What does the acronym EVI mean?

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The Disability Assessment Team, also known by its acronym as EVI, and also as the INSS Medical Court, is a medical-social team, framed in the National Institute of Social Security, being a technical team to which the Social Security, From a legal point of view, it is entrusted with the …

What does Eve mean?

The Disability Assessment Team (EVI) is the competent body to assess, qualify and review disability and recognize the right to contributory economic benefits from Social Security for permanent disability, in its different degrees, as well as determine the contingencies causing of the …

What do they do to you in the Evi?

The function of the EVI, therefore, is to assess the worker’s disability situation and present a proposal to the Provincial Directorate of the INSS (National Social Security Institute), which is the Administration body that is responsible for recognizing or deny disability benefits.

What is the Social Security EVI?

The Medical Court, or Disability Assessment Team (EVI), is a body of the National Institute of Social Security in charge of evaluating the psychophysical capacities of a worker in relation to the requirements of their occupation.

How long does it take to answer the EVI?

The maximum term contemplated by law for the INSS to communicate the resolution in writing is 135 business days (not counting weekends or holidays), although it is normal to receive the notification much earlier, within a period of between 30 and 45 days, about.

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How long does it take to answer Social Security?

The TGSS will issue a response within three business days from the day after receipt, but the report is usually issued with the response on the same day.

How long does it take to call you to pass Medical Tribunal 2021?

How long does the decision of the Medical Court take? The maximum term contemplated by law for you to receive a resolution is 135 business days. The INSS will notify you of the resolution in writing (normally with prior notice), and it is common for this to occur in a much shorter period than the legal maximum contemplated.

How to request Evi report?

How to request the summary medical report

You must apply to the INSS (or to the SGAM in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia). And they will send it to you in a few days online. By default they do not send it, but the person who wants to receive it has to claim it.

What degrees of disability are there?

There are five degrees of permanent disability in Social Security: partial disability, total disability, qualified total disability, absolute disability and severe disability.

Who decides the degree of disability?

The declaration of the situation of permanent disability to a specific degree must be assessed by a Disability Assessment Team (EVI). The EVIs are located in each Provincial Directorate of the INSS and the specific team that assesses each subject is the one located in the place where they live.

What do they ask you in the medical tribunal?

Some of the questions that can be asked in a Medical Court are:

    How are you feeling? Have you improved from your illness or injury in the time you’ve been on leave? Did you come alone or accompanied? What position do you work in? What kind of tasks did you use to perform daily?

What diseases are included in the disability certificate?

The problems that can be included within these five categories are very diverse: speech disorders, schizophrenia, asthma, hemophilia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, hearing problems, visual deficits, diabetes, bone disorders and a long etcetera.

How much is charged for an absolute permanent disability?

Because with a total permanent disability, only 55% of the regulatory base is charged, although upon reaching 55 years of age (if no professional activity is being carried out) this percentage increases by 20%.

How to get my medical reports from Social Security?

HOW CAN I GET MY MEDICAL REPORTS FROM SOCIAL SECURITY? The clinical history can be requested in person or through the Internet. You can request your medical history online through the National Health System and at any center that is integrated into this digital program.

How do you request a medical report?

When you visit your specialist, you can request your medical report directly from him or her. Or ask for a specific appointment to request it. Keep in mind that some hospitals and centers have as a rule that this request is processed through the administration department.

How to get the medical history of the Social Security?

Citizens can access the HCD-SNS system through the web portal of the health service where their Individual Health Card is active. In the case of citizens with a SIP card, they can access it through the web portal of the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública.

How long does it take for the medical tribunal to call you?

How long does the Medical Court take to notify us of the resolution? The term established by law is 135 days to resolve and notify the resolution resulting from the medical evaluation.

How long does it take for medical court to call you?

To give you an idea, a worker can be on sick leave for a maximum of 18 months, with a final extension of 6 extra months in extreme cases. We cannot be sure at what specific time they will call you, but it is highly likely that between the first and third month (at most) you will receive your first appointment.

How long do you have to be on sick leave to pass a medical court?

12 months off: the turning point

The first, as we pointed out before, is that you will receive a notification summoning you to go through the medical tribunal (EVI, or SGAM in Catalonia). This is how the INSS review occurs after 12 months of sick leave, through the evaluation of the court’s medical inspectors.

What benefits does absolute permanent disability have?

1.1 PENSION FOR ABSOLUTE PERMANENT DISABILITY → Income exempt from personal income tax. 1.2 FREE MEDICINES → Health benefits of absolute disability. 1.3 PURCHASE OF A NEW VEHICLE → The certificate of disability will not be necessary.

How much is charged for total permanent disability 2021?


Thus, the maximum amount of permanent disability pension for the year 2021 in Spain is €2,707.49 per month, or, what is the same, €37,904.86 per year, an amount that could be increased with the supplement of Great Disability or the surcharge of benefits.

How much is the 2021 disability point worth?

According to SRT 31-2021, in June 2021, the MOPRE value was established at $5,074.23, which comes from 22% of the Minimum Guaranteed Credit at that time ($23,064.70) established in ANSES Resolution No. 108/2021 of last May 27, 2021.

What degree of disability do you have to have to receive a pension?

Disability equal to or greater than 65%

We reach the degree of disability to collect a pension. When the percentage is 65 points or more, you are already entitled to it.

What disability do you have to have to collect a pension?

Currently, the National State grants a pension to people who have a physical or mental disability that produces a decrease in their working capacity of 76% or more, and who also meet a series of conditions that prove that they do not have another type of disability. Of income.

What types of disabilities are included in the Wellness Program?

What types of disabilities are included in the Wellness program? People with permanent severe motor disability, intellectual disability, permanent total deafness, in both ears and permanent total blindness in both eyes.

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