What are the subway lines 4 5 and 6?

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For this Tuesday, the start of operations on the three lines will take place with an interval of between 7 and 9 minutes between trains.

The lines that will serve are:

    Line 4: Martín Carrera – Santa Anita. Line 5: Polytechnic – Pantitlán. Line 6: Martín Carrera – El Rosario.

What line 6?

Line 6 of the CDMX Metro is one of the least used by users of the Collective Transportation System network.

What are the stations of Line 6 of the CDMX Metro?

    El Rosario.Tezozómoc.UAM-Azcapotzalco.Mexico City Ironworks/Arena.Norte 45.Vallejo.Petroleum Institute.Lindavista.

What is line 4 and 5 of the Metro?

Line 4 runs from the Palacio station to Santa Catarina; line 5 makes a junction with the Palacio station and reaches the south of Monterrey to the Mederos station and line 6 goes from Palacio to the municipality of Apodaca.

Where does line 4 of the Metro start?

The first stop of the L4 metro line is Tobalaba and the last stop is Plaza De Puente Alto. Line L4 (Direction Plaza Puente Alto) is operational every day.

What stations does the blue line have?

The blue line of the CDMX Metro is made up of a total of 24 stations:

    Cuatro Caminos.Pantheons.Tacuba.Cuitláhuac.Popotla.Military School.Normal.San Cosme.

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What color is subway line 4?

Color code: Cyan. Number of stations: 10. Length: 10,747 km.

Which line is the Talisman station?

Talismán is a station of the Mexico City Metro, belonging to Line 4. It is located north of Mexico City in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office.

How do you use Metrobus line 4?

Line 4, a new Metrobús concept in the Historic Center of Mexico City. It will run from Buenavista to San Lázaro, with an express service to Mexico City International Airport. The stops will be light trail-type stops on perimeter “A” of the Historic Center and bus stops outside of it.

How many stations does Line 6 of the Metro have?

Line 6 is the sixth line of the network that makes up the Mexico City Metro. It has 11 stations along its 13.95 km, most of them underground.

What is the North Canal Metro line?

Line 5 of the Metrobús Canal del Norte, located at Eje 3 Oriente Avenida Ing. Eduardo Molina and Eje 2 Norte Canal del Norte. THE EXITS FROM THE STATION ARE: – East: Avenida Congreso de la Unión, corner Talabarteros, Colonia Ampliación Michoacana.

Which subway station has a mammoth?

Talisman Mammoth

Since the inauguration of Line 4, on August 29, 1981, the skeleton has been exhibited under a dome at the east entrance of the Talismán station.

What stations does line 2 of the metro have?

Line 2 of the Mexico City Metro

    Tacuba.Hidalgo.Fine Arts.Pino Suárez.Chabacano.Ermita.

How many stations does line 2 of the metro have?

Line 2 of the Metro or Blue Line of Mexico City. Distinctive color: Blue. Number of stations: 24.

Which metro stops are closed?

As reported by Calderón, as of March 2022, the Line 1 service that runs from Pantitlán to Salto del Agua will be suspended.

The suspended stations are:


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