What does article 109 of the Constitution mean?

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The responsibility of the State for the damages that, due to its irregular administrative activity, it causes to the property or rights of individuals, will be objective and direct. Individuals shall be entitled to compensation in accordance with the bases, limits and procedures established by law.

What does article 109 of the Mexican Constitution say?

Administrative sanctions will be applied to public servants for acts or omissions that affect the legality, honesty, loyalty, impartiality and efficiency that they must observe in the performance of their jobs, positions or commissions.

What does article 109 of the Constitution of Venezuela mean?

Article 109 of the Constitution expressly enshrines the principle of autonomy, granting autonomous universities, directly, the power to establish their own rules of government, operation and administration of their assets, with no more explicit limitations than that derived from control and surveillance. by …

When the cameras get the help they need, does it have to be through?

The Chambers and their Commissions may obtain, through their Presidents, the information and help they require from the Government and its Departments and from any State and Autonomous Community authorities.

What happens if Congress denies confidence to the Government?

If Congress denies trust to two cabinets with the same mandate, the President of the Republic is empowered to dissolve Congress and call parliamentary elections. The President of the Republic can call an extraordinary session of the Congress of the Republic if the Congress is not in session.

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What happens if they deny a vote of confidence?

If he denies the confidence of the President of the Council of Ministers, the total crisis of the cabinet takes place, with which all the ministers traditionally resign. Article 133 The President of the Council of Ministers may raise a matter of confidence before Congress on behalf of the Council.

What is denying the vote of confidence?

Confidence vote. In the field of parliamentary law, it is the mechanism that the members of parliament, assemblies or congresses hold over a government to show that they have their support and support for the public actions and policies that it implements.

What does article 113 of the Constitution say?

The National Anti-Corruption System is the coordination body between the authorities of all government orders competent in the prevention, detection and punishment of administrative responsibilities and acts of corruption, as well as in the supervision and control of public resources.

What does article 113 of the Constitution say?

Article No. 113

1. Death of the President of the Republic. 2. his permanent moral or physical disability, declared by Congress.

What does the motion of censure mean?

The motion of censure is the procedure by which the parties with representation in the Lower House of a bicameral Parliament or in a unicameral parliament in plenary session of a country or subnational entity can demand political responsibility from the respective executive power.

What does article 110 of the Constitution of Venezuela mean?

Article 110 The State shall recognize the public interest in science, technology, knowledge, innovation and their applications and necessary information services as fundamental instruments for the economic, social and political development of the country, as well as for the security and National sovereignty.

What does article 111 of the Constitution of Venezuela mean?

ARTICLE 111 All people have the right to sport and recreation as activities that benefit individual and collective quality of life. The State will assume sports and recreation as a policy of education and public health and will guarantee the resources for its promotion.

What is the article that deals with education?

Article 1. This Law guarantees the right to education recognized in article 3. of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and in the International Treaties to which the Mexican State is a party, whose exercise is necessary to achieve the well-being of all people.

What do articles 108 and 109 of the Constitution mark and what is the commitment of the authorities with the laws?

This Constitutional Article 108, establishes a wide coverage on the subjects that may incur responsibility, for the violation of the Constitution and Federal Laws; as well as for the improper handling of federal funds and resources.

Who are public servants according to article 108?

Article 108 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, considers as public servants the representatives of popular election, the members of the Judicial Power of the Federation, the officials and employees, and, in general, any person who performs a job, charge or commission of any…

What does article 110 of the Mexican Constitution say?

Article 110.- The senators and deputies to the Congress of the Union, the ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, the counselors of the Federal Judiciary, the Secretaries of the Office, the Attorney General of the Republic may be subject to impeachment. , Circuit magistrates and District judges, …

What does the word moral incapacity mean?

We could say that moral incapacity is an inclination of the will to make wrong judgments. But it is not just any inclination of the will. Ignorance and clumsiness, as is abundantly documented, in the world of politics, above all, incline the will towards error.

What does article 115 and 116 say?

Only goods in the public domain of the Federation, of the states or of the Municipalities will be exempt, unless such goods are used by parastatal entities or by individuals, under any title, for purposes other than those of their public purpose.

What does article 115 of the Political Constitution say?

Article 115.-

– Each Municipality will be governed by a City Council of direct popular election, made up of a President or Municipal President and the number of councilors and unions that the law determines, in accordance with the principle of parity.

What does article 114 of the Constitution say?

The impeachment proceeding may only be initiated during the period in which the public servant holds office and within ten years thereafter. The corresponding sanctions will be applied in a period not exceeding six months from the start of the procedure.

What does article 112 say?

Article 112. A declaration of provenance from the Chamber of Deputies will not be required when any of the public servants referred to in the first paragraph of article 111 commits a crime during the time in which they request a license or is separated from their duties.

What does article 116 of the Constitution say?

Article 116.- The public power of the states will be divided, for its exercise, into Executive, Legislative and Judicial, and two or more of these powers may not meet in a single person or corporation, nor may the legislative power be deposited in a single individual. of six years and his mandate may be revoked.

When is a question of trust requested?

The Question of Confidence is a constitutional mechanism that the Executive Power raises in a mandatory manner when it requests the investiture of the President of the Council of Ministers and his Cabinet before the Congress of the Republic.

How many votes does it take to give a vote of confidence?

To be approved, the Confidence Question must receive the vote in favor of half plus one of the legal number of congressmen (66 votes).

When is the question of trust asked?

The raising of a question of confidence is mandatory only for the investiture of the President of the Council of Ministers and his Cabinet; it is voluntary when ministers decide to ask Parliament for a vote of confidence in a given government policy, programme, or approval of a project…

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