What does punctured mean?

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tr. -prnl. Injure with a sharp or stabbing thing; prick, prick Fig.

What is being punctured in Colombia?

Difficult person to please.

What is poking someone?

Angry, zaher someone.

What do you mean eh so punctured then?

What do you mean eh so punctured then? Adjective for someone who is very elegant.

How do you say click?

puncture [pinchando|pinchado] Intransitive verb

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What is DJing for a DJ?

It is a bit pretentious to call synchronizing two songs “art”, but on the basis that a DJ “creates” a new way of listening to a song between two or more others, or a certain environment, that would already be considered an art.

How do you say love in Colombia?

The word mor, which is practically an archaism today, comes from the apheresis (deletion of an initial phoneme) of the Latin word amor (love), a phenomenon typical of the vulgar language.

How do you call a pretty woman in Colombia?

Mamita: attractive, pretty woman.

What is duck in Medellin?

-Duck: silly.

What does DJing mean in Peru?

In Peru, the common soldier, or the soldier of the lowest category, is also usually called “click”. – Thank you: Louis. In Central America, “pinche” means someone stingy, or as we say in Chile, “tight”. Except in Guatemala, which is a derogatory adjective as in Mexico.

What does Calzon mean in Colombia?

A curious example is that of the charming female undergarment that in much of America is known by the prosaic name of ‘breeches’. Argentina calls them ‘bombachas’; Venezuela, ‘panties’; Colombia, ‘cuckoos’; Spain, ‘panties’.

What does stupid mean in Colombia?

Firecracker: Stupid person, Silly, Who makes mistakes.

What are the most used words in Colombia?

Know the most popular Colombian words:

    Rigged: adj. colloq. … Bacano: adj. colloq. … Cantaleta: f. colloq. … Disenchanted: adj. colloq. … Enguayabado: ad. colloq. … Fritanga: f. colloq. … Gallinacear: intr. colloq. … Harassing: adj.

What is a churro in Colombia?

Fritter. Although this word reminds you of that delicious fried food, it is not about that. In Colombia and especially in the interior, this term from the Colombian dictionary refers to a very handsome man with an attractive appearance.

How do you say friend in Colombia?

Parce is a shortening of parcero which basically means friend in Colombian Spanish.

How do you say girlfriend in Colombia?

In Venezuela they say “Jeva”, in Mexico “Morra”, in Colombia “Novia” and in Argentina “Polola”.

How do you call Colombians affection?

Colloquial gentile names for natives of some Latin American countries: Colombians: Paisa/paisas (The native/s of Antioquia), colochos/as, costeños/as, cachacos/as, coffee growers (because Colombia is one of the first coffee exporters worldwide), partners.

What is the penis called in Colombia?

There has always been a need to give it a name: ‘pipí’, ‘chimba’, ‘guasamalleta’, the Italians call it ‘catso’ and the Japanese, ‘chimpoko’… on the Colombian coast, the penis is ‘la mondá’.

What does it take to start DJing?


1.1. Turntables or Turntables: · Minimum amount of material equipment: 2 Turntables or Turntables. … 1.2. Capsule holder, Capsules and Needles: … 1.3. Sliders or Skaters: … 1.4. Mixing Desk: … 1.5. Headphones or Sound Headphones: … 1.6. Speakers: … 1.7. Power Amplifier: … 1.8. Audio Cables:

What is a drop in music?

The Drop said in a very colloquial way is the high point of the song. It is that moment where there is a rhythm break in the song and there is an accumulation of different melodies and sounds that produce the maximum sound point in the track.

What is the role of a disc jockey?

Disc jockeys (DJs) are the artists who introduce and play music for an audience. They work in radios, bars and clubs. His work includes speaking to the public, as well as controlling a specialized technical team.

What does Calzon mean in Venezuelan?

Underwear: In Chile they are “calzones”, in Spain they are “panties”, in Argentina “bombachas”, in Mexico “pantaletas”, and in Venezuela “blumers”.

How do you greet a Colombian?

Five ways to greet with which we say welcome to Colombia!

We always greet with kisses and hugs. … We have welcome phrases for each meeting. … With a strong handshake we share our warmth. … A smile becomes a welcome greeting.
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