What does a cypress mean in a house?

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In Catalonia, cypresses are a traditional symbol of hospitality. It seems that it is a Catalan tradition, although there are those who go back to Roman villas where, it is said, a cypress was planted as a sign of hospitality.

Why do they put cypress trees in cemeteries?

The reason for its placement in rows next to the paths and next to the walls also responds to reasons of adaptation to the environment and they serve, not only as an ornamental element; but also to protect from the wind and to be able to create a more solemn atmosphere within the walls of the cemetery.

How are the roots of the cypress?

Cypresses are also widely used as dividing hedges since their roots are pivoting, that is, they grow deep and do not damage the walls.

How many years does a cypress live?

One of the characteristics of the cypress is its rapid growth, especially in its first years of life. Also its long life: a specimen can live up to 300 years and even more.

When are cypress trees cut down?

Due to their structure and the growth rate they usually have, cypresses are one of the recommended species to prune between winter and spring.

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How long does it take to grow a cypress?

The Cupressus sempervirens, also known as common cypress or Italian cypress, is a very long-lived tree species, being able to live 1000 years. This tree manages to reach 35 meters of altitude in an exceptional way, being the usual between 25 and 30 meters. Its glass is compact and narrow.

Where does the cypress grow?

Geographic distribution: Species endemic to the coasts of California in the USA, cultivated mainly in the coastal valleys and inter-Andean areas of Peru.

How to maintain a potted cypress?

Watering: the lemon cypress likes humidity, so it is recommended to keep the substrate somewhat moist, but without flooding the substrate. If it is in a pot, a saucer with some water can be placed under it, so that the plant itself takes in the water it needs.

When can a cypress be transplanted?

Cypresses are conifers and like yews, during the winter they have some activity. Since it is not warm enough for roots to activate, we have to wait until late winter, early spring or fall to repot conifers.

What do the cypresses symbolize?

The cypress is the tree that symbolizes the union between Heaven and Earth. Both its trunk and roots reach up and down deep into the center of the Earth (formerly the underworld) as well as the abode of the gods (currently the realm of psychic ideas).

What is the name of the cemetery cypress?

Cupressus sempervirens, the common cypress or Mediterranean cypress, is an evergreen tree species of the Cupressaceae family.

What trees are planted in cemeteries?

The cypress is planted close to the cemetery walls, and as its root grows vertically and straight down, it does not create the possible damage that another tree planted there would cause to the tombstones and other funeral ornaments.

What is the best time to plant cypresses?

However, it is not recommended to do it during the hottest months of the year, as the conditions are very harsh and it is difficult for them to grow and develop correctly. Therefore, the best months to plant cypress trees are from September to March.

What is the best time to plant cypresses?

Cultivation and care of cypresses

It is resistant to drought and winter cold. It can withstand temperatures down to -15ÂșC. And it tolerates salinity to a certain extent. The best time for growing cypress is between December and January.

How to transplant a cypress?

The best thing is that you put on a protective girdle in the lower back to be able to have an upright back, and bend down straight and not curved. Choose its new location keeping in mind that it is a tree that will need a lot of space to grow, so make sure that there will be nothing to hinder it.

What to do if a cypress is drying out?

Recovering a dry cypress, or another type of hedge that is drying up, is possible if the following indications are followed:

Do not overwater, let the substrate dry out slightly before doing so. Fertilize the hedge regularly, even when it is not sick.

What fertilizer does the cypress need?

The main nutrients needed to have cypress trees in excellent condition are nitrogen (N) and magnesium (Mg). In the first case, nitrogen will be responsible for ensuring growth at a good rate and with the ideal characteristics.

What is the cypress like and what is it used for?

They contain an essential oil with cedrol, camphene and alpha-pinene, as well as flavonoids and tannins. Cypress stands out for its astringent, hemostatic action and as a venous tonic. It is especially recommended for disorders related to poor blood circulation, such as varicose veins, phlebitis and hemorrhoids.

What is the fruit of the cypress?

They are monoecious plants (male and female flowers on the same plant, but separate). Very simple flowers, grouped in what we call cones. The male cones are cylindrical and about half a cm long; the female cones are spherical and about half a cm in diameter.

How many cypresses per meter?

The ideal planting distance for cypresses, taking into account the future development of the plant, is three per meter (1 every 33 cm).

What is the fastest growing hedge?

Leyland cypress (Cupressocyparis leylandii)

It grows very fast and forms very dense plant barriers, which is why it is widely used in hedges to delimit the different areas of a garden. As it is evergreen, protection against prying eyes is maintained throughout the year.

How long does it take to grow yours?

The green giant Thuja can grow about 1 meter per year. At this rate, a small bush becomes a tree very quickly. Due to its rapid growth, the green giant Thuja is perfect for planting a dense hedge.

What is the best cypress for hedge?

Lambertian cypress, Monterey or Macrocarpa.

It is one of the most used conifers to build hedges due to its rapid growth. But be careful because they become huge, reaching more than 15 meters in height and 4 meters in diameter.

What is the best time to transplant trees?

Generally, the ideal is to do it before the plant begins its flowering or its growing season, that is, in late winter or early spring. It is important not to transplant plants in their flowering season, unless it is new and the pot is very small.

What are the houses that are in the cemeteries called?

Niche. The niches are spaces where the remains of the deceased person will be housed. In general, the niches as such are conceived for coffins or coffins. They are located in wide walls, unlike the tombs that are on the ground or in the cemetery.

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