What clothes to wear to Namibia?

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We recommend bringing both light clothing for hot days and warm clothing for cool nights. Good walking shoes are necessary to protect you from the rocky trails and in particular from the sand, which can burn, when visiting Sesriem and its dunes.

How to go dressed for a safari?

Dress to go on Safari

It is important that you wear light shirts in neutral colors (pastel tones) with long and short sleeves. … Long-sleeved shirts are also suitable for protection from the sun and insects. It is also highly recommended to wear cotton t-shirts or t-shirts.

What to pack in your suitcase for a trip to Africa?

But let’s go back to what we are talking about today, those elements that, yes or yes, you should carry in your backpack if you go on safari to Africa.

    Light clothing that is not bright colors. … Warm clothing. … Small toiletry bag. … First aid kit. … Documentation. … Cash. … Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses. … Repellent.

What to bring to a safari in Kenya?

What to bring on your trip to Kenya or Tanzania

    Comfortable clothing: Cotton garments, long-sleeved and short-sleeved neutral colored t-shirts. … Short and long pants (recommended convertibles) Some warm clothes (for dusk and dawn) A pair of sneakers or canvas boots. Raincoat. Cap to protect yourself from the sun.

What to see in Namibia in 10 days?

Route 10 days in Namibia, the country of deserts

    Day 1: Windhoek. … Day 2 and 3: Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. … Day 4: Kolmanskop. … Day 5 and 6: Namib Desert. … Day 7: Skeleton Coast and Cabo de Cruces. … Day 8 and 9: Etosha National Park. … Day 10: Twyfelfontein and ‘Himba’ village

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What is the best time to travel to Namibia?

In general, the best time to travel to Namibia is during the dry season, which is from April to November. From December to March, during the rainy season, although it is low season, it is better not to visit the country, as you will not be able to enjoy its magnificent landscapes.

What to see in Namibia for free?

    Namib-Naukluft National Park – Sossusvlei and DeadVlei.Etosha National Park.Details Toyota Hilux by Asco Car Hire.Enjoy the Skies of Namibia.Namib-Naukluft National Park – Namib Desert – Sossusvlei.Etosha Pan, Namibia.Arc of Spitzkoppe, Namibia.

What to take safari Tanzania?

Recommended Tanzania safari clothing

    T-shirts with sleeves and without sleeves. Long-sleeved t-shirts to protect from the sun. Shorts. Light long pants or pants that can be converted into shorts. Waterproof shoes. Hiking boots if the tour includes a walk. Cotton socks.

What is done in Africam Safari?

It is impressive to be able to see the giraffes, lions, elephants, gazelles, zebras and a wide range of species that inhabit Africam Safari, but you can also enjoy other recreational activities such as: pony and camel rides, zip lines, boat sailing in the Valsequillo Lake, enjoy a day …

What to pack for Tanzania?

Other things to pack for a trip to Tanzania

    Sunglasses. Maximum protection sun cream. Swimsuit and light towel. Cap or hat. Camera. Backpack where you can carry all your most basic things with a safety closure. Mosquito repellent.

What clothes to wear in Africa?

It is best to wear clothes with colors such as khaki, brown, green or soft yellows. Dress in layers: Africa is hot, but when you leave early in the morning to go on safari it can be windy and cold, so you should pack a jacket, scarf, gloves and a hat.

What clothes to wear to Botswana?


    1 convertible pant … 2 linen pants (one khaki green and one beige). … 1 black fleece. … compact North Face jacket. … Underwear (socks, underwear) for ten days. … A pair of sneakers. … Pajamas!

How should you dress in Dubai?

If you are going to travel to Dubai, I recommend that you wear long and loose skirts and pants, also in the case of men. In addition to being more comfortable, they respond much better to the dress code for tourists in Dubai. In general, long clothes are always more advisable when traveling abroad.

How long is the Africam tour?

The guided tour lasts approximately 1 hour and a half, there from your car or truck you observe the animals that are free around the place. At the end there is an area where there is a zip line, another where there is a butterfly farm, crocodiles, kangaroos, birds, there you can walk because the animals are protected.

How much does the entrance to the Africam Safari cost?

You can buy your passes directly on our official website, today our costs are: $295.00 adults and $280.00 children (3-11 years old); This includes the entrance to the park to do the safari tour and the “Adventure Zone” walking tour where you will find the bird show, Australian aviary, jaguars, …

What animals are in the Africam Safari?

Here the reticulated giraffes, the black-necked and ring-tailed lemurs, the guinea fowl, the common Eland, the impalas, as well as the Egyptian goose, the ostriches and the sable, nilgo and aquatic antelopes, the llamas, the sheep mouflons, and Barbary, along with capybaras, Central American tapir and …

What animals to see in Namibia?

Among the many animals that can be seen in Namibia are: lions, elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses, cheetahs, black and white rhinos, wildebeest, hyenas, vultures, black-backed jackals, ostriches, zebras, seals, dikdiks (a small species antelope), baboons, springboks, wild dogs, kudus and…

What is the name of the capital of Namibia?

Capital: Windhoek (417,000 inhabitants) Other cities: – Rundu (63,431 inhabitants) – Walvis Bay (Namibia’s only deep-water port, 62,096 inhabitants)

What is the location of Namibia?

Namibia, with its capital in Windhoek, is bordered to the north by Angola, to the northeast by Zambia, to the east by Botswana, to the south and southeast by South Africa, and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the country is occupied by the Central Plateau, whose highest peak is Moltkeblick, located near the capital.

How should a woman dress in Dubai?

Women can opt for dresses, jumpsuits and shorts, that is, versatile garments that can be both formal and informal. Men can opt for baggy pants or capri pants during the day.

What can’t women do in Dubai?

    Lonely women. “As a woman alone you cannot travel to Dubai.” … Alcohol. Alcohol is not currently banned in Dubai, but it is restricted. … Video calls prohibited: Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger… … Low-cut clothing. … Dogs.

What things are prohibited in Dubai?


Don’t use drugs. The question is simple, the use of drugs in Dubai is prohibited. … Do not drink alcohol in public. … Neither music nor dance. … Photographs without permission. … Zero displays of affection in public. … Watch your vocabulary. … No to nudity. …Keep a conservative style.

What clothes to wear to go to the zoo?

Wear a coat and a scarf on top. Avoid wearing tight, revealing, or offensive clothing. Remember that you will be squatting, climbing, bending and moving around a lot to see the animals. Therefore, you should avoid tight pants that could rip, short skirts, dresses, and shorts that could ride up.

What clothes to wear to Kenya in August?

It is very hot in Kenya so forget about winter clothes and wear only light clothes. Even so, keep a sweater or jacket in case it cools down at nightfall. It is also important that you wear protection against possible sunstroke: cream, hat or cap, glasses…

What clothes to wear to Zanzibar?

For your stay in Zanzibar you will need a swimsuit and summer clothes; T-shirts, shorts, shorts, skirts, dresses… Of course, at night during the months of May – July it is advisable to wear a jacket or cardigan.

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