What are the oppositions to which fewer people appear?

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Currently in Spain the oppositions that have fewer people in their calls are those of Forensic Doctor, Museum Curator, Comptroller and Auditor and Commercial Technicians and Economists.

What is the easiest opposition to pass?

The easiest opposition: State Administrative Assistant

One of the oppositions usually classified as simple is that of State Administrative Assistant.

Which oppositions are the easiest?

These are the 11 easiest oppositions to APPROVE in 2022

    1.1 1. Administrative assistant of the State.1.2 2. Judicial assistance.1.3 3. Oppositions for caretaker.1.4 4. Opposition for nursing assistants.1.5 5. Opposition for subordinates and orderlies.1.6 6. Oppositions for Correos.1.7 7. Oppositions to the army.1.8 8.

What are the oppositions with the most exits?

Oppositions with more professional opportunities according to your studies

    Oppositions for graduates in Law. Professional opportunities in the field of Health. … Oppositions related to Social Sciences. Oppositions also in the world of sciences. Oppositions in the field of Education. Oppositions for engineers.

What are the most difficult oppositions?

Discover the list of the most difficult oppositions in Spain

    Treasury inspectors. Another of the oppositions considered as more difficult are those of the Treasury Inspectors. … Property registration. … You would notice. … State Attorney. … Judges and Prosecutors.

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Who is the highest paid civil servant?

Group A officials

The officials who earn the most money in Spain are those in group A1, who start with a base salary of 1,214 euros per month in 2021, to which are added 46.72 euros per month for each three years (about 16,000 euros per year without supplements).

What is more difficult to be a national police or civil guard?

Although we recognize that the opposition to the National Police is slower, more confused and disorganized and the opposition to the Civil Guard is simpler, faster and cleaner, this should not confuse you.

What oppositions to study 2022?

As the experts in the opposition sector point out, the years 2022 and 2023 will be good to prepare the oppositions of Health, State Administration, Civil Guard, Justice or Post Office.

How to choose an opposition?

10 keys to choosing the ideal oppositions

Look for an opposition according to our academic training. … Check the history. … Monitor the big calls. … Choose an opposition compatible with personal circumstances. … Not being afraid of demanding topics. … Check the number of vacancies/applicants.

What are the oppositions of group C1?

Group C classification subgroups

Subgroup C1: Baccalaureate or Technical degree, and includes oppositions such as State Administrative, Public Treasury Agents, Procedural and Administrative Processing (Justice), Assistants of Penitentiary Institutions, etc.

How many hours a day to study oppositions?

It is advisable to start studying before the call comes out and dedicate about 3 hours a day to study. Once the call has been published, we should dedicate at least 5 or 6 hours a day to study.

How many hours do you have to study for an opposition?

You will have to study at least 4.5 hours a day to pass an exam or oppositions.

How much time is needed to prepare oppositions?

It is often said that the minimum time to properly prepare any opposition is one year. But when we talk about selection processes that include physical evidence, as is the case of the opposition for the National Police, this time can be extended up to a year and a half or two years.

What is the opposition?

The term opposition (from the Latin oppositio) refers to the action or effect of opposing. Position of one thing in front of another. Contrast between two contrary things.

What oppositions can I take with ESO?

At the state level, the ESO degree allows you to present yourself to oppositions such as the following:

    Auxiliary of the State Administration. Undoubtedly, the Administrative Assistant oppositions are one of the best known and most demanded at this degree level. … Post. … Judicial Assistance. … Civil Guard.

What are the oppositions of Group A?

State group A oppositions

Within subgroup A1, oppositions such as State Civil Administrator, Judges and Prosecutors, Notaries, Land Registry, Inspectors and Auditors, Labor and Social Security Inspectors, Treasury Inspectors, Police Inspectors, Architects, etc.

When are the Correos 2022 oppositions?

When will the Correos 2022 exam be held? The public company has announced the bases of the call and, although not exactly, the date of the test. It is expected to be held at the end of 2022, in the month of November.

Who earns more Civil Guard or National Police?

In addition to depending on the Ministry of the Interior, it depends on the Ministry of Defense. The salary of both is quite similar, a civil guard earns 24,515 euros annually compared to 24,524 for a national police officer.

What is the difference between the National Police and the Civil Guard?

The functions of both bodies are similar, although not the same, but they are developed in different spheres, the national police acts in the urban sphere, mainly in the capital, while the Civil Guard, on the other hand, extends its scope to the province, we will say that its functions are carried out in rural areas.

How difficult is it to be a National Police?

Is it difficult to approve national police opposition? In general, we can say that the difficulty of the oppositions for the National Police is quite similar to that of other selective processes for bodies and security forces (Civil Guard, Local Police, Ertzaintza or Mossos d’Esquadra).

How much does a C1 official earn?

Officials in group C1 have a base salary of €804.19 gross per month. Officials in group C2 have a base salary of €669.30 gross per month.

How much does A1 State charge?

The remuneration of civil servants, according to Law 22/2021, of December 28, of the General State Budgets for the year 2022, the concepts have the following amounts: Base salary: depending on the group to which they belong. For an A1 group it amounts to 16,392.90 euros/year.

What is the best paid opposition in Spain?

The President of the Supreme Court has a salary of 118,892.28 euros. One of the best paid positions is that of State Lawyer, with an annual salary between 50,000 and 60,000 euros. Tax inspectors have to overcome a tough and competent process to access the position.

How long does it take to prepare administrative oppositions?

Medium term to prepare the opposition

Being an opposition in which the syllabus is not very extensive and the questions are quite accessible and they do not delve into the laws of development of the syllabus, they mean that the average time to prepare and pass is 9 months.

How much time to prepare administrative assistant oppositions?

Although Administrative Assistant is considered to be an “easy” opposition (by agenda, frequency of calls and number of places called), it is also one of the most attractive and in demand. Thus, as a general rule, it is necessary to dedicate a couple of years to preparing the examination for State Administrative Assistant.

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