What commune is the El Carmen Ibague neighborhood?

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Commune 1 is located in the southwest of the city, bordering to the north with communes 2 and 3, with the neighborhoods of El Carmen, Centenario, Belén and the Irazú Urbanization; to the south with communes 11 and 12, with the Combeima River; to the east with commune 10, with the Hipódromo neighborhood and part of the San Pedro neighborhood…

Where is the El Carmen neighborhood in Ibagué?

With more than 100 years of history, the El Carmen neighborhood located between 19th and 25th streets, between Fifth and Eighth avenues, is classified as one of the oldest in Ibagué.

What are the neighborhoods of Commune 1 in Ibagué?

Commune 1 – Center

Medium-low strata: Libertador, Pueblo Nuevo, San Pedro Alejandrino, Estación, El Carmen, Baltazar, Combeima, among others. Medium-high strata: Center, La Pola. High stratum: La Pola Upper Part.

What are the neighborhoods of Commune 1?


    Palermo.Terrón Colorado.Vista Hermosa.Villa del Mar.Altos de Santa Rita 1.Altos de Santa Rita 2.Palmas 1.Palmas 2.

What are the neighborhoods of Commune 1 of Soacha?

Share, Ciudad Latina, Quintas de Santa Ana, Maiporé, Parque Campestre, El Vínculo, Salitre Sur, Ducales, San Ignacio, Arizona, Las Margaritas Sur, San Carlos, San Fernando, Villa Sofía, Paseo Real, Nuevo Horizonte, Villa Italia, Villa Flor, Los Girasoles, Villa Carola, Llanos de Soacha, City of Quito, Tierra…

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What neighborhood is commune 8?

This Commune is made up of the neighborhoods of Villa Soldati, Villa Riachuelo, Villa Lugano.

What commune is 8?

129,569 inhab. Commune No. 08 Villa Hermosa is one of the 16 communes of the city of Medellín, capital of the department of Antioquia.

What is the best area to live in Ibagué?

The portal highlighted the Ibagué 2000 neighborhood as the best area to reside, taking into account the family atmosphere, the good condition of the roads, the security, the tranquility that it offers as it is far from the center and public lighting, a set of things that in most areas, they do not coexist together in their entirety.

Where is Commune 1?

Location of Popular in Medellin. 122,067 inhab. Commune 1 Popular is the first of the 16 communes of the city of Medellín, capital of the department of Antioquia. It is located in the northeastern area.

What is Commune 2 of Ibagué?

Commune 2: SCALMING. Created by Agreement 044 of 1989, the main access road is 13th Street. The “Pan de Azúcar” hill and the facilities of the Sixth Brigade belong to its area, which are considered conservation areas.

How many inhabitants does Commune 1 of Ibagué have?

Commune 1: CENTER

It is located at the western end of the city, housing the sector that occupies the first neighborhoods of Ibagué (commercial and institutional area of ​​the city). As of 2018, the number of inhabitants is $30,895.

What are the most dangerous neighborhoods in Ibagué?

According to the citizens, the Gaviota, the Combeima and the center are the areas that generate the most insecurity in the inhabitants of this capital.

How about Ibagué to live?

Living in Ibagué is excellent for those who are looking for an intermediate city with a warm climate, in the city you can find multiple activities to do related to culture, music and fun, such as: shopping centers, stadium, sports park, Olympic pools, acoustic shell, theater, …

What is Ibagué like?

A city with a variety of climates because in the upper part there is a very cool climate, it even feels a little cold, but as you go down, either towards the exit to Honda or towards the exit to Bogotá, the climate gets hotter.

What neighborhoods belong to commune 8 of Cali?

The Commune is made up of the following neighborhoods: Primitivo Crespo, Simón Bolívar, Saavedra Galindo, Rafael Uribe Uribe, Santa Mónica Popular, La Floresta, Benjamín Herrera, Municipal, Industrial, El Troncal, Las Américas, Atanasio Girardot, Chapinero, Santa Fe, Villa Colombia, El Trébol, La Base, La …

What are the neighborhoods in the south of Comuna 9 of Medellín?

Commune No. 9 Buenos Aires is one of the 16 communes of the city of Medellín, capital of the Department of Antioquia.


    Juan Pablo II.Neighborhoods of Jesus.March Eight neighborhood.Caicedo neighborhood.Bomboná No. 2.Los Cerros – El vergel.Buenos Aires.Miraflores.

Where is the headquarters of Commune 8 located?

Commune 8 of Cali is located in the northeast of the city. It limits to the north with Commune 4 and Commune 7, to the west with Commune 9 and to the south with Commune 11 and Commune 12.

What is the town of Villa Lugano?

114,253 inhab. Villa Lugano is a neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Together with Villa Soldati and Villa Riachuelo, it integrates Comuna 8. Villa Lugano is the second largest neighborhood in the city after Palermo.

What commune is Villa Fátima?

For this reason, the transition from the Villa Fátima indigenous community to the Villa Fátima neighborhood belonging to commune 9 of the Riohacha city’s land use plan took place, which is stratified with strata 1 and 0, but even though it is a neighborhood It does not have the public service…

What are the neighborhoods of Commune 2 of Soacha?

La Veredita, La Primavera, El Mirador, San Isidro, El Rosal, El Danubio, Tejares, Portalegre, El Carmen, Tequendama, Santa Helena, Lincoln La Union, San Luis, Santa Cecilia, Maranatha, Satellite City, Minnesota, Quintas de la Laguna, Laguna Reserve, Las Vegas, Prado de las Vegas, Eugenio Díaz Castro, Lagos de …

What are the 6 communes of Soacha?

The urban area of ​​Soacha comprises 350 neighborhoods and six communes, divided as follows: Commune one, comprised of the neighborhoods of Soacha Compartir and surrounding areas; Commune two, Soacha Center; Commune three, León XIII, Pantry and limits with Bogotá; Commune four, Altos de Cazucá, Ciudadela Sucre and limits with Ciudad Bolívar; Commune …

How are the communes divided in Soacha?

The urban area of ​​Soacha is divided into six communes, of which they are organized by a number assigned to the territory around the head of the neighborhood that gives them their name. Together they make up 25% of the municipal area and divide the rural area in two.

What is the poorest neighborhood in Ibagué?

Nazareth, Modelia I and II, La Ceibita and Chicó will be beneficiaries of the Extreme Poverty Free Zone (Zolip) strategy. Four percent of the total population of Ibaguer is poor and 90 percent lives in this sector.

How many neighborhoods are there in Ibagué?

The municipality of Ibagué is made up of 13 communes in the urban area, distributed in 703 neighborhoods. This territorial division was determined by agreement 044 of 1989 of the Ibagué Council. It has 558,805 inhabitants and ranks eighth nationally in terms of population.

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