What are the people of the Canary Islands called?

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The name of people born in the archipelago of the Canary Islands is canario/a.

How do you call those from Tenerife?

santacrucero/from Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Tenerife/from Tenerife, culeto vs.

What are those born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife called?

Chicharrero is the name of the inhabitants of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (together with santacrucero) and is popularly used to refer to all of the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).

What does Orotava mean?

The name of this municipality located in the north of Tenerife and which also occupies part of the center of the island, comes from the denomination that the Guanches gave to this area, “Arautava” or “Arautapala”.

How was the Orotava Valley formed?

This valley was formed by a landslide that caused a large tidal wave. Its sides measure between 12 and 10 kilometers long. Within the Orotava valley there are around four volcanic cones, the best known are: The Los Frailes volcano, the Horca or Las Arenas volcano and the La Gañania volcano.

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When was the City Hall of La Orotava built?

May 29, 1503, is the date on which La Orotava is established as an urban nucleus, although it is true that, at least since 1502, it was already a place of population. In 1506 there were about 100 inhabitants.

Where is the Valley of La Orotava?

The Orotava Valley, known by the Guanches as “Taoro”, is located in the north of the island of Tenerife and extends from the northern slopes of Mount Teide to the ocean.

What are the inhabitants of the iron called?

Its inhabitants are called herreños. In 2010, the El Hierro census presented the following figures: Valverde: 5,035. La Frontera: 4,124.

What are the inhabitants of El Hierro called?

Island of El Hierro: Herreño/-a. Island of Fuerteventura: majorero/-a. Island of Gran Canaria: grancanario/-a. Island of La Gomera: gomero/-a.

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