What does the UPZ Castilla include?

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The following neighborhoods are part of the Castilla UPZ: Aloha Sector Norte, Pío XII Housing Group, Andalucía, Andalucía II sector, Bavaria Techo II sector, Stage I and II, Bosques de Castilla, Ciudad Don Bosco, Ciudad Favidi, Ciudad Techo I, The Castle, The County of La Paz, The Portal of the Americas, Rincón de Castilla, …

What is the UPZ of Castilla?

It was founded in 1969 under the mayoralty of Virgilio Barco Vargas and is classified as one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Bogotá for its 45 years of existence, although at the beginning it did not have access roads.

How many UPZs does the town of Suba have?

The town of Suba covers an area of ​​10,056 hectares (6,271 hectares of urban land and 3,785 of rural land). Administratively, it is divided into 13 UPZs and has a total of 259 neighborhoods.

What stratum is Castilla Bogotá?

Real estate stratum 4 bogota castilla.

What is the UPZ of San Cristóbal Sur?

It is divided into 5 UPZ: San Blas, Sosiego, July 20, La Gloria and Los Libertadores.

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What are the neighborhoods in the south of Bogotá?

It is made up of the neighborhoods: Veraguas, El Progreso, Eduardo Santos, El Vergel, Santa Isabel, Santa Isabel Sur, La Pepita, Ricaurte, La Sabana, El Listón, Paloquemao, La Estanzuela, Voto Nacional, San Victorino, La Favorita, Santa Fe, Samper Mendoza, Florida, Panamericano, Usatama and Colseguros.

How many neighborhoods does locality 4 of San Cristóbal have?

Administratively, it is divided into 5 UPZs and has a total of 211 neighborhoods. The effective urban public space of San Cristóbal is 3.28 m2 per inhabitant, lower than the average for Bogotá (3.69 m²/inhabitant).

How many people are there in Castilla Bogotá?

Integration: 11 facilities for every 44,668 inhabitants.

What is Suba UPZ?

27 Go up. By which the Zonal Planning Unit (UPZ) No. 27, SUBA, located in the town of Suba, is regulated.

What is the UPZ Suba Rincón?

POT Suba UPZ 28 (El Rincón)

What does the town of Suba comprise?

The town of Suba is located in the northwest corner of the city and borders on the north with the municipality of Chía, on the south with the town of Engativá, on the east with the town of Usaquén and on the west with the municipality of Cota. .

What UPZ is Timiza?

48 Timiza. By which the Zonal Planning Unit (UPZ) No. 48, TIMIZA, located in the town of Kennedy, is regulated.

What is UPZ Kennedy?

47 Kennedy Center. By which the Zonal Planning Unit (UPZ) No. 47, KENNEDY CENTRAL, located in the town of Kennedy, is regulated, and a sector is incorporated into the Urban Renewal Treatment.

How to consult the UPZ?

The consultation on land use and urban regulations can be made in person through the Information System for Urban Regulations and Territorial Ordering Plan (SINUPOT), which can be found on the website of the District Planning Secretary.

What are the UPZs of Bogotá?

What are the Zonal Planning Units (UPZ)? The UPZs are planning instruments that establish urban regulations for a set of neighborhoods that have common characteristics in their urban development, as well as in their predominant uses and activities.

What are the most populated areas of Bogotá?

The Capital District has two localities, Suba and Kennedy, which exceed one million inhabitants and which, due to their size, when compared to the 12 most populated regions of the country, are only surpassed by Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla.

What area is Patio Bonito?

Low Stratum. 31.6% of the inhabitants of the locality belonging to this socioeconomic stratum are found in Patio bonito, 13.5% in Corabastos, 13.5% in Calandaima and 12.9% in Gran Britalia, areas that as a whole they group 71.3% of the population in this stratum (539,222 inhabitants).

What is the largest town in Bogotá?

Sumapaz. Sumapaz is at the southern end of Bogotá’s urban area. It is the largest and least populated town in all of Bogotá.

How many UPZs does the town of San Cristóbal have?

The town of San Cristóbal contains five UPZs, of which four are residential and one is a consolidated residential type: the San Blas UPZ located in the northeast of the Town has an area of ​​400 hectares; The UPZ La Gloria is located in the southwest of San Cristóbal and has an extension of …

What number is the town of San Cristóbal?

Subscription to the newsletter of the town of San Cristóbal

Locality number 4 is located in the southeast of Bogotá, between the localities of Santa Fe (north), Usme (south), Rafael Uribe Uribe and Antonio Nariño (west) and to the east is the metropolitan limit with the municipalities of Choachí and Ubaque. .

How many inhabitants does Saint Kitts have in 2021?

San Cristóbal is the eighth most populous city in Venezuela, the most populous in the Andean region and in the Táchira State; with a population of 285,872 inhabitants in its urban nucleus, it represents 22.76% of the entity’s population (1,255,869 inhabitants), 17.42% of the Andean region and 0.91% of the national , which amounts to…

What neighborhoods make up the northern zone of Bogotá?

Cheapest neighborhoods in the north of Bogotá to buy a home

    Orchids.North Country.Caobos Salazar.Santa Bárbara Central.Rincón del ChicóLos Cedros.Espartillal.

What are the western neighborhoods of Bogotá?

This is then the real estate panorama in the west of Bogotá:

    Saltpeter and Modelia.Castilla and Marsella.Nariño Center.EngativáFontibón and Tintal.Kennedy and Mandalay.Metrópolis.Nicolás de Federmán.

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