What are the series of collectible banknotes?

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It is worth noting that the collections of banknotes printed by the Banco de México Banknote Factory are characterized by being integrated with pieces of the AA and A series, and with the same folio number, whose maximum number is twenty thousand, characteristics that provide greater value and interest for the …

What series of banknotes are collectors looking for?

Undoubtedly, one of the collectors’ favorite bills is the “Legal Tender Rainbow” series or the legal tender $1 rainbow bill.

How to know if a banknote is collectible Colombia?

The string usually starts with one or more zeros. They have a geometric figure such as an asterisk, a rhombus, a star or the letter R. These bills are collectible and expensive.

How much is a Series A ticket worth?

A second offer announces that the 100-peso bill is a collector’s item and that is why it is worth $16,000 pesos, also belonging to the acclaimed series. Later, the same “AA” can be found in 4 thousand 500 pesos or up to 4 thousand. However, with those belonging to the “AC” series, they rise again to 6,550 pesos.

What are the collectible banknotes of Colombia?

New family of Colombian banknotes

    100 THOUSAND PESOS bill. Since March 31, 2016 / Announcement / Launch. 50 THOUSAND PESOS bill. … 20 THOUSAND PESOS bill. … 10 THOUSAND PESOS bill. … 5 THOUSAND PESOS bill. … 2 THOUSAND PESOS bill. … Launch of a new family of Colombian banknotes.

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What is the most expensive ticket in Colombia?

5,000 pesos banknote – Commemorative edition of 1995 – Banco de la República (central bank of Colombia)

Which series of banknotes is worth the most?

Which series of banknotes are worth more? According to experts, the new 100-peso bills that are worth more in Mexico are the AA series, regardless of the family they belong to. Well, they are the copies that were printed in the first place by the Bank of Mexico.

How much does a 100 peso series AA bill cost?

How much do 100 series AA bills cost?

Although they no longer cost more than 100,000 pesos, the bills of that denomination are still valuable compared to their value as legal tender. Today, you can reach a deal of between 5 and 6 thousand pesos for its sale on websites.

How much does a new Series AA 100 peso bill cost?

The new 100 bill has been quoted between 3,000 and 15,000 pesos on buying and selling sites such as Mercado Libre or E-Bay.

How to recognize a bill of 100,000 Colombian pesos?

WATERMARKS – On the left side of the banknote, the president’s face can be seen against the light, with a three-dimensional effect, and the number “100”. SECURITY TAPE – The security tape that is inside the paper can be seen against the light, in which the text “BRC” and the silhouette of the barranquero bird are identified.

How to recognize a bill of 100 thousand pesos?

Perfect record. On the obverse, the incomplete number 100 is observed in pink. On the reverse it is light blue, the number 100 also incomplete. When placing the banknote against the light, the number 100 can be seen in its entirety, with both colors perfectly coinciding.

How to know if a 100 bill is good?

Color-Changing Ink: The $10, 20, 50, and 100 bills have a number in the lower right corner that changes color when tilted. It usually changes from copper to green or vice versa. Sharp Image: The details of the character’s face should be sharp. Microprints should be noted.

Where can I sell my 100 pesos series AA bill?

In different internet sites such as Mercado Libre or eBay Mexico, the new 100 bill has been put up for sale, which according to Internet users, is one of the first to be printed in the AA and AB series.

What is the 100 bill that is worth 6000?

The new 100-peso bill is sold for up to 6,000 pesos on Internet sites. For example, a quick search in Mercado Libre shows the sale of the Sor Juana ticket with prices ranging from 1,500 pesos and rising to 5,499 pesos for a copy that is promoted for having excellent conditions.

What are collectible 100 bills?

These specific bills may have more value

    AA0000001, which would be the first of all the banknotes. AA0000125, these are all those that are less than 125, or high series. AA9999975, all banknotes from 9999900 are considered elta series. AA0001968, banknotes that have one year in the serial number.

How do I know if my ticket is worth more?

First, remember that you should not fold your new bill, because if it is marked in the middle when you put it in your wallet, it will lose its collectible value. Now, the most valuable ones are the ones that were printed first, that is, the AA series.

How to know if a ticket is valuable?

Federal Reserve Indicators

In the $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 denominations, each bill has a letter and number designation that corresponds to one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks. The letter of each indicator coincides with the second letter of the serial number of the ticket.

What does the Series AA mean on banknotes?

AA bills printed by the American Bank Note Company

All AA bills are representative of the monetary unit that was in force until December 31, 1992. These bills were manufactured by American Bank Note Co., and put into circulation by the Bank of Mexico.

What is the 500 peso bill that is worth more?

The most valuable of all

Finally, the 500-peso bill that is worth more than all is one that was issued in 1908, by the brand new Mexican Central Bank. It has a railway, a symbol of the Porfiriato, and the legend “Five hundred strong pesos.”

When does the 5000 coin come out in Colombia?

The Banco de la República will launch the new 5,000-peso coin on the market today, which will circulate simultaneously with bills of the same denomination. December 22, 1999, 12:00 a.m.

How many 100 thousand bills are there in Colombia?

“Although it is a print run that was not fully circulated to the point that, currently, there are only 5.2 million of these bills on the streets, that is, 11%,” Banrepública said in a statement at the time. report replicated by La Fm

How to know if a dollar of 100 is real?

On Benjamin Franklin’s collar there should be very small print that reads THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USA 100 around the white space containing the watermark, ONE HUNDRED USA along the length of the pen, and tiny 100 numbers on the edges.

How to know that a 100 dollar bill is original?

Thickness differences in the paper create dark and light areas, which generate an image against the light. They are imitated with greasy impressions, wax or yellow ink. Counterfeit 100 dollars present the figure of Franklin in a very obvious way that is visible to the naked eye, which is not the case on real bills.

How do you know if a $100 bill is fake?

security thread

Inside the $100 dollar bill you will find a vertically interspersed thread on the left side of the portrait. Encrypted throughout the thread are the letters USA and the number 100 in an alternating pattern, as well as glowing pink under ultraviolet light.

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