What can be done with agave?

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From this genre the following native products of our Mexican lands are obtained.

    Textile fibers (Agave fourcroydes) Pulque, mixiote and fodder (Agave salmiana) Tequila (Agave tequilana Weber) Mezcal and bacanora (the most common Agave angustifolia Haw)

What can be done with agave?

Here are some examples of agave-derived products:

    Agave honey and fructans.Biofuel and Fertilizers.Biodegradable Plastic Bags.Treatment for diseases such as Cancer and Alzheimer.Construction materials.Soaps and detergents.Capillary treatments.Repellent.

What is done with the leaves of the agave?

Both the pineapple and the leaves are used for the extraction of mezcal, fibers, syrups, among other products. Many people only think of tequila or mezcal when they talk about agave, but in reality, products are obtained from it that you may have already seen or consumed, without even knowing it.

How is agave used?

Agave is a sweetener that comes from a succulent-type plant used for medicinal purposes by the Mexican people, similar to the one used to make tequila, belonging to the Amarilidaceae family, native to tropical, subtropical and Caribbean America. , where there are more than a hundred species.

What can be done with blue agave?

In ancient times, agave was used to produce sugars and fibers, mainly. Nowadays, it is used to make fabric, syrup, nectar and sugar substitute, but its main use is for the production of tequila that can only be obtained through this plant.

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What is blue agave and what is it used for?

“It is a very noble plant from which everything is used. A mixture of extracts from the root, leaf and pineapple of the agave is made. It has moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. Its strength is such that it acts as a protector against environmental contaminants “.

What is done with the mezcal bagasse?

Bagasse is the material resulting from the extraction of fermentable sugars to produce mezcal and depending on the production process it can be obtained raw or cooked.

How is agave syrup prepared?

Agave Syrup is a delicious nectar obtained by the concentration of mead or maguey sap, it is also called agave nectar or syrup, it is a popular food product, 100% natural sweetener. It is obtained from Agave tequilana Weber var.

What part of the agave is used?

The result of this operation is the obtaining of the “pineapple” of the agave formed by the stem and the basal part of the leaves or stems where the carbohydrates used for the production of Tequila are stored. The tool used in the jima del agave is the Coa. Hydrolysis.

How to substitute sugar for agave syrup?

Equivalence to replace cane sugar with agave syrup: This sweetener can be used both in drinks and in pastries. Its flavor is sweeter than refined sugar, so it requires a smaller dose, therefore: 1 cup of sugar = ¾ cup of agave.

What healing properties does agave have?

agave properties

Mainly, it stands out for having anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, while helping to strengthen our body’s immune system. In addition, it is a plant rich in vitamins A, B, B2, C, phosphorus, iron, niacin and protein.

What are the agave fields called?

It is a perennial succulent plant belonging to the Agavaceae family native to the xerophilous regions of Mexico. It is grown in the region known as the Tequila Denomination of Origin (DOT), which includes the states of Jalisco, Michoacán, Tamaulipas, Nayarit and Guanajuato.

How many kilos of agave are needed for a liter of tequila?

Eight kilos are needed to produce a liter of tequila.

How is agave syrup taken?

Adapting our recipes to use agave syrup

It is easy to substitute it in drinks, as a sweetener for yogurts or smoothies, as it dissolves easily in cold liquids, but when it comes to preparing something fried or baked, the situation is a little more complicated.

What is better honey or agave honey?

At the end of the day the decision is yours, although honey may be more “healthy” compared to agave syrup, if you follow a vegan diet, or ethically responsible with animal consumption, agave will always be a better option, so you We recommend that whichever option you choose, try to get it from…

What is better sugar or agave syrup?

The big difference between common sugar and agave syrup is that the latter has a low glycemic index. We clarify: it does not produce the drastic increase in blood glucose that does cause the consumption of sugar.

What can be done with sugarcane bagasse?

Sugar cane bagasse is the main source of fiber for the pulp and paper industry in Mexico. Bagasse pulps are used in most grades of paper: writing, towel and toilet, coated and many others.

What is mezcal bagasse?

Agave bagasse is the fibrous residue that remains after the heads of agave ‘piñas’ are chopped, cooked, rinsed and squeezed to extract the fermentable sugars to obtain the musts that will be used in the production of mezcal (Íñiguez et al. al., 2014).

What is the pomace of the orange?

Orange bagasse (Citrus sinensis) is a residue with a significant content of citrus fiber (FC); it is used as a functional ingredient in the development of new products.

What diseases does fique cure?

It is extracted from the leaf or penca and is used to cure: • Gastritis, • Diabetes, • Pimples on the face • Heal wounds • To relieve cough. In addition, it is used in diseases of the digestive and endocrine systems, wounds and disorders of the respiratory system, skin, prostatic inflammation (drink honey water).

How much does it cost to produce 1 liter of tequila?

“You make a liter of tequila with six kilos of agave, that is, you need 130 pesos of pure raw material, plus labor, the bottle and taxes.

How much does it cost to produce a hectare of agave?

How much does it cost to produce a hectare of agave? Oscar Aurelio pointed out that currently the price of the “hijuelo” for planting is between 8 to 10 pesos and to plant a hectare you occupy 3 thousand, which rounding it up to 10 pesos, you need 30 thousand pesos to plant a hectare of sucker.

How much does a 5-year-old agave pineapple weigh?

The mean value of the weight of the agave pineapple was 5 0 kg, registering a minimum value of 41 kg and a maximum value of 60 kg with a mean deviation of 6.6 kg.

What is the name of the plant with which tequila is made?

Agave tequilana (agave tequila) is a species of succulent plants belonging to the ancient family of Agavaceae, now subfamily Agavoideae.

How to be Agavero?


Go to the CRT offices in Guadalajara, Arandas, Tequila, Atotonilco, Tepatitlán.Copy of the deeds of the property.If it is rented, (lease contract, signed by some authority).Proof of address.Official identification.
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