Systems Analyst. Foreign Trade. Marketing. Human Resources.

What should I study today?

The Medicine career, as well as all the specialties that stem from it, is considered the best career to study in Mexico, not only because it is one of the best paid, but also because of the satisfaction it brings to the professionals who practice it. .

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What university careers have more future?

According to a study carried out by the Neetwork Business School, speaking specifically of Spain, the list of careers with the greatest development and growth in the immediate future are:

    Nursing. Dentistry. Telecommunications and computer engineers. Science, engineering and economics. Economics, Finance and Accounting.

What are the 5 careers with the highest labor demand in Ecuador?

Additionally, we present you which are the careers with the highest and lowest demand in Ecuador.

    Business Administration (13,819 applicants) Medicine (11,378 applicants) Nursing (11,344 applicants) Law (8,586 applicants) Accounting (7,131 applicants) Psychology (6,159 applicants)

What are the five careers with the highest demand in Ecuador?

The most demanded careers in recent years whose trend will continue this 2021 are; Nursing, Medicine, Law, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Social Communication, Clinical Psychology, Architecture, Dentistry, Environmental Engineering, Accounting and Auditing, Economics, Bachelor of Nursing…

What is the easiest race in Ecuador?

The psychology degree could be said to be the easiest career of those included in the health branch.

What are the best paid careers in Ecuador?

List of the best paid professions in Ecuador

    Civil engineering.Petroleum engineering.Architecture.Electrical engineering.Geology.Medicine and surgery.Law.Ing. mechanics.

What are the careers with the lowest labor demand in Ecuador?

However, in Ecuador the academic offer continues with traditional careers. Among the careers with less demand, are: initial education, business administration, communication, agronomy, nursing, among others; however, they are preferred by young people.

What are the best paid careers in Ecuador?

The medical profession is one of the most prestigious in the country. Apart from this, it is the one with the best economic prospects. A doctor in Ecuador earns an average of 37,200 dollars a year. Of course, this depends a lot on where you are working, your experience and your specialization.

What are the best careers to study and better paid?

Best paid careers in Mexico 2022

    Banking and markets.Corporate finance.Business finance.Finance and business.Financial markets.Investment projects.Insurance, damages and adjustments.

What races have no future?

The 10 professions that will disappear in the future

    Lawyer. That’s how it is! … Counter. Being an accountant is another boomer dream that will fade away. … Petroleum engineer. Jobs in the oil industry are among the professions that will disappear the fastest. … Pilot. … Policeman. … Librarian. … Bank executive. … Artist.

What is the easiest race?

If what you are looking for, indeed, is a simple degree, here we show you the top 10 of the easiest university careers to study:

    Pedagogy.Sociology.Journalism.Advertising.Psychology.Fine Arts.Tourism.Protocol and organization of events.

What is the job that earns the most money?

Next, the complete list with the professions with which you can ‘pocket’ more than 10 million pesos a month in Colombia:

    Systems engineering.Industrial engineering.Business administration.Marketing.Advertising.Medicine.Business administration.Economics.

What is the least in-demand career?

According to the UNAM Foundation page, the professions with the lowest number of applicants are: Ethnomusicology. Modern Portuguese Language and Literatures. Piano.

What are the least paid careers in Ecuador?

What are the worst paid careers in Ecuador?

Audit and accounting. Even though salaries in higher positions are more profitable, on average accounting and auditing professionals earn $7,800 a year, which can translate to around $650 a month. … Education. … Journalism.

What are the least demanded professions?

The UNAM careers less in demand

    Ethnomusicology. The purpose is to promote the investigation of different ethnic/popular musical cultures. … Modern Portuguese Language and Literatures. …Piano. … Musical education. … Singing. … Composition. … Instrumentalist. … Other less requested careers are:

What are the 10 least demanded careers in Mexico?

Ranking 10 careers with the lowest occupancy rate

    Engineering of motor vehicles, ships and aircraft. 82.3.Technology and protection of the environment. 84.27.Criminology. 84.59.Earth and atmospheric sciences. 86.52.Music and performing arts. 88.61.Political sciences. … Food industry. … Environmental Sciences.

What are the low demand careers at UNAM?

Those careers are: Ethnomusicology. Modern Portuguese Language and Literatures. Piano.

What career requires less average at UNAM?

Area 1: Physical-Mathematical Sciences and Engineering.

The ENES Morelia campus only received 38 applicants, of which it accepted 26 and 51 correct answers were needed for this. Technologies for Information in Sciences. 27 of 41 applicants were admitted and the minimum number of correct answers was 47.

What is the worst university course?

They correspond to the first quarter of 2021. The data shows that the lowest paid career is “Educational guidance and counseling”, with an average monthly salary of 8,800 pesos. It is followed by “Therapy and Rehabilitation”, with an average of 8,864 pesos per month and “Work and social care”, with 8,938 pesos.

What are the best paid and least in demand careers?

The best paid according to IMCO

    Engineering in Digital Systems and Robotics. From 30 thousand to 40 thousand pesos. Software Engineering. From 30 thousand to 32 thousand pesos. Chemical. From 29 thousand to 30 thousand pesos. Manufacturing Engineering. … Finance and Economics. … Architecture and Urbanism. … Transport services. … Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy.

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