What are type 1 situations?

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inadequately managed conflicts and sporadic situations that negatively affect the school climate. They do not cause harm to the body or to physical or mental health.

What are type 1 situations?

1. The student is late for classes repeatedly (more than twice), evidencing negligence on the part of the student or his/her relatives to attend the educational establishment or scheduled activities on time.

What is an institutional fault?

a) Serious acts of indiscipline, disregard, insults, threats, lack of respect or defiant attitudes, committed towards teachers and other center staff. b) Physical or moral harassment of colleagues.

What is a fault in the coexistence manual?

An offense is a mistake that the student reaches when he incurs in the breach of his duties or when he does not make responsible use of freedom, affecting or affecting the educational community or the community in general; It can be: type I, type II or type III and within its type considered mild, serious or very serious…

What is a school coexistence situation?

School coexistence is constituted by the set of human relations that is established between all the actors that are part of an educational institution (students, teachers, directors, parents, among others) on a plane of equality and respect for their rights and differences.

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What is a cohabitation situation?

Coexistence is the action of living together (living in the company of another or others). In its broadest sense, it is a concept linked to the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of human groups in the same space.

What situations or actions do you consider affect coexistence at school?

Situations that affect school coexistence among students constantly arise, such as: school aggression; physical, verbal, gestural, conflicts with the community and relational. These factors alter harmonious coexistence and generate school violence.

What are the types of fouls?

There are different types of fouls: Fouls for unsportsmanlike conduct: the player is expelled for more accumulated personal fouls. Foul when trying to steal: if you try to steal the ball and there is a call, it is a personal foul. The penalty is a throw-in unless there is a penalty.

What are the parts of a coexistence manual?



What are the most important points of the coexistence manual?

Thus, the coexistence regulation or manual must contain, among other topics, the regulations referring to the rules of conduct of students and teachers, as well as the procedures to formulate complaints or claims in this regard; In the same way, it must contain the procedures to resolve the conflicts that…

What is a serious offense in high school?

Classification of very serious offenses:

Use of violence, aggression, serious offenses and acts that seriously threaten privacy or good social customs against classmates or other members of the educational community.

What is a serious offense at school?

SERIOUS MISCONDUCT. Serious misconduct is understood as that type of conduct or behavior that violates institutional principles, disrupts the normal development of activities and seriously affects the general and particular disciplinary rules of the Educational Institution.

What is a disciplinary offense in education?

2. THE DISCIPLINARY FAULT:  Behavior described in the Law, as a violation of the disciplinary regime carried out by those who perform public functions and that has as a consequence a sanction of the same nature.

What are type 2 situations?

Type II situations refer to school aggression, bullying or cyber-bullying that do not have the characteristics of committing a crime, that occurs repeatedly or systematically and CAUSES HARM TO THE BODY, OR PHYSICAL OR MENTAL HEALTH WITHOUT GENERATING DISABILITY to…

What are type 2 faults?

This type includes situations of school aggression, bullying and cyberbullying, which do not have the characteristics of committing a crime and which meet any of the following characteristics: They occur repeatedly or systematic.

What are type 3 situations?

Type III situations are considered all those personal attitudes that cause serious harm to people in the educational community, in addition to all those crimes contemplated in Colombian criminal law. Any member of the Educational Community identifies the probable situation of SPA consumption.

What are the parts of the school coexistence manual?

Thus, the coexistence regulation or manual must contain, among other topics, the regulations referring to the rules of conduct of students and teachers, as well as the procedures to formulate complaints or claims in this regard; In the same way, it must contain the procedures to resolve the conflicts that…

What are fouls and sanctions?

The faults and sanctions to the worker are the breaches of the labor obligations and the penalties for the same that the companies can impose on their employees, in exercise of their disciplinary power. However, infractions committed by the company are also considered faults.

What are the types of fouls in basketball?


    Personal foul. Foul when stealing the ball. Double foul in the match. Disqualifying foul. Technical foul and its consequence. Unsportsmanlike foul. Team foul.

What are the faults and sanctions of a company?

A disciplinary sanction is a reprimand imposed on someone who breaks a rule, norm or instruction. The worker, by virtue of the employment relationship that unites him with his employer, is subordinate to him and must comply with obligations, rules and instructions.

What situations or actions affect coexistence?

The problems of coexistence: demotivation, conflict and school violence. The school, in addition to being an educational setting, must form the individual and social personality of its protagonists and agents.

What most affects coexistence in the room?

They produce fear, anguish, insecurity to face the problems of life. They generate discrimination, marginalization and social rejection. It causes aggressiveness and family disintegration. Drug trafficking and consumption is a problem that affects society as it prevents the healthy development of children, adolescents and adults.

What are the problems that affect coexistence?

Coexistence problems appear when there are different opinions on schedules, organization, distribution of tasks to be carried out, shopping or cleaning the home. Normally, before moving to the common house, no previous agreements have been made or there has been no good communication.

What is coexistence summary?

Coexistence is the act of living together. The word coexistence is of Latin origin, formed by the prefix “with” and the word “experience”, which means the act of existing respectfully towards other people. Coexistence needs a plurality of people.

What is coexistence in children?

Good coexistence is based on teaching children to respect the rights of others and to accept that there are some obligations to fulfill, because without them, each one would do what seems most appropriate and we would fall into a lack of harmony and respect for others. the rest.

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