What can be done on a rainy day?

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What to do on a rainy day?

    A gargantuan snack. Dedicate yourself to playing. A good movie marathon. Read, read and read.

What to do on a rainy day for children?

Activities to do with children on rainy days

Let’s cook. You can look for a recipe that is fun and that you all like. …Camp At Home. … Fashion show. … Puppet Theater. … Crafts. … Carnival, let’s play dress up. … Singing under the rain.

What can be done on a rainy day with your partner?

8 plans for a rainy day with your partner

Table games. Loot those games that have forgotten in the closet, make their bets and spend an afternoon full of laughs. …Movie marathon. … Bubble bath. … Coffee … Bowling. … To visit a museum. … Fondue and wine. … Sex.

What to do in Uruguay on a rainy day?

Cool things to do in Montevideo when it rains

    Go shopping. Tour the SUBTE Exhibition Center. See a movie at the University Cinema. Visit the Art History Museum. Play pool and bowling. Stroll through the downtown galleries. Get to know the Salvo Palace.

Where can you go for a walk on a rainy day?

More proposals to go out and walk on rainy days:

    Notable Cafés.El Ateneo Bookstore.Museums.Shopping Centers.Teatro Colón.Visit Casa Rosada.El Cabildo.Museum of Natural Sciences.

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What to do in a pandemic in Montevideo?

Main attractions in Montevideo

Rambla of Montevideo. 15,325. Panoramic walks. … Pocitos. 5,535. Neighborhoods. … Solis Theater. 6,244. Theaters. … Montevideo Agricultural Market – MAM. 6,677. Landmarks and points of interest. … Independence Square. 8,174. …Andes Museum. 1660. … Old City. 6,712. … Port Market. 7,824.

What can you do on a cold day with your partner?

The cold is no excuse for ideal couple plans.

Wine tasting. … Cook together. … Spa session. … Ice skating. … Movie at home. … Games afternoon. … A night at the opera or ballet. … Climbing.

What to do when it’s raining and you’re bored?

15 things you can do when it rains

Start that book that has been on your nightstand for weeks.Recover board games.Make yourself a good coffee or a good chocolate.Put on your wellies and recover your childhood.Catch up with a classic movie.Don’t take off your pajamas.

What to do on a rainy day away from home?

It’s also a good idea to completely unplug from daily chores and spend time lounging and watching a movie marathon from the couch with popcorn and soda or meeting up with friends to catch up and have a lively chat.

What to do with a 1 year old a day of rain?

We propose 10 places to go with your baby when the rain does not give truce.

Cafe theater for kids. … Strolling through the mall. … A spa, spa or children’s pool. … Indoor park for children’s activities. … Visiting the bebeteca. … An art gallery for children. … Snack on a covered terrace.

What can be done outside the home?

Go to the theater. To visit a museum. Go to a book bazaar.

    Celebrate birthdays.Visit the whole family.Go eat at my favorite restaurant.Cook something for visitors at home.Spend time with my nephews.Listen to live music.

What to do in Tigre on a rainy day?

    Tiger Art Museum. 1,052. Art museums. Naval Museum of the Nation. 381. Military museums • Specialized museums. … Trilenium Casino. 781. Casinos.China Town. 398. … Mate Museum. 146. … Museum of the Argentine Naval Prefecture. Military museums. Nini Marshall Theater. Theater and shows. Nordelta Cinemas. Cinemas.

What to do in bad weather?

Discover the best plans to do in bad weather and different things to do on vacation when the weather is not good.

Write postcards to your friends. … To visit museums. … Relax in the hotel lobby or library. … Take advantage to sleep. … Pass the time with games. … Eat in a restaurant. … Rent a movie.

What can be done on a cold day?

10 fun things you can do when the weather is very cold

Decorate your house. … Go to the movies alone. … Curl up with a good book. … Enjoy the cool air. … Start a hobby. … Go out to dinner. … Enjoy your favorite series. … Soak in a bathtub.

What to do with your partner?

You will love all of them!

    Cook together. This experience is, without a doubt, one of the things about boyfriends that will most enrich your relationship. … Talk all night. … Go on a trip. … Eat in bed. … Read the same book. … Make a marathon of your favorite series. … Go on a museum tour. … Tell him your most intimate secrets.

What plans to make in winter?

Plans to do in winter alone

    Series or movie marathon.Make a list of your short and long-term goals.Redecorate your home.Online shopping.Set up a market at home.DIY.Prepare a new recipe.Cinema.

What can be done today in Montevideo?

Fun things to do in Montevideo

    Ride the small boats of the Rodó Park. Skate in the Square. Make a beer route. Go karting. Ride the public bikes. Tour the Japanese Garden. Enjoy the sunset on the beach. Visit the Tristán Narvaja fair.

What to do in Montevideo 4 days?

Places you cannot miss in Monteveideo

    Paseo Marítimo de Montevideo. Historic Case of Montevideo.Plaza Independencia.Plarecio Legislative.The Prado.PARQUE BATlle.Obelisco to the constituents. Centenary Stadium.

Where to go for a day trip near Montevideo?

These are some of the places near Montevideo that it is advisable to explore. There are options for all tastes.

Discover them!

St. Lucia. … Melilla. … The stones. … Beaches of Ciudad de la Costa. … Shops and flavors in Ciudad de la Costa. … Green spaces in Ciudad de la Costa.

What to do in El Tigre 2021?



What can you do in Tigre at night?

Boat rides, rowing and bird watching are some of the most popular activities. Options and prices. A couple has dinner on a boat offered by “Nataventur” to navigate the river at night, in Tigre. The answer is the same: at night and in the light of the moon, the activity becomes more attractive.

What to do in free time without leaving home?

Ideas to enjoy free time with the family

Play sport. Dedicating time to sports is always a good idea. … Set up an Escape Room at home. … Organize outings. … Help at home. … Play at home or outdoors. … Organize family parties. … Make cultural visits. … Help others.

How to play with a one year old?

10 Games to do with your baby under 1 year old

    Songs, tales and stories. Although he may seem too small for this activity, he loves to hear your voice. … Silly faces. … Water games. …he Knocks down the tower. … Reflexes. … Games with shadows. … Pomps. … Baby dancer.

What activities can a 1 year old do?

Activities for 1 year olds

    Walking alone. At about a year, babies begin to walk on their own. … Stimulate touch. … Develop motor coordination. … Stimulate your first words. … Develop a secure attachment. … Dance with your baby … Assemble puzzles. … Solve problems.

What can be taught to a 1 year old?

Let’s play with these activities for your 1 year old!

Play with textures. … Let’s select and group. … It’s time to dance, one of the activities for your 1 year old. … From one container to another. … To order the stones of the garden. … Walked on textures. … Let’s paint, another activity for your 1 year old.
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