What did the singing Archangel say?

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Austin Santos, better known as Archangel, said last Tuesday that women who use their bodies to gain likes do not deserve respect. “You want to be respected as a woman, but you spend showing c*** on social networks for likes.

What did Archangel say to Anitta?

After Anitta’s message, Arcángel apologized to her. “Anitta, I love you and adore you. There is no bigger fan of your butt cheeks than me. I give a thousand ‘likes’ to your photos, he has assured you in a conciliatory tone to try to bring positions closer together, ”he said.

What did the singer Archangel say?

“You want to be respected as a woman, but you spend showing the cu **. Women who behave, distinguish themselves and classify themselves as ladies”, wrote the artist. After this comment, the controversy has become more pronounced in the video clips and in the images that usually appear in this genre.

What did Archangel the singer do?

The singer launched himself on his social networks against the exponents of the genre who, according to him, show their bodies in search of likes. In exchange, he received criticism from artists from the most diverse latitudes.

What did the Archangel of Cazzu say?

After this controversial and macho Instagram story, several Latin artists exploded and responded to her tremendous sayings. One of them was the renowned trap rapper and songwriter, Cazzu (27). “’They use their networks to prostitute themselves,’ said Archangel. And he used them to mock, and then apologize.

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What happened to Archangel?

The incident occurred on the Teodoro Moscoso bridge, in Puerto Rico, when a car hit the vehicle driven by Justin Santos (21), a young man very close to Arcángel, as recorded on the reggaetonero’s social networks.

Why do they hate Archangel?

Arcángel, the urban music and reggaeton singer from Puerto Rico, who is being canceled on social networks as a result of a comment he published, has caused great controversy today.

Why was Archangel cancelled?

On Women’s Day, reggaeton player Arcangel made a comment about women who show their bodies on the networks and received criticism from his colleagues. March 09, 2021 4:42 p.m.

What comment did Archangel say?

The American reggaeton singer, but of Puerto Rican origin, Arcangel, published last Tuesday, just one day after 8-M, an Instagram story, which has generated a lot of controversy, in which he said a macho comment: “You want me to love you.” respect as a woman, but you spend showing your ass in the networks…

What did Archangel write?

The 35-year-old American reggaeton singer wrote: “You want to be respected as a woman BLA BLA BLA. But you spend showing your ass on social media for likes.” And he added: “Women who behave, distinguish themselves and classify themselves as ladies.”

What is the controversy between Archangel and Anita?

The controversy that has become viral in networks began with a story published by reggaeton Arcángel, through his Instagram account, where the interpreter of Me prefers me and You imagine that those women who show their bodies should not demand respect.

Who is Anitta and Archangel?

Brazilian singer Anitta and reggaeton player Arcángel starred in a controversy on March 9. It was the Latino rapper who started the discussion by expressing, after International Women’s Day, a message that several people accused of being sexist.

What mistake did Archangel make?

An error has occurred.

He felt heart problems when he was traveling by car between the US cities of Miami and Orlando, at which time he began to feel symptoms of a heart attack.

What about Archangel and Cazzu?

Arcángel’s apologies were not well received by the Argentine rapper Cazzu, who stated that they were “very unserious” words. “Very shallow apology after offending 90% of the fans who followed and respected him,” the rapper said in a post on her Instagram account.

What is the most hated reggaeton player?

J Balvin the most HATED reggaeton player, this is the reason why the networks exploded.

What public Archangel?

After the commemoration of International Women’s Day, reggaeton player Arcángel posted a violent message against women on his Instagram Stories. The 35-year-old singer wrote: “You want to be respected as a woman BLA BLA BLA. But you spend showing your ass on social media for likes”.

What did Archangel say on social networks?

“You want to be respected as a woman, but you spend showing the cu ** on social networks for like. Women who behave, distinguish themselves and classify themselves as ladies, ”she wrote on her social network.

Who is shooting Archangel?

Daddy Yankee stops following Arcángel on Instagram after a controversial message to women.

What Archangel audience on Instagram?

Through Instagram stories, the Puerto Rican singer made known his position on women who ask for respect. “You want to be respected as a woman, but you spend time showing the c… on social networks for likes,” Arcángel wrote.

What happened to Archangel on March 9?

The best-known rapper Arcángel caused controversy this March 9, after International Women’s Day, after publishing a phrase that advocates violence against women. But the Brazilian Anitta led the response from the female population and answered with a forceful message.

Who is the most hated singer in the world?

Justin Bieber

Not much needs to be said. In addition to his music, Bieber has earned the world’s hatred due to his arrogant attitude, his spoiled child behavior and his constant rudeness on stage.

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