What does the waist index measurement reflect?

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It is an index that guides us on the possible morbidity and mortality3,4,8,9 to which an individual or a population of people with corporal Sp may be subjected, hence the importance of its use in consultation and in epidemiological studies, on all, in Primary Health Care (PHC).

What does the waist-hip ratio tell us?

Conclusions: The waist-hip ratio is an accurate anthropometric indicator to predict arterial hypertension and cardiovascular risk in overweight and obese adolescents.

How to interpret the waist-to-size ratio?

The waist circumference must be less than half the height, hence if it is greater than 0.5, it is diagnostic of abdominal obesity, higher figures have been shown to have a high correlation with the percentage of body fat mass, and some professionals recognize it as the best predictor of risk in …

Why is it important to measure the waist?

Waist circumference (WC) and the waist circumference/height ratio (TC) are anthropometric measurements widely used in clinical practice to assess visceral fat and therefore cardiovascular risk.

How to measure waist height?

How to measure waist

Once your waist is located, stand up straight. Wrap the tape measure around your waist, going around your abdomen and back. Hold the ends of the tape at your navel and when they come together, you can check your waist measurement .40 related questions found

How to know how big your waist is without a meter?

Take a ruler, hold out your hand and measure from the tip of your little finger to the tip of your thumb. The length of the hand: Another way to use your body to measure when you do not have a tape measure is to know the distance between the line of the wrist and the tip of the middle finger.

What is recommended in case of having a high waist-hip ratio?

In these cases, it is advisable to seek medical help to check if there are already health problems and go to a nutritionist to start a food plan that allows weight loss and reduces the risk of disease.

What does hip circumference measure?

Hip circumference is measured at the level of the maximum prominence of the buttocks. These circumferences, especially the hip circumference, should be taken in individuals dressed in very light clothing: a top and tight-fitting lycra.

How is the waist-hip ratio calculated and what are the values ​​that indicate central obesity in men and women?

The proposed standard values ​​indicate the following values ​​to be taken into account:

    ICC = 0.71-0.84 normal for women. ICC = 0.78-0.94 normal for men. Higher values: Android syndrome (apple body). Lower values: Gynecoid syndrome (pear body).

How is the waist-hip ratio measured?

The waist-hip ratio is the ratio that results from dividing the perimeter of a person’s waist by the perimeter of his hip, both values ​​in centimeters (cm).

How high should the waist-to-hip ratio be to reduce cardiovascular risk in women?

Their results indicate that the ICC is better for predicting the risk of DM 2, with optimal cut-off values ​​of 0.89 for men and 0.82 for women, which is related to the ethnic characteristics of the population studied.

How to measure a person without a meter?

Use common objects to measure your height. Measure the distance from the ground to the mark with a ruler. Place one end of the ruler on the ground so that it is pressed vertically against the wall. Mark the top end of the ruler with a pencil.

How to know how big my hips are without a meter?

Wrap the material around your hips at their highest point to determine your size. The fullest point of the hips is usually about 8 inches (20 cm) below the natural waistline. However, this distance can vary from person to person.

How to take measurements with the cell phone?

Simply take your mobile, point the camera at the object you want to measure and the application will tell you how many centimeters or meters it occupies or is tall. Equivalently, we can also install Android ruler apps that allow us to use the device as a small ruler.

How big should a fitness man’s waist be?

waist: 76cm hip: 106.5cm leg: 66cm Calf: 45.5 cm.

How to calculate the ICC formula?

The waist-hip ratio WHR is calculated by dividing the circumference of the waist (the imaginary midline located at the midpoint between the last rib and the anterior and superior margin of the hip, which is measured with a tape measure) by the circumference of the hip. hip (measured at the level of the most prominent part of …

What are the measurements of the perfect woman?

For researchers at the University of Texas, Kelly’s height, 1.68 meters and his measurements of 99-63-91 centimeters, constitute the closest proportions to absolute perfection, according to the analysis of the harmonic average of the human body that included age, facial measurements, hair, breasts, …

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