What brand is Silbon?

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The Spanish fashion firm Silbon, founded in Córdoba in 2010 and which since then has been becoming one of the national fashion brands with the greatest projection in recent years, will officially cease to be exclusively male as of this Friday, September, 10th.

What is the Silbon company?

SILBON is a Cordoba-based company dedicated to the design and marketing of clothing and accessories for men, women, children and the home. The firm is made up of more than 100 employees between the physical stores and the central headquarters located in Córdoba. We have a young and enthusiastic team.

Where does Silbon manufacture clothing?

The company manufactures 40% in Spain and the rest in Portugal (30%) and Asia (another 30%). Their challenge is to maintain quality “at reasonable prices”, which allows them to ensure “the Silbon style”, which, according to Pablo López, is associated by the public with elegance.

Who created Silbon?

Pablo López, founder of the men’s fashion firm Silbon. 10 years since the Silbon menswear company was created…

Where is the Scalpers brand?

Although the company has had its headquarters in Seville since its inception, the first store was opened on Calle Columela, in Madrid. Since then it has been growing and opening its own stores, as well as corners in department stores such as El Corte Inglés.

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How good is the Scalpers brand?

Regarding quality, our expert is clear: “It is medium/high, but not excellent. Certain products from the firm are worth buying because, in general, they elevate the category of your look. For example, you can wear a denim or a chino from ZARA for 29.95 and a sweater from Scalpers for 90 euros and you wear 10″.

Who bought scalpers?

The founding partners of Scalpers cede control of the company to Jaime Bergel and Pedro Sainz de Baranda, who will have 70% of the capital. Alberto Artacho, Marcos Ybarra and Laura Vecino (Rafael Medina’s wife) leave the firm. Change in one of the most relevant Spanish fashion firms in the country.

How was Silbon created?

“The photo session was a success and that is why, when the first store opened, the image of the two crossed rackets was already part of the decoration. … So Pablo, who was clear about the name Silbon because it was catchy, easy to remember and due to its sonority, it occurred to him to join it to the logo of the two crossed rackets.

When was Silbon founded?

The Cordobans Pablo López and Rafael Díaz are the founders of a menswear brand that has revolutionized the market with its unmistakable style and has already made the leap abroad. Silbon was born in 2010 from the concern of two young people from Cordoba, Rafael Díaz and Pablo López.

When was Silbon created?

The legend of the Silbón originated in the mid-19th century.

How many stores does Silbon have?

In Spain, Silbon operates with 29 points of sale, including, in addition to the digital channel, stores dedicated exclusively to the brand, and corners in El Corte Inglés centres.

How much does Silbon invoice?

Silbon will close 2021 with a turnover of 18 million euros, 50% more than in the previous year and a 38% growth compared to 2019, as reported in an interview to EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia by the CEO of the firm, Pablo Lopez.

What brand of clothing is a duck?

Brooksfield is an Italian clothing brand that was founded in 1971 and whose logo is a real duck in flight, signifying its passion for freedom, the existence of a path governed by one’s own passions and instincts.

What is the name of the clothing brand that has a duck?

Chevignon is a French clothing company founded in 1979 by Guy Azoulay, inspired by Charles Chevignon. One of his distinctive garments is the jacket, which has been one of his great commercial successes. The brand is usually identified by its name, also by its logo, which is a duck.

What brand are two rackets?

Silbon® New Collection SS22 | Official Store.

Who is Borja Vazquez?

Vázquez is co-founder of Scalpers, the fashion company that was born in 2007, and, since 2017, he is the CEO. Last October he joined GuruCall as a Mentor & Advisor, which offers personalized opportunities to create, connect, communicate, discover and share.

Who is the boss of Scalpers?

Borja Vázquez, CEO of Scalpers.

Who is the Scalpers model?

A Sevillian gorilla becomes a model for a luxury firm’s campaign. Moisés Saavedra and Omar Saouma, models of the Scalpers campaign.

What is the Scalpers competition?

El Ganso competes with firms such as Scalpers or Massimo Dutti. It is clothing designed by and for men, but a high percentage of its public has a woman’s name.

What is the best clothing brand in the world?

Top 10 strongest apparel brands

Gucci = 89.6 / 100 (AAA+), Italy, the year 2019 had 85.5 / 100, grew 4.1%. Nike = 87.7 / 100 (AAA), United States, the year 2019 was 87.4 / 100, up 0.4%. Louis Vuitton = 87.3 / 100 (AAA), France, the year 2019 had 84.6 / 100, increased 2.7%.

How does a Cayetano dress?

Among some of the main characteristics of posh clothes, the following stand out:

Wear a blue shirt. … A logo with the flag of Spain. … Use a vest in appropriate circumstances. … Chinos or skinny pants. … Very posh shoes or brand sneakers.

Where is goose clothing made?

El Ganso buys most of the cotton with which they later make the shirts in Italy, in a factory that is located about 100 kilometers from Milan, very close to Bergamo.

What is Scalper in finance?

Scalping, also known as quick trading, is a variant of day-trading, that is, a way of operating in the very short term. The objective is to obtain small profits in operations of a short period of time. Sometimes, even, operations are carried out in a matter of seconds.

How many stores does Scalpers have in Spain?

Currently, Scalpers has 88 points of sale: 27 in Spain, 50 corners in El Corte Inglés and 11 stores in the international market.

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