What aspects are agreed upon in the 1753 concordat?

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The concordat of 1753 is, above all, a beneficial concordat, by which the pontifical reservations in Spain were repealed, making concessions to the Catholic Monarchy that had not been equaled until then to the Royal Patronage.

What was the Concordat?

A concordat is an agreement between the Catholic Church and a certain State that establishes guidelines for cooperation between the two for the purpose of mutual benefit. The most binding and relevant agreement in Church-State relations is the concordat, and it is usually made with countries with a great Catholic tradition.

What is the recognition given by the Holy See to the Spanish Church?

After recalling the Agreement signed on July 28, 1976, Article I “recognizes the Catholic Church the right to exercise its apostolic mission” and “guarantees the free and public exercise of its own activities and especially those of worship, jurisdiction and teaching».

Which monarchs signed the Treaty of the Holy See?

The Concordat of 1753 was a concordat of 23 articles, between His Catholic Majesty (Ferdinand VI of Spain) and the Pope (Benedict XIV); agreed and signed in Rome (Quirinal Palace) on January 11, 1753 by Cardinal Valenti and Manuel Ventura Figueroa.

What agreement was signed in 1851 that came to bring peace between the Elizabethan State and the Church after the disentailment phenomenon?

The concordat of 1851 was a treaty signed between Spain and the Holy See.

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Who reigned in Spain in 1750?

Fernando VI of Spain, called “the Prudent” or “the Just” (Madrid, September 23, 1713-Villaviciosa de Odón, August 10, 1759), was King of Spain from 1746 until his death. He was the third son of Felipe V and his first wife María Luisa Gabriela de Saboya.

What are concordats with the Holy See?

The Agreements and Concordats between the States and the Vatican are international legal instruments intended to regulate relations between the civil power and the Catholic Church.

What was the Concordat between revolutionary France and the Holy See?

The Concordat of 1801 was the Concordat between revolutionary France (led at the time by Napoleon Bonaparte) and the Holy See (occupied by Pope Pius VII).

What did the Church achieve with the Concordat?

Finally, on March 16, 1851, the Concordat was signed. The Church obtained recognition as the only religion of the Spanish nation, as well as the Catholic nature of education at all levels, allowing the ecclesiastical authorities to watch over and inspect this issue in educational centers.

What is the Concordat in Colombia?

A concordat is a type of agreement between the Holy See (as representative of the Catholic Church) and a State to regulate relations between them, in matters of mutual interest. It has the legal category of International Treaty.

What was the Concordat in Ecuador?

The Concordat turned out to be a document that allowed García Moreno to strengthen his control over the Ecuadorian Church and mediate some issues with the Holy See, especially the inherent tithe, obtaining a greater economic advantage for the State.

What is the Concordat in Peru?

The Concordat, in addition to establishing an independent relationship between the Peruvian State and the Catholic Church and recognizing the latter as a public legal entity, with full capacity and freedom to acquire and dispose of goods, as well as to receive aid from abroad, provides ways to …

When is the Concordat signed with the Holy See?

The concordat was signed in 1953 in Vatican City. The negotiations had been stormy at times and dragged on for 14 years, sometimes on the verge of total breakdown, including the withdrawal of ambassadors. But Franco wanted that ecclesiastical agreement that would regularize relations again.

How did the restoration in France and Europe come to an end?

The end of the Europe of the Restoration took place definitively with the Spring of the Peoples or Revolution of 1848.

What did Napoleon sign with the Pope?

Signing of the concordat between Pope Pius VII and Napoleon Bonaparte, in 1801.

What are the stages of the French Revolution?

Republican stage (1792-1799).

End of the absolute monarchy (1789) From the third estate it was claimed to move from a division by estates to a National Assembly in which the vote was individual. … Beginning of the constitutional monarchy (1789-1792) … The republican stage (1792-1799)

What were the characteristics of the Concordat of 1887?

The Government may enter into agreements with the Holy See, in order to settle pending issues and define and establish relations between civil and ecclesiastical authority. On December 31, 1887, the agreement between President Rafael Núñez and SS León XIII was signed, which the Council approved immediately.

Who reigned in Spain in 1700?

Felipe V of Spain, called “el Animoso” (Versailles, France, December 19, 1683-Madrid, Spain, July 9, 1746), was King of Spain from November 16, 1700 until his death in 1746, with a brief interruption (between January 16 and September 5, 1724) due to the abdication of …

What happened in 1750 in Spain?

events. January 13: The Treaty of Madrid is signed, by which the problem with Portugal over the territories in America is solved. Seven towns of the Eastern Missions go to Portugal in exchange for Colonia del Sacramento.

Who was the king of Spain in 1600?

Philip III of Spain, called “the Pious” (Madrid, April 14, 1578-Madrid, March 31, 1621), was King of Spain and Portugal from September 13, 1598 until his death.

When was the Concordat signed in Colombia?

On July 12 of this year, 1973, the Republic of Colombia has signed a Concordat with the Holy See (1) which has come to replace the old Concordat signed in Rome on December 31, 1887 by Cardinal Rampolla del Tíndaro, secretary of State, in the name of Pope Leo XIII, and by the envoy …

When did the Concordat end in Colombia?

Abstract The Colombian State and the Holy See, through international treaties, have long had a Concordat that regulates matters between the two powers. The last concordat reform was approved by Law 20 of 1974, 21 years before the Reform of the Colombian Constitution, carried out in 1991.

How much does the Peruvian State pay the Catholic Church?

According to the Office of Catholic Affairs, the government gives the Catholic Church approximately $867,700 (2,603,000 nuevos soles) annually.

What happened in 1862 in Ecuador?

The Battle of Tulcán was a military confrontation carried out in the Ecuadorian city of Tulcán on July 31, 1862, between the troops of the Ecuadorian National Army and the forces of the Colombian Conservative Party, apparently in the midst of border skirmishes, between the two nations. , due …

Who was the president who signed the Concordat with the Catholic Church?

The government of Gabriel García Moreno tried to normalize relations between the church and the Ecuadorian State, through the signing of a Concordat that would replace the royal patronage.

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