What does 2mm mean?

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Metric system measure of length. A millimeter (mm) is one thousandth of a meter. An inch is 25 mm. The size of a tumor is usually measured in millimeters (mm) or centimeters (cm).

How much is 2 mm in money?

Two thousand (in Roman numerals). Thousands of millions.

How do you read in mm?

The millimeter (symbol mm) is a unit of length. It is the third submultiple of the meter and equals one thousandth of it.

What is mm age?

month and year (dd. mm. yyyy) , or the month, day and year (mm/dd/yyyy or mm. dd.

How do you enter the date of birth DD mm YYYY?

The ISO 8601 standard specifies a YYYY-MM-DD format. 2003-04-02 is lighter than 03/04/02. (Some prefer to modify the ISO 8601 standard and use a short form when indicating the month to make it more clear, for example, 2003-Apr-02.

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How do you sum up millions?

As an abbreviation, there is no established one. Sometimes “m.” or “M.”, but has the drawback that it can be confused with “thousand(s)”). Also ambiguous is ‘MM.’, which some interpret as ‘billions’ and others as the plural ‘millions’ (as for ‘pages’ is ‘pp.’).

How to read a micrometer mm?

Use the line on the right edge of the cylinder to read the value in units of 0.5 mm. You can then use the scale, on which the center line of the thimble (scale) is aligned, to read the value in units of 0.01 mm.

How much is a millimeter worth?

What are millimeters and meters

The millimeter and the meter are related to each other because the first is the third submultiple of the meter; that is, one millimeter is equal to one thousandth of a meter. Or explained in numbers, which is easier to understand, 1 mm = 0.001 m.

What quantity is 1 mL?

The milliliter is a unit of volume equal to one-thousandth of a liter, represented by the symbol ml or mL. It is also equal to 1 cubic centimeter (1 cm³), and is the third submultiple of the liter.

What does $1MM mean?

billions of dollars.

What does 3 MM mean in money?

To express Millions you should only use M, for example 100 million or 100M, since MM stands for Billion, for example 100 billion or 100MM.

How many zeros are MM?


To go from millimeter to cm, dm, m, dam, hm and km, divide by the unit followed by as many zeros as there are places.

What is 1 mm of rain?

One liter of water per square meter is equal to one millimeter of rain. Rain or precipitation can be measured in millimeters, but it is also common to use the measurement of one liter per square meter.

How is it measured with a micrometer?

The micrometer is a measuring instrument whose operation is based on the micrometric screw that is used to measure the dimensions of an object with high precision, of the order of hundredths of millimeters (0.01 mm) and thousandths of millimeters (0.001 mm).

How do you abbreviate 3 million?

As we have indicated, it would be appropriate to use the full expression or the symbols: “three million pesos”, “3 million pesos”, “$3,000,000” or “MXN 3,000,000”.

How are millions represented?

the millions

There is no special sign for the millions, which are also marked with a space. Therefore, spellings such as 1’000,000 (with an apostrophe) and 1,000.000 (comma and period), which are occasionally seen in the media, are discouraged.

How should the date of birth be entered?

The order is day, month, year

The order that academic spelling recommends is day, month, year (October 14, 1951). In this work, the order month, day, year, typical of the United States and which has spread to other Anglo-Saxon countries (October 14, 1951), is discouraged.

How to change date format in Excel from MM DD YYYY to DD MM YYYY?

Press CTRL+1. In the Format Cells box, click the Number tab. In the Category list, click Date, and then choose the date format you want for Type.

What does the acronym MM stand for?

Metric system measure of length. A millimeter (mm) is one thousandth of a meter. An inch is 25 mm. The size of a tumor is usually measured in millimeters (mm) or centimeters (cm).

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