What do I do with my purchase invoices?

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When you record purchase invoices, what you are doing is:

keep your expenses up to date. write down in your accounts an expense directly related to your business, which you have the right to deduct, either VAT, personal income tax, or both. … create your Record Book of invoices received.

What happens if I bill everything you bought?

As mentioned above, an important point is that the invoice will allow you to check your expenses before the SAT and have greater control over your finances. It is an effective means when making your annual statement. In addition, as a natural person there are expenses that are made constantly.

How are purchase invoices recorded?

Steps to register an Invoice for the purchase of goods and expenses, physical documentation:

Document number: enter the 15 digits corresponding to the invoice. Type of purchase: Credit or Cash. Date of issue: Date on which the supplier issued the document.

What happens if a purchase invoice is not declared?

This implies that if the Tax Administration makes a Purchase Registry request to the taxpayer and verifies that the invoice or document that supports the fiscal credit is not recorded in it, it will simply determine the loss of the fiscal credit.

What is the use of the invoice?

The invoice acts as a guarantee against any problem that may arise between the parties. Fiscally, any self-employed person or company must submit to the Treasury all the invoices that demonstrate their income received and expenses borne.

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What is the concept of the invoice?

The concept of an invoice is one of the most relevant points, since it describes the service or product that justifies the commercial transaction. We could say that the concept is even the central point of it, since it is the reason why the digital receipt is being issued.

How are invoices used in Chile?

The invoice must have a consecutive number, the full identification of the buyer, the exact date and time in which the transaction was made, commercial activity and a list of the products purchased, among other data necessary to access the tax credit and comply with the obligations tax.

What is the deadline to record a purchase invoice?

The maximum period for recording invoices in the purchase register is 12 months from the date the receipt is issued.

How much time do I have to declare an invoice?

Form 29 with movement: The term to declare and pay this form is until the 12th of the following month, if it is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the obligation is transferred until the next business day.

How much time do we have to declare an invoice?

As of January 1, 2022, electronic invoices must be sent to the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat) or to the Electronic Services Operator (OSE), as appropriate, within a period not exceeding two calendar days counted. since its broadcast when there are now seven…

How to register a Purchase Invoice in SII?

Go to http://www.sii.cl/, to the SII MIPYME Billing section. In the Tax Book Administration Menu, the electronic purchase and sale books (IECV) will be listed, here you must select the purchase book for the period in which you want to enter the document.

How to enter purchase invoices in SII?

The steps to follow to generate the XML file that will be incorporated into the SII system are described below:

Step 1: Select the type of communication, from among the following: Step 2: Enter the NIF and Name or Reason of the record book holder: Step 3: Select the invoices that you want to send to the SII.

How to add SII purchase invoices?

Go to http://www.sii.cl/, to the SII MIPYME Billing section. Once authenticated with your Digital Certificate you will be able to see the screen shown in the following image, where you must select the document you want to add to the purchase book, in this case the Electronic Invoice No. 760 will be assigned.

What happens if I invoice more expenses than income?

According to the Income Tax Law (ISR), if a taxpayer has more expenses than income, the Tax Administration Service (SAT), considers it as a fiscal discrepancy. The latter means that the corresponding taxes of the difference will have to be paid.

What things cannot be invoiced?

Remember that for it to be considered in your annual statement you must avoid deducting: Medicines bought in pharmacies. 100% of your bill when it includes other non-deductible concepts such as copay, coinsurance, discount memberships, in hospitals: flower shop and cafeteria, etc.

What should I invoice as a natural person?

Here are 6 things you can include in your personal deductions:

Tuition fees. From preschool to undergraduate. … Mortgage credits. … Funeral expenses. … Medical expenses. … Insurance premiums. … School transportation.

When is the invoice delivered before or after payment?

It is necessary to have the Invoice to claim payment

-If the Client receiving the Invoice is an Entrepreneur or Professional, you have the obligation to issue the Invoice before the 16th of the following month.

What is the description of an invoice?

Therefore, the essential information on the invoices is:

Invoice number. … Invoice issue date. … Your tax data. … Your client’s tax data. … The description of the product/service and price. … The taxes of the invoice and total amount.

What are the parts of the invoice?

Parts of an invoice

    its correlative number. place and date of issue. personal data, both of the seller (issuer) and of the buyer (recipient). NIF … description of the operation (concept and breakdown by items where appropriate). form of payment. amount thereof (with breakdown and VAT, if applicable).

How is an electronic invoice recorded in the purchase book?

– Go to the SII page, Online Services menu -> Electronic Invoice, select the Purchase and Sale Registry option -> Enter the Purchase and Sales Registry.

How to upload a document to the SII?

To attach a document, just click on the “Browse” box. After clicking on the “Browse” option, a new window opens where you can select the file you want to upload. To complete the upload process, you must verify that the documents have been added to the file.

How to see purchase invoices in SII?

Go to www.sii.cl, MIPYME Tax Portal. Within the MIPYME Portal Electronic Invoicing System application, select “Issued Tax Documents”. On this screen you can view the documents you have issued.

How to send XML file from SII?

Once the document has been displayed, select the “Get Send” button, where you can download and save the electronic document in XML format on your computer. Save the document in a safe place on your computer, this document will be saved in the standard XML format of the SII.

How can I review the invoices received on the SII page?

Enter “DTE history and response to received documents”, option “Received documents”. Select the Received Tax Document that you want to view or print again. To facilitate the search for a specific document, you can sort by Receiver, Company Name, Folio, Date, Total Amount and Status.

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