What documents does the law require for the Mercantile Registry in Colombia?

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Documents required to register as a legal person with the CCB:

    Original of the identity document. Responsibility letter format for legal persons. Forms available at the CCB offices. Single Business and Social Registry Form (RUES)

What are the documents that are registered in the Mercantile Registry?

In the case of companies, the following acts are registered in the Mercantile Registry, among others:

    The constitution. Capital increases and reductions. Structural modifications, such as mergers, splits and absorptions. Dissolutions and liquidations. Appointments and dismissals of positions. Powers.

How is the Mercantile Registry done in Colombia?

For purposes of formalizing the commercial registration, you must follow the following guidelines: Fill out the Rues form correctly and complete it. Fill out the business registration forms of the natural person and their business establishments. Print and sign these forms once completed.

What law governs the Mercantile Registry?

Law 1901 of 2018

By means of which the commercial companies of Benefit and Collective Interest (BIC) are created and developed.

What is the norm that regulates commercial activity in Colombia?

Traders and commercial matters shall be governed by the provisions of commercial law, and cases not expressly regulated in it shall be decided by analogy of its rules. ARTICLE 2. .

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What is the Mercantile Registry and who issues it?

The Mercantile Registry is a means of identifying merchants and their business establishments, and also of control and means of proof, which is carried out by the chambers of commerce.

What is the Commercial Registry in Colombia?

It is the registration that merchants (natural and legal persons) and commercial establishments must make in the chambers of commerce with jurisdiction in the place where they are going to carry out their activity and where the commercial establishment is going to operate to comply with one of the obligations …

What is the function of the Mercantile Registry?

Since 1971, the General Mercantile Registry of the Republic has the mission of Registering, Certifying, and giving Legal Security to all commercial acts carried out by individual or legal persons.

What are the functions of the Mercantile Registry in Honduras?

The Commercial Registry has the following main functions:

    The registration of individual entrepreneurs and other subjects established by law and of the acts and contracts related to them. … The legalization of the books that must be kept by businessmen in accordance with current legal provisions.

What is the sample business register?

It is the register of merchants and their business establishments, as well as the repository of the most important commercial documents for the merchant. This registry generates security and confidence for your employees, your clients, your suppliers and the business community in general.

What is the commercial registration in the RUT?

The commercial registration is the registration made in the commercial registry of natural or legal persons who carry out commercial or commercial activities, as well as their business establishments.

What is the difference between the commercial registry and the Chamber of Commerce?

The commercial registry is obtained before the Chamber of Commerce of the respective domicile of each merchant, while the trademark registry is obtained in the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce. The commercial registry is a mandatory procedure for all merchants.

What are the rules that regulate commercial activities?

merchant regulations

    Repealed Accounting Law (Decree 2649 of 1993) … In force Regime of residential public services (Law 142 of 1994) … … … In force Decree 1079 of 2015, through which the Single Regulatory Decree is issued of the Transport Sector.

What is Law 410 of 1971?

Article 1 _ Traders and commercial matters shall be governed by the provisions of commercial law, and cases not expressly regulated in it shall be decided by analogy of its rules. Conc.: 10, 20, 24, 1781.

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