What does the Circuito Chico de Bariloche include?

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The forest, the lake and the mountains united to receive you. It is the most traditional tour of Bariloche, an engaging walk in which the city, the forests, the lakes and the mountains are integrated into a single landscape. The excursion through the Small Circuit begins in the center of the city.

What is covered in the Circuito Chico Bariloche?

What does the small circuit excursion consist of?

It consists of a tour from the center of Bariloche to the west, bordering Lake Nahuel Huapi along Exequiel Bustillo Avenue, being able to observe forests, lakes and inns along the way to be able to stop to take photos with an incomparable setting.

How long does it take to do the Circuito Chico Bariloche?

The path is framed by trees of impressive height. The climb is easy and takes only about two hours round trip. The views you get from the Tristeza arm and the Blest arm of Lake Nahuel Huapi are unique and really worth it.

What can be traveled by car in Bariloche?

Bariloche: 5 tours to get there by car

    Small Circuit. It is the most traditional route if you arrive in Bariloche by car. … Hill Otto. The top can also be reached by car. … Swiss Colony. … The Steppe. … Lake Gutierrez.

What can’t you miss in Bariloche?

Top attractions in San Carlos de Bariloche

Small Circuit. 6,344. Hiking trails. … Thunderclap Hill. 4,377. … Nahuelito Park. 2,606. … Nahuel Huapi National Park. 3,163. … Hill Otto. 6,747. … Puerto Blest & Cascada de los Cántaros. 1730. … Victoria Island. 3,543. … Alta Patagonis Cathedral. 5,289.44 related questions found

What to do in Bariloche without paying for excursions?

    Civic Center. 4,745. Monuments and places of interest • Monuments and statues. … Shelter Frey. 636. Hiking trails. … Llao Llao Municipal Park. 674. Parks.Swiss Colony. 2,086. Monuments and places of interest. … Waterfall of the Goblins. 689. Waterfalls. … Lake Nahuel Huapi. 380. Bodies of water. Playa Bonita. 528. Beaches.Lake Steffen. 313.

What group does Circuito Chico?

With the group of line 20 of the urban company MiBus – amancay that passes often, every 20 minutes you can make the entire route bordering the nahuel huapi lake to the bandana port, which is where the excursion catamarans depart from and where the famous hotel is. Llao Llao.

What to visit in Circuito Chico?

    Chico Circuit.Cerro Tronador.Nahuelito Park.Nahuel Huapi National Park.Cerro Otto.Puerto Blest & Cascada de los Cántaros.Isla Victoria.Cathedral Alta Patagonis.

How much is a taxi from Bariloche to Colonia Suiza?

The quickest way to get from San Carlos de Bariloche to Colonia Suiza is to taxi which costs $1100 – $1500 and takes 32 min.

What does the big circuit include?

The Great Circuit is a tourist circuit that links the city of Bariloche, Río Negro with Villa La Angostura and Villa Traful in Neuquén, runs along Route 40 in a part of the Route of the Seven Lakes, crossing the lakes Nahuel Huapi, Espejo, Correntoso and Traful.

How to get to Colonia Suiza by bus from Bariloche?

Go by bus to Colonia Suiza

First take bus 20 to km 18 (where there is a roundabout) and then take bus 13 there, which makes a “roundabout” between the roundabout and Colonia Suiza approximately every 1 hour.

How to go from Bariloche airport to Colonia Suiza?

The best way to get from San Carlos de Bariloche Airport (BRC) to Colonia Suiza without a car is to line 72 bus and line 10 bus which takes 2h 29m and costs $110 – $5500.

How much does a taxi cost from Bariloche airport?

The quickest way to get from San Carlos de Bariloche Airport (BRC) to Civic Center departments, San Carlos de Bariloche is to taxi which costs $950 – $1200 and takes 17 min.

What to do in Llao Llao Park?


    Arrayanes Trail- Arrayanes Forest and Lake Moreno. Brazo Tristeza Trail. Cerro Llao Llao Trail. Puente Romano-Tacul viewpoint Trail. Lago Escondido-Bahía de los Troncos Trail. Cerrito Negro Trail. Montañes Cemetery Trail.

What to do in Villa Tacul?

Just 25 kilometers from the center of Bariloche, Villa Tacul, in the heart of the Llao Llao Municipal Park, allows you to walk easy trails that lead to sandy beaches, lakes and viewpoints, among myrtle, lenga and coihue forests that exceed 30 meters high.

What to do in Villa Campanario?

Essential Villa Campanario

    Cordillera Bikes. 247. … Small Adventure Circuit. 172. … 2021. Campanario Hill. … Pascasio Bay. Kayaking and canoeing, nature and wildlife tours. Morenito Kayak. Equipment rentals, kayaking and canoeing. Beer Tour Bariloche. …VanWynsberghe Chocolats. … Harbor Scarf.

What to do in Bariloche by Bus?

Explore the excursions of Bariloche without a car

Go to Cerro Catedral by bus. By bus to Cerro Campanario. Visit Puerto Pañuelo by public transport. Get to the Llao Llao hotel by bus.

How to get to Cerro Otto by Bus?

Bus. Line 50 or 51. Get off at the base of the Cerro Otto Cable Car at km 5 of Avenida de los Pioneros. The bus or Colectivo must be paid with the SUBE card.

How to get around in Bariloche?

How to get around in Bariloche

The one that runs along Avenida Bustillo stands out, linking the Bus Terminal with the Hotel Llao llao (at kilometer 25), passing through the center of the city of Bariloche. The SUBE card is used on all lines, as in other cities in our country.

What to do in Bariloche on your own?

What to see in Bariloche, the heart of Patagonia

1.6.1 Circuito Chico.1.6.2 Cerro Campanario.1.6.3 Cerro Catedral.1.6.4 Los Arrayanes National Park.1.6.5 Lake Traful and flooded forest.1.6.6 Cerro Tronador volcano and Los Alerces waterfall.1.6.7 Villa La Angostura.1.6.8 San Martin de los Andes.

What to do in Bariloche on a bad day?

    Havana Chocolate Museum. 943. Monuments and places of interest • History museums. … Our Lady of Nahuel Huapi Church. 3,333. … Museum of Patagonia. 422. … Gallery of the Sun. 301. … Casino De Bariloche. 177. … Saloon Tap Room. 101. … Patagonian Chocolate. Factory stores. Shopping Patagonia. Malls.

How to get around Bariloche without a car?

It is worth mentioning that the buses of lines 10, 20, 21, 22 and 72 (the one that goes to the airport) pass through the bus terminal, this being an excellent alternative if you want to visit nearby cities such as Villa La Angostura, Vila Traful or move to San Martín de los Andes, Lago Puelo or El Bolsón.

How much is an uber from Bariloche Airport to downtown?

One of the trips that tourists usually make in remis is the one that travels the distance from the Bariloche Airport to the civic center. It is priced at 880 pesos and lasts about 25 minutes.

How much is the transfer from Bariloche Airport to downtown?

Once at the airport, depending on your arrival time and your rush to get there, you can choose the transportation to get to the center. There is an urban bus (8 or 10 daily departures) at $23 each with a card that goes up, or it can be by taxi – remise at about $400 or by transfer -private car at $500 for up to 3 passengers.

How much does a remis cost from Bariloche Airport to downtown?

Remises from the Bariloche Airport to the Civic Center cost about 600 ARS (10 dollars).

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