What craftsman created the vueltiao hat without glue?

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Like most of the children of Tuchín, Marcial Montalvo had already learned to weave cane arrows before he was ten years old. Sheltering from the sun, his relatives and neighbors intertwined the fibers of that slender plant to give life to one of the symbols of Cordoba: the vueltiao hat.

What craft created the vueltiao hat without glue?

It is made with the fiber of the arrow cane, from which the vegetable fiber is extracted with which the Zenú indigenous community makes different products under the trade of weaving. It is a raw material typical of its region and is usually cultivated by families in the patios of their houses.

Who invented the vueltiao hat?

Master Medardo was the craftsman who, with his own hands, designed and made in 1986 the 23-turn hat, which was given by Colombian priests to Pope John Paul II during his visit to Colombia.

How do you know if a vueltiao hat is original?

How to recognize an original vueltiao hat

The braid from which the hat is made is continuous and with exact dimensions. Loose or loose fibers should not be observed, it should not have double seams or overlapped seams. The width of the braid should be even. …The hat is flexible and sturdy.

When was the vueltiao hat created?

Its popularity began in 1987, when Artesanías de Colombia invited several designers to train artisans from Córdoba in the use of caña flecha, a material that, after a careful drying process, is dyed with mud and other natural substances such as shells of banana.

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Where is the vueltiao hat born?

The vueltiao hat originates from the savannahs of Córdoba and Sucre, a craft with which the Zenú people have contributed to the country’s cultural heritage.

Why is it called a vueltiao hat?

The black color came later, when the fiber dyeing technique was applied. Originally we know that it was known as the “turned hat” or “Indian hat” (because of its indigenous origin). The introduction of the name “vueltiao” is more of a local way of saying the word flipped.

What are the types of hat vueltiao that exist?

Five types of hats are known, fifteen, nineteen, twenty-one, twenty-three, twenty-seven, which owe their name to the number of pairs of fiber strips they are made of. The finest hats are those with 19, 21, 23 and even 27 turns.

How do you clean a vueltiao hat?

Clean the hat with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide.

Don’t use a colored cloth because the dye could stain the hat. Test the solution on a small area of ​​the hat to make sure it won’t damage it. …Make sure the cloth is damp, but not soaking wet, as you don’t want the hat to get too wet.

What are the turns of a hat?

The expression “turns of the hat” refers to the number of pairs of strips of cane arrow fiber with which it is braided. The more pairs of fiber in each fringe of the hat, the finer it will be. There are from 15 turns —with 15 pairs of strips— to 31 —yes, he guessed it, with 31 pairs—.

What was the hat designed by Mr. Medardo de Jesús?

In 1986 Medardo de Jesús Suárez designed the 23-row hat that was given to Pope John Paul II during his visit to Colombia. He promoted the finest hat ever made, the one with 31 laps, which can cost up to two million pesos.

What is the hat that Álvaro Uribe wears?

Mrs. Blanca Estrella Ríos makes Álvaro Uribe’s hats from Aguadeño (El Tiempo, September 19, 2006) and it slips that she is the best weaver in the country of this kind of hats. Of Víctor Correa, the connoisseurs assure that he wears a Panama Hats hat.

What is the use of the hat vueltiao?

The vueltiao hat is one of the garments that Colombians use when they want to show their national pride, especially abroad.

How can you wash a hat?

In case your felt hat (if light in color) gets stained with water or grease, it can be cleaned with baby powder or cornstarch – no liquid cleaners please! To put on or take off the hat, keep the brim on the front and back; handle the crown as little as possible.

How to remove bad smell from a hat?

The best tricks to clean caps and hats

Use cold water. … Use neutral detergents. … Scrub with a toothbrush. …Apply some baking soda. … Rinse with cold water. … Seeks padding to retain its shape. … Let it dry away from the sun.

How to whiten hats?

If you’re cleaning a cotton or polyester hat, use lukewarm water. For a wool hat, use cold water. Gently scrub the stain with a soft toothbrush. Submerge the toothbrush in the solution of water and cleaning products.

What hats are there?

The 12 types of hats you need to know

    The classy irreverence of the Fedora. … The timeless Trilby. … Porkpie: the “sweetest” hat … The Venetian boater. … The bowler, a true gentleman. … The top hat as a representative of formality. … The exotic turban. … The cap: the sports hat.

What is the most wanted hat?

There is no doubt that the fedora is synonymous with style, sophistication and class, a hat that both men and women can enjoy and include in their clothing, as it has become one of the most sought after fashion hats today.

What does the antioqueño hat mean?

The heads of the producers of the field are protected with the ‘vueltiao’ the Sandoneño, the Suaceño and the Aguadeño. It is an indigenous element that will never go out of style.

What does the hat vueltiao mean in cumbia?

The vueltiao hat is now recognized as the main symbol of Colombian identity. On September 8, 2004, Law 908 elevated it to the category of Cultural Symbol of the Nation. The vueltiao hat is proof that beauty persists. Cumbia and Sombrero Vueltiao, inseparable companions.

What is the name of the hat of the Andean region?

Vueltiao Hat, Patrimony and Cultural Symbol of the Nation, was recently recognized by the Andean Parliament as an element of high heritage value, an important Andean symbol and deserving of world recognition.

How is the hat vueltiao made?

One of these elements is the vueltiao hat, which comes from the savannahs of Córdoba and Sucre and was declared a Cultural Symbol of the Nation. To make it, the caña flecha is used, a plant similar to sugar cane, typical of the banks of watercourses in hot weather.

What are the parts of the vueltiao hat?

Generally, a sombrero vueltiao has four pints. Some of the most requested are the chest of the cricket, the hand of the cat, the cocorilla flower and the pilón.

How to know if an aguadeño hat is original?

To recognize an aguadeño hat, you must take into account: – The hats are made with three straws. – There are no standard measurements for the hat, they can be 2, 3, 4 and 5 fingers wide. – The body of the hat is white and the base usually has a black ribbon.

How are hats made?

The raw material for making the hat is the iraca palm (Carludovica Palmata), which is subjected to a transformation process. After cutting the buds, the tender leaves are extracted from the palm and then shredded to remove the fibers with which the hat is woven.

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