What do geckos eat at home?

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As an insectivorous species, it eats mainly moths, flies and mosquitoes, crickets, ants or spiders.

What do house salamanders eat?

They eat crickets, moths, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, ants, etc., since they are insectivorous, although with the lack of insects they are capable of devouring smaller geckos.

What do geckos eat apart from insects?

Although some lizards can feed on inert insects, most will prefer live bait: crickets, worms, moth larvae… Many lizards supplement their diet with vegetables and occasionally fruit.

How to have a pet gecko?

If you are a resident of the Iberian Peninsula, the answer is simple: it is not possible to have a gecko as a pet. In Spain the removal of animals from their natural environment is completely prohibited, either for sale or for private ownership.

Where do geckos lay their eggs?

Deposit the spawn under stones, buried in the ground, inside walls, under bark, under tiles and tree trunks. In favorable places clutches of several females can be concentrated, citing groups of 5-57 eggs (González de la Vega, 1988).

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Where do geckos hibernate?

It winters among the stones of the walls, cracks in the vault of bridges, roofs of buildings, under the bark of trunks, alone or in groups of up to 5 individuals, as has been observed in the Balearic Islands (Martínez-Rica, 1974; Salvador, 1978).

How many eggs does a gecko lay?

Up to 6 or 7 clutches of 1 or 2 gecko eggs, which usually measure around 10×12 millimeters, can be produced by the same female in the same breeding season.

What is the difference between a salamander and a lizard?

Lizards have a cylindrical body and their head is usually cone-shaped. meanwhile, salamanders are much more stylized and their heads are more rounded. The size of both species is very similar: in adulthood they measure between 4 and 6 centimeters in length and weigh between 1.5 and 4 grams.

What can you feed lizards?

Without a doubt, ants are the favorite food of lizards. Likewise, they can also eat worms and, on some occasions, snails.

What do lizards eat?


What kind of food do crickets eat?

Domestic crickets: These are the ones that live in houses and their diet is limited to the food scraps they find. Country crickets: These crickets feed on leaves, seeds, roots, fruits and occasionally other insects.

How to care for a lizard at home?

Get a large fish tank or tank and add branches, rocks, soil, and water to mimic their natural habitat. When the terrarium is ready, keep in mind that you should place it near a window so that it receives natural light and shade.

What happens if a salamander spits on you?

False and also ridiculous. Geckos don’t spit. On the other hand, their saliva has no effect on hair or anything else. If a gecko spits on you, you go blind.

What if there is a lizard in my house?

Lizards at home can give you a message that you need to be still and calm when the situation requires it, as you have surely noticed, these reptiles are capable of remaining immobile, but it does not mean being passive, so sometimes it is good to take things calmly.

How to make a house for a lizard?

First put a 2 inch (5 cm) layer of sterilized potting soil at the base of the vivarium, and cover it with a little bark mulch. Place several potted plants in the vivarium, which will give the lizard a chance to climb and will also contribute moisture.

How do you know if it’s a lizard?

A curious case is that of the lizard, in which the main differences appear when turning it and observing that the females have a yellowish color on the chin and the males have black dots there or in the region of the cloaca (sexual organ of reptiles). ).

How are the lizards?

In general, lizards have a body covered in scales with four extremities or legs and a tail, which in some species can be detached to entertain predators and to be able to flee (some have the regenerative capacity of the tail, but not all).

What can the salamander do?

Salamanders are poisonous but their venom is not dangerous to humans or other animals. When salamanders are threatened, they take a defensive position, arching their bodies and showing their colors. Likewise, through the skin they begin to release poisonous toxins.

How to know the sex of a gecko?

Sex determination based on external characteristics is unclear in Tarentola mauritanica. However, males are larger than females and have a broader head. In addition, females have nails on all fingers that are almost invisible and often covered.

How to know if a gecko is male or female?

There are no visible differences between males and females, except for the presence of well-developed femoral pores in males. Another peculiarity of geckos is that they scream. Western Mediterranean, including Spain, Italy, southern France, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

How big does a gecko grow?

The common gecko measures between 12 and 16 cm., It has a robust complexion and a flattened body, with the back covered with scales. The broad, slightly triangular head ends in a rounded snout and is crowned by prominent eyes with vertical pupils, which dilate in the dark to improve vision.

What is the life span of the salamander?

Salamanders usually live in the wild normally up to about 20 years, although in captivity they can last up to 50 years.

How to remove geckos from the house?

You can scare away lizards from the house by using foods that scare them away due to their smell or their emanation of irritable liquids for them, such as these: Garlic: its smell repels them, so placing a clove at the entrance of the house can come in handy so they don’t come into your home.

What do lizards do to people?

The vast majority of lizards are not poisonous. In fact, the number of poisonous species is very limited. The types of poisonous lizards are usually large and do not usually live in urban spaces, which means that the lizards that we can find at home are not poisonous.

What repels lizards?


Lizards hate the smell of eggs, so crack some old eggshells around areas of your home and garden where lizards are likely to be. Coffee The strong smell of coffee can be irresistible to us, but not to lizards.

What can a lizard do?

Push-ups work the muscles of the upper torso, which includes the shoulders, pecs, biceps, triceps, and back. A correct development of this exercise strengthens all the muscles mentioned and also helps in a complementary way to tone the abdomen and lower back.

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