What does article 107 of the Amparo Law say?

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Article 107.

The authorities required as hierarchical superiors incur responsibility, for lack of compliance with the enforceable, in the same terms as the authorities against whose acts the amparo had been granted.

What does article 107 say?

It corresponds to the Judicial Power of the Federation, in the terms of the respective law, to resolve the controversies that, by reason of competence, arise between the Courts of the Federation, between these and those of the federative entities or between those of a federative entity. and another. Article 107.

What does article 103 and 107 of the Constitution say?

The amparo trial can be promoted by the natural or legal person who is affected by the general rule or the act claimed in terms of section I of article 5. of this Law. The complainant may do so by himself, by his legal representative or by his proxy, or by any person in the cases provided for in this Law.

What does article 103 of the Amparo Law say?

ARTICLE 103. The claim resource is admissible against the procedural agreements dictated by the president of the Supreme Court of Justice or by the presidents of its Chambers or of the Collegiate Circuit Courts.

What does article 104 of the Amparo Law say?

Article 104 of the Amparo Law establishes that in the cases referred to in article 107, sections VII, VIII and IX, of the Federal Constitution, after the judgment in which the requested amparo was granted is enforceable, or that testimony is received of the execution issued in review, the judge, the …

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What does article 104 mean?

104. – It corresponds to the Courts of the Federation to know: I. – Of all the controversies of the civil or criminal order that arise on the fulfillment and application of federal laws or of the international treaties celebrated by the Mexican State.

What does article 104 of the Argentine National Constitution say?

Article 104 Any law may have principle in any of the Houses and will be proposed in the form of a project by any of the members of each House and also by the Executive Power.

What does the CRBV establish in its articles 102 and 103?

The State will assume it as an undeniable function and of maximum interest in all its levels and modalities, and as an instrument of scientific, humanistic and technological knowledge at the service of society.

What was the name of the first Amparo Law published to regulate articles 103 and 107 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States of 1917?

The protection in the Constitution of 1917

The amparo trial was consolidated in articles 103 and 107 of the “Political Constitution of the United Mexican States that reforms that of February 5, 1857”, as it was called in its publication in the Official Gazette of February 5, 1917 .

What does article 101 of the Amparo Law say?

Article 101. The jurisdictional body shall notify the other parties of the filing of the appeal so that within a period of three days they point out records that must be sent in a certified copy to the person who must decide.

What is the third stranger on trial?

Strictly speaking, a stranger in court is that natural or legal person who does not appear in the procedure as a party, but who suffers damage within it or in execution of the resolution that is issued there, without having had the opportunity to be heard. in his defense for not knowing the relative actions.

What does article 105 say?

The federal and local electoral laws must be enacted and published at least ninety days before the beginning of the electoral process in which they are to be applied, and during the same there can be no fundamental legal modifications.

When does the appeal for protection proceed?

Article 97, section I, subparagraph e), of the Amparo Law establishes that the appeal proceeds against the resolution that does not expressly admit the appeal for review and that due to its transcendental and serious nature may cause harm to any of the parties. not repairable in the final sentence.

What does article 106 say?

ARTICLE 106. – Anyone who endangers the life or health of another, either by placing him in a situation of abandonment, or by abandoning to his fate a person who is incapable of taking care of himself and whom he must maintain or care for or whom the author himself has incapacitated , will be punished with prison from 2 to 6 years.

What is the protection law called?

The Amparo Law, Regulatory of articles 103 and 107 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, is issued.

What does article 103 of the Constitution establish?

Article 103 Every person has the right to a comprehensive quality education, permanent, in equal conditions and opportunities, with no limitations other than those derived from their aptitudes, vocation and aspirations. Education is compulsory at all levels, from nursery to high school.

What does article 20 and article 103 of the 1991 Constitution tell us?

They are mechanisms for the participation of the people in the exercise of their sovereignty: the vote, the plebiscite, the referendum, the popular consultation, the open town hall, the legislative initiative and the revocation of the mandate. The law will regulate them.

What does article 102 of the Constitution say?

The body established by the Congress of the Union will be called the National Human Rights Commission; It will have management and budgetary autonomy, legal personality and its own assets. They will guarantee the autonomy of human rights protection organizations.

What does article 101 of the Constitution of Venezuela mean?

The media have the duty to contribute to the dissemination of the values ​​of popular tradition and the work of artists, writers, composers, filmmakers, scientists, and other cultural creators of the country.

What are the articles of the Constitution that speak of physical education?

ARTICLE 111 All people have the right to sport and recreation as activities that benefit individual and collective quality of life. The State will assume sports and recreation as a policy of education and public health and will guarantee the resources for its promotion.

What does article 99 of the Constitution say?

– He is the supreme head of the Nation, head of the government and politically responsible for the general administration of the country. 2.-He issues the instructions and regulations that are necessary for the execution of the laws of the Nation, taking care not to alter the spirit of it with regulatory exceptions.

What does article 17 of the National Constitution say?

Every person has the right to have justice administered by courts that will be expedited to administer it within the time limits and terms established by law, issuing their resolutions in a prompt, complete and impartial manner.

What does article 31 of the Argentine National Constitution say?

Article 31.- This Constitution, the laws of the Nation that are enacted by Congress and the treaties with foreign powers are the supreme law of the Nation; and the authorities of each province are obliged to conform to it, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary that they contain…

What is federal jurisdiction?


When can the complaint appeal be filed?

m. The complaint resource is optional and proceeds in those cases in which the appeal resource is denied; must be filed within five (5) days of notification of the decision.

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