What category is the federal a?

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The Federal Tournament A is a championship of the third category of Argentine soccer, organized by the Federal Council, internal body of the AFA, which brings together the indirectly affiliated clubs, originating from the regional leagues.

What teams are in the Federal to?

    Argentine sports. vs. Liners. +Details.Cipolletti. vs. Villa Miter. +Details.Homeless. vs. Bolivar Club. +Details.Truck drivers. vs. Sansinena. +Details.Students. vs. Hurricane LH. +Details.Olympus. vs. Sp. Peñarol (SJ) +Details.Independent. vs. Ferro. +Details. Sun of May. vs. J. United (SL) +Details.

Where does the Federal champion ascend to?

Deportivo Madryn beat Racing de Córdoba 1-0 at the Julio Humberto Grondona Stadium, becoming champion of the Federal A tournament and promoted, for the first time in its history, to the First National.

How many dates are from the Federal to?

The group stage would be played with round-trip matches (28 dates for the 15-team zone and 30 days for the 16-team zone).

What are the categories of soccer?

In the male category there are 6 categories and in the female category there are 4. First Division (professional soccer) 20 teams. Second Division (professional football) 22 teams. Second Division B (semi-professional football) 102 teams divided into 5 groups.

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How do you get promoted to federal?

The 31 teams are divided into 2 zones of 16 and 15. The first place in each zone will play the final for the championship and the first promotion. Those positioned from second to eighth place in each zone will play the round of 16 for the second promotion, the runner-up will qualify for the quarterfinals.

How are Federal promotions defined?

In the Federal Tournament A, as well as in the First National, the idea that prevails is to hold two mini-tournaments (with teams from both zones, mixed). In other words, the best eight from each group (zone 1 and 2) would qualify and all of them will have chances of promotion.

When does Federal B start?

It started on November 20, 2021 and ended on February 20, 2022.

Who promoted to National B?

The champion was Sarmiento (J), who returned to the First Division, after 4 years in the category, for the 2021 season. The winner of the reduced tournament, Platense, who returned to the First Division after 22 years, was also promoted.

Which teams promoted to the federal in 2022?


    TRUCKS (Nine de Abril) SPORTS CIRCLE (Comandante Nicanor Otamendi) CITY OF BOLÍVAR (San Carlos de Bolívar) DEFENDERS OF BELGRANO (Villa Ramallo) DOUGLAS HAIG (Pergamino) INDEPENDENT (Chivilcoy) LINIERS (Bahía Blanca)

Where is the Federal final played in 2021?

The final for the second promotion of the Federal Tournament A will be played in Santiago del Estero, on the Miter club field, as confirmed at noon this Tuesday officially from AFA.

How many categories of soccer are there in Mexico?

Aztec professional football is made up of five categories, which, due to the difficulty of sustaining a franchise, tend to constantly change their rules: Liga MX, Ascenso MX, which will become the Development League, Premier League, and the Third Professional Division.

What are the categories of futsal by age?

Futsal categories available

    Prebenjamines. This group is the first of all and is where the youngest players are placed. …Benjamins. This category goes to the second level, with players aged between 8 and 10 years. … Fingerlings. It is the next level in the category. … Children. … Cadet. … Juvenile. … Senior.

Where is the Federal final played?

Winning team. With an important audience, the Padre Ernesto Martearena Stadium opened its doors to host the most important football match in recent years.

Where is the Federal final played?

Gan 1 receives Gan 2 for the Federal Tournament Final A 2021. The match will be played at the Stadium in the city this Sunday, December 12, 2021 at 00:00.

When does the federal start in 2022?

As reported by Ascenso del Interior, the competition will start on Sunday, March 27 and will be attended by 34 teams, including representatives of our Racing province, Sportivo Belgrano and the recently promoted Argentino de Monte Maíz.

When is the federal draw for 2022?

WHEN WAS THE 2022 ARGENTINA CUP DRAWN? Like the last edition, the contest began to be played from the 32nd round. The draw for the crosses of that instance and the assembly of the complete keys was held on Wednesday, December 22, 2021 at the property that the AFA owns in Ezeiza.

Who promoted to B Nacional 2022?

In this new year, there will be four new members of the division: Flandria and Sacachispas rose from the Metropolitan First B, while Deportivo Madryn and Chaco For Ever rose from Federal A.

Who was promoted to First Division 2022?

Barracas Central made history by winning the second promotion to the 2022 Professional Soccer League, which will begin in February. Find out what the format will be like and what awaits the promoted.

When does federal B 2021 start?

It started on January 8 and ended on February 28. It granted four places for the Federal Tournament A 2021. The other teams returned to their league of origin.

How is the regional tournament played?

It will be played by direct elimination in a double match, one in each venue. The eight (8) winners qualify for the third round. It will be made up of eight -8- qualified teams from the Second Round. It will be played by direct elimination in a double match, one in each venue.

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