What can I buy with 1000 Argentine pesos 2021?

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The purchasing power of the currency is lost year after year in a country where prices have increased by double digits for 11 years. In 2021, with a $1000 bill you can buy 11 cans of tuna or 16 packages of yerba con palo.

What is enough with 2000 Argentine pesos?

Dairy products: with $2,000 you can buy up to 44 liters of Apóstoles brand milk ($45 each carton) that appears on the essential price list. Ice cream: enough to buy up to 5 kilos of ice cream at $400, from well-known brands. Bread: 16 and a half kilos of bread at $120 each.

What can I buy with 30 thousand Argentine pesos?

What can I invest 30 thousand Argentine pesos in?

    Invest in the stock market. Technology has helped almost every group in existence. … Invest in cryptocurrencies. … Invest in stocks. … Invest in Forex. … Invest in Amazon. … Invest in Tesla. … Invest in Google. … Invest in Apple.

What is the money used in Argentina?

Banknotes and coins of the Argentine peso in use

As of March 2018, coins are issued in cents of: 5, 10, 25 and 50, of 1, 2 and 5 pesos, and bills of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 pesos. The one peso bills were replaced in 1994 by coins of the same value. The ticket line has two versions.

How much is a 1 Argentine peso coin worth?

It is estimated that there are around 56 million copies in circulation, that is, 2.85% of the total, and they are offered in Mercado Libre for prices ranging from 3,000 pesos to $15,000 per unit.

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What can be done with 30,000 pesos?

Investment you need: Between 30,000 and 50,000 pesos.

8 businesses you can start tomorrow

    Virtual assistant. … Interpreter for companies. … Designer of websites and apps for small businesses. … Tutorials. … Event planner. … Pet photographer. … Childcare. … Business Consultant.

What to do with savings in Argentina?

The 4 investments that can be made today in pesos and earn in dollars

Invest on Wall Street through Cedears. … Invest in Negotiable Obligations. … Invest in cryptocurrencies. … Invest in bricks in the United States.

What can I buy with 100 Argentine pesos 2021?

    Argentina is a very large country and there are regional differences in prices. … 1 liter of Natura Sunflower Oil (first brand in promotion) 400g of integral premix for pizza or homemade bread. 1.2 x 125g of Maggi instant mashed potatoes. 1.2 packages of Quaker or Cachafaz oatmeal cookies.

What can be done with 2000 pesos?

4 investment options if you have less than 2,000 pesos to…

    CETES Direct. CETES Directo is a platform created by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, and is operated by Nacional Financiera. … Crowdfunding. … Bank Promissory Notes. … Actions. … Consult with our experts.

What is enough with 1000 Argentine pesos?

The purchasing power of the currency is lost year after year in a country where prices have increased by double digits for 11 years. In 2021, with a $1000 bill you can buy 11 cans of tuna or 16 packages of yerba con palo.

What is the best way to save money in Argentina?

How to save in 5 steps

Record your expenses. To save you do not need large sums of money. … Prepare a budget. … Plan and set goals. … Make decisions according to your priorities. … Use savings-investment strategies in the financial system.

What is the best way to invest money in Argentina?

There are different ways to invest in Argentina. Another option is to invest in Argentine Deposit Certificates (CEDEAR), which are securities that represent shares listed in foreign markets but can be purchased on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and in pesos.

What business is profitable today in Argentina?

One of the items that has grown the most since the arrival of the pandemic is construction. Being locked up in their homes for months and without the need to make large investments, many people chose to use the money to build new houses and apartments or redecorate their home.

What business to start with 20 thousand pesos?

How to earn more than 20 thousand pesos a month

    Online store. One of the great advantages of setting up an online store is that you do not need a high initial budget. … 3d print. … Photo and video. …Food Tucks. … T-shirt printing. … Computer maintenance. … Cakes and desserts. … Cell phone accessories.

What can be done with 50 thousand pesos?

That money is not an obstacle: 30 businesses to start for less than 5 thousand pesos

    Direct sales representative. … Consultant. … Companion of elderly people. … Tutor. …Freelancer. … Vlogger on YouTube. … Auto repair/detailing. … Income in collaborative economy.

What is the business that leaves more money?

12 of the best businesses to start

    Restaurant. Restaurants are in high demand and that is why they top our list. … Cafeteria. …Food trucks. … Grocery stores. … Stationery. … Online store. … Pet business. … Shopper service.

How much are the 1 peso coins that say Provingias worth?

Numismatic specialists clarified that those copies that say “Provingias del Río de la Plata” instead of “Provinces” lack value because they are new and there are a lot of them. The issue became all the rage because in Mercado Libre, for example, these coins were sold for 15,000 pesos.

Where to sell the Argentine 1 peso coin?

Where to sell the 1 peso coins with errors in Argentina? $1 coins with errors can be offered on digital platforms for the purchase and sale of products. Mercado Libre is the best known locally, although they are also auctioned on eBay.

What is the 1 peso coin with error?

The error on the reverse of the 1995 $1 coin, however, would benefit many who had one in their hands, since today coin collectors can buy or sell them for thousands of pesos, from 3 thousand up to 50 thousand.

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