What does P1 and P2 mean in a motor?

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The difference between the power induced by the pump and the hydraulic power indicates the efficiency of the pump. P1 is the total induced power to the pumping system. P2 is the power coming from the motor (axis effect). P2 is the rated power of the motor.


How much does a 1 HP pump consume?

a 1 CV pump consumes 750 W/Hour approx.

What is the power rating of a pump?

Rated power: refers to electric motors and, in our case specifically, to those of electric pumps. This is the mechanical power available at the motor shaft. Its unit of measurement is the kW (kilowatt) or HP (horsepower). For example 1.1 kW is equivalent to 1.5 HP.

What is induced power?

We speak then of the induced power, which is that associated with the production of lift. This power is equal to the speed with which energy is transferred to the air in order to produce lift. When reading the word “induced” in any flight manual we should always think of lift.

What is the power factor of a water pump?

The ideal value of the power factor is 1, which indicates that all the energy consumed by the devices has been transformed into work. On the contrary, a power factor less than unity means greater consumption of energy necessary to produce useful work.

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What is the power factor?

The power factor is a measure of the efficiency or performance of our electrical system. This indicator measures the use of energy (the amount required to transform it into work).

How is the power factor found?

We could say that the power factor of an electrical or electronic device is the relationship between the energy that it extracts from the network and the useful energy that we obtain in its operation. Power Factor = PF = Absorbed Energy/Useful Energy = (Paabsorbed xt )/ (Putile xt) = Paabsorbed/Putile.

What is the power of the air gap?

It is the power that is transferred from the stator to the rotor through the air gap. Pconv: It is the point of transformation of electrical power into mechanical power. That the lower the slip of the motor, the rotor current decreases and the rotor losses of the machine are lower.

What is induced velocity?

V1 = Induced Velocity: It is normal to the plane of the disk and positive when flowing down through the rotor disk, producing traction. It is worth mentioning that there are many forces, speeds and angles in a blade when it is in operation.

What is the inductor and the armature?

An armature, made up of one or more coils located within the magnetic field created by the inductor. Normally the inductor is placed on the stator and the armature on the rotor. The collector, which is the element that collects the current that will pass to the coils.

How is the power of a pump measured?

The hydraulic power «PH» is determined by measuring the value of the pumped flow with a flowmeter or by the volumetric method, and the value of the head with a pressure gauge located at the pump outlet.

What does 2 HP mean in water pumps?

Water horsepower is the minimum power required to run a water pump.

How is the consumption of the pump calculated?

Multiply the amps by the voltage. If the pump uses a household-type current, typically a 110 VAC, 10 amp circuit, and you run the pump continuously for an hour, it will require 1,100 watts of power.

How to calculate the electrical consumption of a water pump?

Take the wattage of a specific water pump and multiply it by the number of hours a day it runs. Then multiply it by how many days a year it runs and divide by 1,000. This will give you the number of kilowatt hours the pump uses.

What generates the induced resistance?

In aerodynamics, induced drag is that which is generated as a penalty when lift is created, as the wing passes over the relative wind, the airflow in the upper part of the wing (extracted) is diverted towards the body of the aircraft while in the lower part is deflected outwards.

When speed increases induced drag?

Induced drag depends on angle of attack, so the pilot can reduce induced drag by increasing airspeed instead of increasing angle of attack to gain more lift. The higher the speed, the lower the induced resistance.

What do helicopters do?

Helicopters base their flight on the speed (U) that is generated in the rotor blades by a force transmitted from one or two engines. The blades have an aerodynamic profile and as a consequence of the speed they generate a LIFT FORCE (FN).

What is power converted?

Power conversion (or also energy conversion) is the process of converting energy from one form to another. On a general level, this could include electromechanical or electrochemical processes.

What is input power of a motor?

It is the force that the motor generates to move a load at a certain speed. The power specified on the nameplate of the motors indicates the mechanical power available at the end of the motor shaft and is expressed in Kilowatts (KW) and its equivalent in Horsepower (HP / CV).

Why is it called a squirrel cage motor?

The squirrel cage rotor is so named because its electrical windings (the shorting bars and rings) closely resemble the game wheels frequently seen in some pet cages (Image #2).

How to calculate the example power?

The powers are used to write a multiplication formed by several equal numbers in a more simplified way. For example, 5 x 5 x 5 x 5. We are multiplying the number 5 4 times. To put it in power form we first write the 5 and at the top right we write the 4 in small.

How to calculate the power factor with the electricity bill?

The power factor is obtained by dividing the active energy (KW) by the apparent energy (KVA). Since the low power factor is caused by the inductive load, which some equipment requires for its operation, it is necessary to compensate this reactive consumption by means of capacitor banks.

What is CFE power factor?

The power factor (PF) is considered as an indicator of the correct use of energy. The power factor can take values ​​between 0 and 1, where 1 is the ideal value and indicates that all the energy consumed by the devices has been transformed into work.

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