What are the two concepts of the story?

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study of history

According to classical history, the events that took place before the historical period belong to prehistory, while those events located in the transition period between prehistory and history are part of protohistory.

What is the concept of the story?

1. f. Narration and exhibition of past events worthy of memory, whether public or private.

What are the historical concepts?

They are anything that happened in the past. For purposes of studying the past, historical events correspond to those that have greater collective/social significance, as a result of the consequences they generated.

What are the concepts and categories of history?

Categories for the study of History: Time, Space, Duration, Situation and Causality.

What are the three concepts of the story?

In these three concepts (history, historiography and historiology), we find past events, the science dedicated to analyzing them and the corresponding epistemology.

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What do the concepts of historical process historical fact historical subject mean?

The historical subject is a concept that defines a social entity that is capable of transforming its reality and thereby producing historically relevant events and different historical accounts, such as a discovery or the beginning of a historical process.

What does historical event example mean?

An example of a historical event, in this sense, is the process of independence of a country. In fact, without the events leading up to the declaration of independence, a nation would not exist as such. If we focus on Argentina, in this context, a historical event is the so-called May Revolution.

What are the phases of the origin of concepts?

The concept formation process goes through three fundamental phases: that of syncretic images, that of thinking in complexes and that of thinking in concepts proper (VYGOTSKY, 1991).

What is the concept of history as a social science?

History as a discipline in the field of social sciences reconstructs the past from documents and evidence (material and oral) that are classified, valued, interpreted, questioned and connected with other facts, which are subjected to critical analysis. with the intention of understanding and…

What do we understand by history define this concept in your own words?

What is History:

The meaning of history refers both to the discipline of the social sciences that studies and recounts the past events of humanity, as well as to the narrations of true or fictitious facts and events.

What is the purpose of the story?

The fundamental objective of the teaching of History is to provide a rational and critical knowledge of the past of humanity so that the individual and society in general can understand the present.

What is the importance of history as a social science?

History is a science that allows us to know that past to understand the present we live in and build our future. One of the main reasons why it is important to study history today is to understand the change in today’s society and how the society in which we live emerged.

Why is history considered a science?

Historical science appears, then, as one of the empirical ways of studying the social and cultural evolution of human activity with respect to the material and spiritual world that surrounds it.

When does history emerge as a social science?

The study of the social sciences had its beginning at the end of the 18th century and its heyday was at the beginning of the 19th century. Among its main founders, of French nationality, are Montesquieu and Comte; of German nationality, Marx, and of English, Adam Smith.

What is the concept formation process?

Definition: Process of great importance in the cognitive development of the individual. It takes place during childhood and consists of the categorization of reality by the person to facilitate their understanding and interaction with the world around them.

What is the process of forming a concept?

The concept is obtained by the generalization of a mass of isolated facts: abstraction is made of the fortuitous elements, of the non-essential properties to form the notions that reflect the essential, fundamental, decisive relations and characters.

How are concepts formed in children?

Concept building is a collaborative process that combines children’s individual learning abilities with social interaction (Nelson, 1996). One aspect to take into account in the formation of concepts is the previous ideas.

What are the historical events?

The so-called important events in history are those that brought about a resounding change in the world in which they occurred, and after which life on Earth was never the same again.

What are the most important historical facts?

Some of the most important world events in history:

The fall of the Roman empire. … Discovery of America. … Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. … End of World War II. … Apollo 11 moon landing. … Fall of the Berlin Wall. … September 11 attacks.

What is a historical fact for children?

For this reason, the “historical event” is usually defined as a construction or interpretation made by historians about a particular event involving human beings and occurred in a given place and time.

Why are we a historical subject?

who gets the story.

In that sense, we are all historical subjects because history affects the societies of the present and, as members of those societies, history determines us in many ways” (CCH, 2013).

What is the main subject of the story?

According to Aróstegui (1995) the subject of history is society and the object of historiography is what the historian seeks with his activity; every historical process is set in motion by the action of a subject or by an action with a subject.

Why are we subjects?

The concept of social subject is linked to the characteristics of the human being. Each person is an individual, with unique characteristics and motivations. At the same time, all people need others to fully develop. This means, therefore, that the human being is a social subject.

How does history become science?

From the seventeenth century, science is constituted as it is considered today, with an object and method independent of philosophy.

What are the characteristics of history as a social science?

History is a branch of Social Sciences whose object of study is the past of humanity, both recent and remote, and which is based for this on books, references and documentary material of various kinds.

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